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Thank You for Waiting For Me

Title: Thank You For Waiting For Me
Author: lovesj3
Pairing:Heechuel X Hangeng
Rating: PG
Summary:" I will always be waiting for you. I Love You."

Heechuel toke the ring off his ring finger and hold it up high. He turned a little, and read what is curved inside. He whispered the words to himself and smiled. He silded the ring back, and looked to the side to his lover, Hangeng, and brushes off the hairs that is on his lover's eye. He let his fingers travled down a little, brushing against his lover's beautiful eyes, sculptured nose and finally his lips. Heechuel paused his fingers for a few second, then he covered up his lover's eye and kissed him lightly. Don't want to wake his beloved one up. He parted the kiss and want to go to take a shower, but a hand gripped him and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

" You wore the ring!?"

" Yeah, I Love it, Hangeng" he replied and give a light kiss on his lip. Then he smiled again, as he flashback about the promise.

~ Flashback~

I laid on the grass and looked up to the sky. So many stars tonight..... Pretty..... I turned around to see who it is when I felt a tip on my shoulder, Hangeng!

" Why did you come so late. I texted you like a hour ago."

" Sorry, Heechuel, got to go handle something first. You texted me that you have something to tell me, and you want to said it face to face. What is it?"

" I don't want to talk about that now." I replied and told him to laid down beside me. We stared at the sky that night for half a hour, and none of us said a thing until Hangeng can't take the silences anymore.

" What is i..."

" Hangeng, isn't the sky beautiful tonight." I interrupted him.

" Yeah" Hangeng replied with a confused look.

" Do you remember the present you gave me for my 16th birthday? The painting on the ceiling? I like it, I really like. It's really pretty and magical like the sky tonight. But I might not see it anymore.... Geng......" I said as tears are forming in my eyes and a tear escaped its site.

" What happened, Heechuel?" he asked softly and wripped the tear that escaped.

" My mom signed me up for overbored collage in England. I'm going be living there until I graudate. Which is going to be eight years.Geng....., would you forget about me if I moved away?"

" No, why would I, silly..... You will always be my best friend." he replied me and gave me a hug. Even thought I was smiling when he hugged me, but somewhere deep inside, I wasn't smiling. I know I was suppose to be happy about it, sinces he isn't going to be forgeting about me, but I don't want to be his best friends, but more than that. I released the hug and we both talked on and on about our childhood stuffs. When Hangeng finally get tired and fall asleep on the grass. I sit up and made sure that he really fell asleep. I covered his eyes and let my lips occupied with his for a while. As I parted my lip, I whispered softly " I love you, chinese man. Don't you dare to forget about me." and I stood up, took a piece of paper from my pocket and wrote, " I love you. If you love me also, come back here after eight years." I laid the jacket ontop of him and put the note in his hand. I kissed him onces more again and went home that night. When I get home that night, I went stright to my bedroom and laid down on my bed, staring up to the ceiling, feeling nervous for the first time. To calm down my nervousness, I tried to count ow many stars that is painted.

" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12........" then I stopped counting. My eyelids feels heavy, wanting to fall down to close my eyes. Yeah, it make sense, it's 3 a.m now. No wonder I felt tired. I turned my head to the side, decided to get a more comfortable position and closed my eyes. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.... " Urg, who the heck texted me this late. Annoying" I said to myself as I took my phone out of my pocket. I closed my phone and throw it to the side, don't feel like picking up any calls nor texts. But I know these are just excuses, I'm afrid to see who sents it. I'm afrid that what if he says he doesn't like me! I laid there for a few minutes and get up my courage, took my phone that I throw to the side and put it back on. I take a deep breath and press on the new text, then I closed my eyes and looked away from it. I took another deep breath and read the text. I hold the phone tight and my head bend down to my knees. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I whispered " I love you" and kissed the phone.

The text says " I will be waiting on the same place today after eight years, Heechuel. And thank you for the jacket, it's warm. ^^"

~ Eight years later ~

I laid down on the grass, the same place as eight years ago, waiting for someone to come. Then, I felt a tip on my shoulder like eight years ago. My heart thumped nervously each second as I turned my head around.

" You really comed." I cried out and hug the person tightly, doesn't want to let him go anymore.

" Pabo, I said I will be coming back." he tighten his grips on my waist.

" I thought you won't remember...." I sobbed, but stopped when my lips is occupied by the one I loved.

" I love you, heechuel. That will be the last time, I ever let go of you."

~ end of flashback ~

That morning, the sun smiled at the couple, congurating them that they're finally together.

" I will always be waiting for you. I love U, Heechuel." ( what is curved inside the ring)
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