evilkyuismine (evilkyuismine) wrote in miracle______,

[multishots] My Crush's Bestfriend (7/8)

Type : Multishots (7/8)
Main Pairing : KyuHyuk (Cho Kyuhyun X Lee Hyukjae)
Side Pairing : ChangHyuk (Shim Changmin X Lee Hyukjae); SiMin (Choi Siwon X Lee Sungmin)
Genre : Romance; angst
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Lee Hyukjae, University freshman majoring in dancing, had a huge crush on his senior from the music major, Shim Changmin. A stupid words from Shim Changmin's best friend, Cho Kyuhyun, encouraged him to tell his senior what he felt. But, what if he got rejected? What will he do to keep his heart from breaking?
A/N : This fanfic is for my lovely onnie missymoody who was requesting this weeks before :) sorry if it's sucks and if it makes you wait for long time ~ i hope it's worth it onnie :) love you
If you want to request a fanfiction too, just go to my request page :)
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/kyuhyun

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