Miss Simple (wookie_cheonsa) wrote in miracle______,
Miss Simple

The 'Lovely' Twins [2]

Title: The 'lovely' twins
Main: Kyuhyun-Ryeowook-Guixian
Genre: Fluff, romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After few years, Ryeowook finally forget. He forgot about the person who always bullying him. Forgot about the person who's cause of his trauma. After few years, he finally can smile again and regain back his confident. After few years, he meets with Kyuhyun and Guixian.
Warning:F-lock after 3-days...

Chapter 1

“I wish I never know them in my life.” He whispered. A drop of tears shed out at the corner of his eyes. But then he realizes that he could never turned back the time forever.
Tags: subject: kyuhyun, subject: other, subject: ryeowook

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