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Kangin's Return Project

As you probably all know, Kangin will return from the army the day after tomorrow (April 16th) after 2 years of service! In order for us to celebrate his return, we from miracle______ came up with a little fanfic-project on which you can all join in with easily if you want!

The concept
The concept is simple. We will give you 14 different Kangin-centric pairings and 14 prompt words to choose from. You can combine whatever pairing with whatever word, but note that the pairings or words can't be used more than once. In order to complete this challenge, all you need to do is finish at least 6 fanfics out of the 14; each fanfic must be a minimum of 1000 words, and you have to use the given pairings and prompt words. When finished you shall recieve a little graphic as reward, which you can put in your profile to show off with! This project will run from the 14th of April, until the 15th of July; any finishes after the 15th of July 11:59PM KST will not be counted.

The Pairings
 1. Kangin + Leeteuk  2. Kangin + Heechul  3. Kangin + Han Geng  4. Kangin + Yesung  5. Kangin + Shindong 
 6. Kangin + Sungmin  7. Kangin + Eunhyuk  8. Kangin + Donghae 9. Kangin+ Siwon 10. Kangin + Ryeowook 
 11. Kangin + Kibum 12. Kangin + Kyuhyun  13. Kangin + Zhou Mi 14. Kangin + Henry

The Prompt words
 1. Army  2. Achievement 3.Violence  4. Missing  5. Lonely 
 6. Hugs  7. Goodbye  8. Reunite 9. Hope 10. Regrets 
 11. Recondition  12. Discovery  13. Inconceivable  14. Breakthrough 

Now let's celebrate Kangin's return with what we love best, writing fanfics! Just leave a reply to this post with the message that you are participating, and when you have posted your 6th fanfic leave a reply again with links to all 6 finished fanfics as proof that you have finished this challenge successfully~ We will personally check it, congratulate you and give you your cute little reward.
Now, there is only one thing left for us to say;

Welcome back, Kim Youngwoon!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask :) ~~miracle______ mods

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