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When Fate Turns Into Faith - Chapter 1

Title: When Fate Turns Into Faith
Rating: PG-13
Couples: Main!2Woon (Kangin/Yesung), BestFriends!YeMin
Genre: Au, Angst, Romance
Warning: Character Death
A/N: Requested by yaoi_yamajima
Summary: In the year of 1775, the East and West Korean Empires stood on the edge of war. To persevere their and their Empire’s safety, both the East and West Korean emperors had no other choice but to sent away their newly born sons. Kim Jongwoon from the Eastern Empire, and Kim Youngwoon from the Western Empire both grew up in loving families, unaware of their history. Until one day their parents tell them that the pendant they have been wearing for their entire lives holds a secret. And with that secret, comes fate.
Former Chapters: ♣ Prologue 

When Fate Turns Into Faith - Chapter 1)
Tags: pairing: yesung/kangin

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