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Catalyst - Angel Series Part 2 (KangTeuk)

[SJ 100 Fic Challenge]
019. Clocks: Shindong/Eunhyuk (7/100)
title: Catalyst - Angel Series Part 2
pairing: Kangteuk (other pairings: shinhyuk, eunhae, shinmin)
genre: AU
rating: PG-13
word count: 2008
disclaimer: I own nothing but the lame plot, unbetad
summary: He knew how to use it now, he carried it with a purpose, he could alter a person's destiny, and that was his ultimate goal. Leeteuk's job was to guide souls to heaven, but nothing went as planned when he came for Kangin's soul. Who was the mysterious man that tried to steal his scroll?
Challenge Archive
Part 1: Kismet
Tags: 100 suju challenge, pairing: eeteuk/kangin

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