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The Opera

Title: The Opera
Author: littlemiss_suju
Rating: PG-13-ish
Pairing/Subject: Ryeowook & Yesung {vaguely Yewook}
Summary: Ryeowook hated the opera and couldn't remember why he'd ever agreed to accompany his hyung there. When his hyung suddenly leaves the royal box and he is left alone, he beings observing the people around him, and that's when he catches sight of the man in the shadows.


How he’d been convinced to attend this opera was beyond him. With intermissions, it was nearly six hours long – one of the longest he’d ever attended – and, by the second hour, the audience was getting restless. His hyung had managed to vanish from sight, leaving him alone in the rather small state box high above the arena seating. Ryeowook let his eyes begin to wonder as he shook a bit of his brown hair out of his face. A couple in the box across from his was flirting and on the edge of making out; if they continued at this pace, things would escalate to a level that he didn’t particularly want to think about before the show was over. A man in the box next to theirs had fallen asleep and, judging from his wife’s angry look, was probably snoring quite loudly. On a general basis, though, watching the people below was much more interesting than watching the upper elite in the royal boxes.

Having a bird’s eye view of the people below meant that he could see everything that was happening. He could see husbands sneaking off to other women under the pretense of going to the bathroom and wives sneaking off to other men under the same pretense. He could see the jeers and glances cast at the underdressed member of the audience. He could see, mostly, how no one really paid attention to the actual opera.

The opera was where you went to see and be seen, where you wanted to be noticed. Ryeowook didn’t like being noticed. He liked fading into the background, not standing out. The opera was his least favorite place to be.

He sighed, his eyes gliding over to the dark aisles on the edge of the seats where something caught his eye. A hint of gold, the turn of a piece of fabric around the corner. He stared at the spot for a moment and then the figure reappeared; he was startled to find that the figure was staring directly at him. Hopelessly intrigued, he cast a glance around the box where he was seated. Sungmin still wasn’t back and there was no one else there. Not thinking twice, he slid out of the door and hurried down the stairs, bursting out into the main seating a moment later. There seemed to be a significantly larger number of people at the opera when he was actually among them and he dashed through the aisles, making his way to the other side, trying to find the shadowy figure once again. As soon as he made eye contact with the figure, it turned and disappeared through a door; Ryeowook followed immediately, his heart pounding loudly in his ears, drowning out the hideous singing of the main character on the stage. He followed the figure through winding corridors and around corners until they came to an elegantly decorated room far from the stage and any noise. He looked around slowly, taking in the gothic furniture, candles, and heavy drapes drawn over large windows.

Finally, he got to fully see the figure he’d followed. It was a man who was just a little taller than he was with gorgeous, silky black hair. His face was covered by an intricate half-mask in varying shades of gold; his eyes were hidden in the shadows cast by the mask but he stared at the young man in front of him almost hungrily. Ryeowook swallowed hard, suddenly beginning to feel that he may have made a mistake.

The man took a couple steps toward Ryeowook, a hint of a smirk on his face. “Take off your jacket.”

Without quite knowing why he did, the younger man slid off his jacket and let it drop to the floor. There was something about the tone of the figure’s voice, something that made him want to follow the order.

“Now your shirt.”

Ryeowook hesitated for a moment and the man repeated his command, this time with a hint of anger creeping into his voice that made him shudder and quickly take off his shirt, revealing pale, perfect skin underneath. He stood there, not knowing what he was doing or why, only knowing that he should have stayed in the state box and waited for Sungmin.

The man approached him and a shiver ran down Ryeowook’s spine as the taller man sunk his face into his shoulder. He couldn’t seem to move.

“W-who are you?” he whispered, his voice breathy and full of fear.

“Yesung,” the husky voice answered, hot breath warming the pale skin. The man slowly began to run his tongue over Ryeowook’s skin; his actions were met with a soft moan from the other. That felt ridiculously—wait. What was happening?

“W-what are y-you doing?”

“Mmmm…” Yesung closed his eyes, running his tongue up the frightened boy’s neck. “You are delicious, pet.”

“What are y-you doing?” Ryeowook repeated, slightly stronger this time.

Yesung drew back, one hand reaching up to tug slightly on the ribbon keeping the mask on his face. The gold mask fell to the floor with a muted thud and Ryeowook felt his breath catch in his throat; with a blink, the taller man’s eyes had turned deep, blood red.

“You humans are funny creatures. You come to these shows not to watch the actors, but to watch each other. To judge and mock and be hideously cruel. You are truly despicable creatures. There’s always one, though, that is not interested in his peers’ stupidity and is intrigued by the figure in the shadows. That’s why we hunt in the Opera.”

Before Ryeowook could say anything, Yesung’s mouth was pressed against the crook of his neck. “Humans are such boring creatures…but I think I could grow to like you, pet,” he murmured, then opened his mouth and bit down, hard. Ryeowook whimpered for a moment before his eyes rolled back in his head and he became limp; the older man grabbed him and carried him over to the black chaise lounge, dumping him on the cushions. He picked up the discarded shirt and jacket, throwing them across the end of the chaise, before he stared down at his new companion.

“Sleep well,” he smirked, licking a trace of blood from his lip. “When you awake, it will be your turn to hunt in the Opera.”


Kyuhyun leaned back in his chair in the royal box, running a hand through his hair and wishing that he hadn’t agreed to come to this stupid show. There was nothing enjoyable about the opera, in his opinion. Having nothing else to do, he let his eyes scan the crowd below him, looking for something – anything – interesting.

He’d almost given up hope when something in the shadows caught his eye; a short figure, well-dressed, was half hidden in darkness, but it was the striking white and silver mask that caught the light that held his attention. The figure’s head turned; it was looking straight at him. Then, almost like it was inviting him down, it looked pointedly at a door for a moment before disappearing through it.

Kyuhyun hesitated but, upon hearing the shrieking of the female lead, stood and hurried downstairs. There was something about this figure that seemed interesting – at least more interesting than this horrible show – and he was going to find out exactly what.

Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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