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100 Fic Challenge: 059. Calendar Eeteuk/Eeteuk & 033. Flirt Yesung/Kibum

Two more to be blasted off for the challenge!

059. Calendar, Eeteuk/Eeteuk
Rating: PG-13 at the most
Archive can be found here
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue
Genre: Normal life up and downs but not quite super boy band happiness
A/N: This was inspired by a comment someone said on a forum somewhere about how Eeteuk will generally turns his face a certain way when he does "silly pictures" and will turn his face another way when he takes "serious picture". They went on to say how it wouldn't be surprise if there were two sides of him depending on which side of the camera he faces. Or...something like that xP

Park Jungsu and Eeteuk are twins.

They were born in a nondescriptive hospital to a beaming father who had exclaimed ‘not one, but two!’ young heirs to carry on the Park family name and a exhausted but thrilled mother who was more than happy to see them after eighteen hours of labor.

Yes, Park Jungsu and Eeteuk are twins. Not just any twins but identical twins to be exact.

So it was that on a rather hot steaming day on July 1st, that both twin baby boys entered into the world echoing each other’s loud cries and flushed cheeks.

Umma Park takes a great amount of pride in these twins of hers, especially when she takes them out in the twin bassinet that halmuhnee had sent down when she first caught sight of the baby twin boys when she had visited.

With a gurgle of laughter from the boys, haughty halmuhnee, who had always disapproved of umma Park’s marriage into the family, had completely came off her high horse and was suddenly dispensing with all sorts of advice on baby care.

“Babies are especially fragile, but twins! Twins you had to be exceptionally careful with,” was what halmuhnee had said when she was helping change their diapers.

So when umma Park pushes the bassinet through the public garden, who could blame her when she can’t help but shine when strangers pass by and say, “Omo! What pretty young twins you have!”

Umma Park swells with pride at near daily comments like that but will wipe sweat off her brow at home when she, for a split second in time, is unable to tell her boys, her twin boys apart.

She had hoped that as days turned into weeks and weeks dissolved into months and months turn their slow incline into years, that they would start to develop different personality traits that would make telling them apart easier, but that day never seems to be in a rush to arrive.

One day while standing exasperated in the middle of her kitchen with dough stains in the shape of a five year old hand on her check, she smiles ruefully down at the two twin boys who share the same smile, the same step, the same clothes, the same everything, and just keeps on smiling.

“Special. That’s what you boys are,” is what she tells them as she gathers them into her arms and they shriek and laugh like the little boys they are and her day is complete.

Telling them apart became even harder when they entered school together.

They were two boys who were twins, who smiled the same exact smile as they walked into class and held fast to each other’s hands during break. They were two boys who were twins who would cry loudly and forlornly in stereo when anyone tried to tear them apart and comforted each other when they were back together.

Their teachers, much like their mom years before, had tried numerous attempts to separate them, but those efforts proved mostly unsuccessful. After a while, their teachers could only look down in fond exasperation at the 7 year old twin boys who barely came up pass their knees, still started and finished each other sentences and could not bear to be apart from each other.

Those boys had had them beat, but they were so adorable and so well behaved, it wasn’t a big deal really, to keep them together.

It would be different, the teachers said amongst themselves before class started that morning, if the boys (a nickname every other adult had started calling them these days), were troublemakers or didn’t get along with their other classmates. If the boys acted out, then they would have every reason and justification for separating them, but the boys always did exceptionally well in class, and were friendly and polite to everyone around them.

If the boys were a little bit more mischievous during break time and had an air of command and charisma, that the other children always ended up doing whatever the boys wanted, well, it was only during break time anyway and what was the harm in that?

And if the female teacher, who liked children but loved little cutie patootie twin boys the best, tended to look the other way while one twin decided that throwing the class pet out the window would set it free because she had gotten so distracted, well she couldn’t exactly be blamed could she? Particularly if the reason why she was distracted was because the other twin had blinked those big cute eyes at her and asked her to show him that math example again because he didn’t really get it the first time, there was really no one at fault.

Besides, who could resist them when they were so cute and mostly well behaved anyway?

* * *

But then, somewhere between one step of life and another, things began to change.

“Who’s that on the right again? Jungsu? Eeteuk?” The photographer asked again.

They had been going to the same photographer for family portraits for years now, an idea their mother had strangely gotten one day from a western television broadcast. One would think by now he would have figured out which twin was which.

“It’s Jungsu,” his assistant whispered to him, and the old man suddenly lights up again.
“Ah, Jungsu! Could you turn a little more to the left please?”

A shutter clicks and the bright flash of light goes off.

“Jungsu, did you know that when you turn more to the left, you look more like your brother?”

Another shutter click and the sound of the bright lights goes off again as another picture was taken. The photographer chuckles to himself as he resettles his glasses.

“Twin boys. Just imagine!”

But the damage has been done. Changes had been in effect. Such a simple sentence, “You look more like your brother” but like a string suddenly pulled too taut before it snaps, Jungsu starts, blinks once, twice and is never the same again.

* * *

The next day while shopping at a department store, for her sons seem to sprout an every inch every second she turns around, Mrs. Park puts down that shirt she was looking at when she feels a tug at her elbow.

“What is it Jungsu?” She asks her son as she puts the shirt back into the rack and picks up another one.

”Mom. Can I buy something for me?”

Mrs. Park gives a little breathless bark of laughter as she replies, “Well, what exactly do you think we’re doing here Jungsu?”

Jungsu merely shakes his head and says, “No mom, not for Eeteuk and me. Just for me. Can I get something just for me?”

Mrs. Park is slightly taken back. Not only has Jungsu called her uhmoney, dropping the affectionate umma he used all those years, but also it wasn’t everyday that her boys asked for something. For Jungsu to ask for something of his very own, well, maybe this was the separation her friends with older children were talking about.

“Well all right, Jungsu. Just don’t get anything too expensive” she said, smiling as she watched him scamper off.

Later in the car ride on the way home, she watched from her rearview mirror as Eeteuk babbled on happily wearing his new brightly colored shirt as Jungsu gave a closed secretive smile in his new black shirt.

* * *

Maybe this was the separation her friends had warned her about.

Jungsu seemed to change in small increments over the next few weeks.

It wasn’t big things really, just small, little, insignificant things. He seemed to draw deeper within himself and started talking less and less.

It wasn’t as if he just suddenly stopped talking, it was more like just the flow of words he usually engaged in began trickled down to a stream and just as slowly would stop.

Eeteuk, noticing this change in his brother, seemed to take it upon himself to talk for the both of them. His flow of words grew larger as they flowed like an uncorked dam and grew into a river of words that would become a great flowing waterfall of stories and expressions.

So somewhere between Jungsu’s slow trickle of words, and Eeteuk’s powerful blast of it, it somehow balanced each other, and nobody really noticed Jungsu slowly forming stoicism.

Nobody but Eeteuk, that is. But Eeteuk was too bright for anybody not to notice him.

To cover up Jungsu volume-less laughter, Eeteuk started to develop a glittery infectious one.

To cover up for all the dark colors that Jungsu draped himself in; Eeteuk would find every available color in the spectrum to dress in.

Nobody asked Eeteuk to do this, Jungsu commented once to his brother, but Eeteuk just laughed that shiny practiced laugh of his, and nobody seemed to have noticed Jungsu walking away, a dark cloud in Eeteuk’s endlessly blue sky.

“It looks like our boys are really becoming different people all” was what Mr. Park commented to his wife one night as Eeteuk launched into his tale about what happened at school that day while Jungsu nodded occasionally and quietly ate his dinner.

* * *

“I hate that guy.” Kim Heechul announced as he plopped down on the grassy hill next to Jungsu.

He was of course referring to the only other boy within their scope of view at that moment. But just incase Jungsu wouldn’t know who he was talking about; Heechul did him the helpful favor of pointing at a boy a called Park Eeteuk.

Jungsu looked up at him from his book, and placing a finger in to hold his page while he closed it, quietly commented, “That’s my brother.”

Beside him, fellow middle school classmate Heechul could barely keep his jaw closed.

“Shut up Jungsu. How could that guy possibly be related to you?” Heechul said gesturing to the brightly laughing Eeteuk who had started a conversation with one of the kids in the younger class.

Jungsu shrugged and said, “People might say the same thing about you and your connection to the human race Kim Heechul.”

Without even bothering to look at him, Jungsu calmly opened his book again.

Heechul sat back and grinned, showing those large pink gums he always hated and threw his arm around Jugnsu declaring it to be a great day in the field of friendships. After all, today was the day that he, the magnificent Kim Heechul had decided to become friends with lonely sarcastic Park Jungsu.

Jungsu of course being Jungsu didn’t need to reply, but hid his smile behind the turning of another page.

* * *

Of course Eeteuk was popular.

After all, how could people not be drawn to him, him with his bright laughter, his engaging personality and his uncanny ability to find the spotlight?

No, there was no doubt that Eeteuk, who treated the younger members in his grade like beloved children, would not be popular.

But strangely enough, so too was Jungsu.

First, it started out with that loud mouth, Kim Heechul, and then the sulky Kim Joogwoon followed and a couple of years later, even colorful Lee Donghae that used to hang onto Eeteuk’s every last word was being drawn into that gravitational force that was Park Jungsu.

Eeteuk just couldn’t understand it.

As far as he could tell, Jungsu did nothing different. He was still as calm, cool and collected as ever and still favored black clothing even in the hottest of weather.

Eeteuk just couldn’t understand it.

But then again, he just couldn’t understand his brother.

His own brother, whom he used to know better than himself at times, had now become a stranger.

It wasn’t even as if Jungsu was mean to him or treated him as less than a brother or anything like that, but he was different now.

He was more serious. He was more somber. It was like somehow between this breath and the next, Jungsu had become someone who Eeteuk was suppose to be. Jungsu was someone smart, someone generous and someone honest.

No, Eeteuk didn’t understand it at all.

* * *

“Is Jungsu really your brother? Your identical twin brother?” Hyukjae asked him while lounging around one day.

Hyukjae had been another dongsaeng Eeteuk had managed to pick up somewhere along the way between middle school and high school.

Eeteuk turned to him and smiled, showing off the deep imprint of his dimple.

“It’s in the wrong place” his dad would use to say. “Most people have it in their cheeks, why do you have it here instead? Why, Park Eeteuk, have you been hanging upside down trying to kiss girls?”

“No!” Eeteuk would say, squealing when his dad would start to turn him upside down to correct the dimple placement problem.

“Where’s your brother?” His father had asked him.

“Over there” Eeteuk had pointed to a figure clothed all in black with a beanie pulled low over his eyes in the corner, large headphones in place, blocking out the world around him.

“Hm.” His dad had said while stretching his back out. “That boy sure has changed hasn’t he?”

“Yes” Eeteuk said. “Jungsu is my brother.”

“Really?” Hyukjae asked him, eyes wide and bright.

“He seems so different from you, hyung,” Hyukjae said as they watched Jungsu bend over to hand Kim Kibum’s glasses back to him from where they fell on the floor.

“What are you trying to say Lee Hyukjae? Are you looking for a beating from your benevolent hyung?” Eeteuk said smiling.

“No, no,” Hyukjae said, palms raised in the universal sign of surrender though his eyes crinkled with suppressed mirth.

“I just think Jungsu-hyung is better looking is all!” Hyukjae shouted before beating a hasty retreat.

“Aish! That kid!” Eeteuk muttered, lowering the fist ready to smack Hyukjae upside the head for.

“What an idiot” Eeteuk thought, picking up the remnants of today’s lunch.

When Eeteuk looked for Hyukjae the next day at lunch, he found him, sitting next to Kibum and that boy from that other class, Jung Yunho. All of them sitting together, eating together, all a part of Jungsu’s table.

Eeteuk just didn’t understand it.

* * *

When Jungsu came home the next day, he found himself staring at a stranger.

“What have you done to yourself? What did you do?” He asked, a little curious, mostly horrified.

Eeteuk laughed his little bright pretty laugh as he adjusted his newly shorn and dyed hair in the mirror.

“Don’t you like it? Everyone has been saying I look like an idol.” Eeteuk laughed again.

“No. I don’t mean your hair.” Jungsu paused, his hand reaching out to touch his brother. “I mean, what did you do to your face?”

“Oh this?” Eeteuk laughed forcefully, making his eyes smaller until they were mere slits. “I just got my nose straightened that’s all.”

Jungsu stared hard at him as though he had never seen him before.

“But why Eeteuk? Why?”

Eeteuk laughed again, gasping a little for air this time. His hand reached over to cover his nose. “I just wanted to I guess.”

Jungsu stared at him for a long time. And the more he stared, the more Eeteuk saw his own reflection in his brother’s eyes.

In his reflection was someone so like him, but if the covered nose and mouth ready to smile was any indication, was someone who wasn’t like this brother at all. In the reflection of his brother’s eyes, he came back as someone small, distorted and upside down. He was just a figure with a new hair cut and nose job wasn’t he?

Eeteuk started to panic.

Maybe this wasn’t the right decision to make. Why did he want to be so different from his own brother anyway? What couldn’t he understand?

Jungsu blinked once, twice and then abruptly turned around and walked away.

* * *

It wasn’t until he got rejected again that Eeteuk started to notice.

“It’s not that I don’t like you, Eeteuk oppa,” she had said, “It’s just that you’re just too happy you know? Don’t you feel anything? Anything at all?”

Eeteuk couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Of course I feel things. I like you well enough don’t I? Why would you suggest I don’t?”

“It just doesn’t feel real Eeteuk. It feels like everything you say has been rehearsed. When was the last time you weren’t so perfect? When was the last time you really were yourself?” She paused.

“I’m sorry oppa, I like you, I do, but I can’t be with someone who is always putting on an act. I can’t be with you.” And with that, she took her couple ring off and unfurled his fist to place the band in the middle of his hand.

Eeteuk just stood there; blinking away tears and just smiled.

* * *

“Did it hurt?” Sungmin asked, pointing to Eeteuk perfectly shaped nose.

“No. Not really.” Eeteuk answered, lying down on the grass, head pillowed by his arms.

“How come Jungsu-hyung didn’t get it done then?” Sungmin asked.

Eeteuk propped himself on his elbows.

There, sitting half a field away from him was Jungsu, dressed head to toe in his habitual black.

He wasn’t by himself though. He never really was.

Instead, he was sitting back to back with Heechul, and having what looked to be a heated discussion with Hangeng, the new foreign exchange student.

How could Jungsu even be able to talk to Hangeng, when it took an entire hour to figure out what his damn name was!

But no, there was his brother, conversing fluidly with this new foreign exchange student, while Donghae rested on his lap contently counting clouds with Kim Ryeowook.

Eeteuk laid back down again.

“Maybe he was comfortable with the way he was.” Eeteuk said, covering his eyes with the crook of his arm and hoping Sungmin wouldn’t notice his tears.

* * *

“I hate you.” Eeteuk said as he walked pass a mirror and saw Jungsu.

“I hate you.” Eeteuk said when he saw Sungmin talking to Jungsu.

“I hate you.”

“I hate you.”

“I hate you.”

“I hate you.”

“I HATE YOU!” Eeteuk yelled when he grabbed Jungsu.

Jungsu did nothing. He didn’t even flinch when Eeteuk seized his arms and slammed him repeatedly into the wall. The mirror rattled dangerously with each vibration of the forceful shake.

“WHY?!” Eeteuk yelled, all that boiling rage building up inside of him and spilling out.

“Why do you have to be so different?! Why does everyone have to like you?! Why does everyone leave me for you?! WHY?!”

“Not even one calendar day separated us! Nothing separates us! I hate you Park Jungsu!’ Eeteuk screamed out.

“I HATE YOU! I wish you didn’t exist! I wish you would just fucking disappear!”

And suddenly, Jungsu did.

When Eeteuk looked up again, it was just his hands braced up against the wall. There was no longer anyone between them.

When Eeteuk ran up the stairs, there was only one bed, not two, only one desk, not two.

When Eeteuk rubbed all his tears away, there was only one set of uniforms in the closet, only one book bag lying by the stairs, only one jacket hanging from the hook.

When it was time for dinner, there was only one plate of food for him, as if though the Parks only had one child, not two. There was only one toothbrush in the sink, only one hairbrush by the bed.

When he went to school, there was only Park Eeteuk, no Park Jungsu, and it was only Kim Heechul who slapped him on the back before joining him for lunch.

It was only Sungmin who asked for his help on homework.

It was only Hyukjae who laughed at his jokes on his way home.

It was only Donghae who had texted him to tell him, “Good night hyung!”

And it was only himself he saw in the mirror the next day.

Only him. No Park Jungsu. No identical twin brother.

Only him. Just him. Park Eeteuk.

Then, he cried.

033. Flirt Yesung/Kibum
Rating: PG-13 for foul language amongst guys
Archive can be found here
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue
Genre: Closer to boy band happiness
Beta and requester of this theme to be completed:gay_lovecompany

“Maybe you shouldn’t have fucking touched it, Kim Kibum!”

“Maybe you should learn how to run fucking faster, Kim Yesung!”

The sound of the blaring alarm and flashing red lights provide an accompanying background as the thuds of one pair of boots and one pair of sneakers sped past the next hallway.

“Maybe you should fucking learn how to sing, retard!”

“Maybe you should learn how to fucking cut your hair so you could fucking see, dipshit!”

In the distance they could hear the sound of security dogs barking their excitement about being released.

“Shit…but that girl was totally flirting with me, wasn’t she?”

A laugh. “Yeah. Who knew that she had her hand on the security button though.”

“Did you get it at least?”

“What did you think Yesung? Just because you were thinking with your dick that it wouldn’t occur to me to grab the diamond?”

Light reflected off the beautifully cut Chloe diamond before Kibum placed it back in the folds of his jacket.

“Wanna try the window?”

“On three. One…two…”

The sound of shattering glass shook the quietness outside as two thieves crashed through the third story window before hitting the ground with a low thud and disappearing into the night.

Tags: pairing: yesung/kibum, subject: eeteuk
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