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NC15ish Love?

Pairing: SungMinXDongHae (SungHae/DongMin) and WonSung (SiWon/SungMin)
Rating: NC-15ish..
Summary: DongHae’s Heartache, Is SungMin Happy? Looking For A Knight in Shining Armor…
Warnings: Abuse erm… heartache??

RyeoWook, DongHae & SungMin were all sitting around they're sitting table "Ahh Man.." DongHae sighed as he lost another game of cards to SungMin. "Don’t Worry Hyung" Ryeo smiled "SungMin is the master of Snap" Wook ruffled Dongs hair and smiled again "Im gonna go to bed, you to pack up, Night you two.." RyeoWook got up and went into his room closing the door behind him.


DongHae awoke with a start in the cold sweat, he rolled over and looked at the clock "6:23." He mumbled, DongHae hated to number 23 because it always lead to some thing bad happening and this night was no exception, You see, DongHae wasn’t the most intimate in relationships, but he knew this feeling too well, Dong sighed, he knew this feeling in his 'special' area all to well, and he always knew the annoying thing that caused it... his dream, Dong laid down and faced the ceiling, trying to remember the mere hours in SungMins arms...

“I love you” SungMin whispered as he held Dong close, Dong smiled and cuddled into the other, Dong felt the older ones hands hold him close, he felt the soft lips of SungMin gently kiss his cheek and neck, he loved it. Dong smiled and slipped his hands down into the others trousers… he smiled, Sung smiled… it was perfect to him… he felt SungMins lips catch him in a passionate kiss as he fell onto the bed then - He woke up…

Dong cursed… He loved what he felt in that dream, he felt on top of the world… but he knew he couldn’t have it, SungMin was in the arms of another… and he was to smitten in that relationship to ever consider dating him, Dong though unhappily…


“Wake Up Sung…” A voice whispered gently into SungMin’s ear, SungMin froze… he knew he had to get up, but he didn’t want to, SiWon might not have been tired out by the little ‘session’ last night but he certainly was, he still ached and was in pain “I said get up!” Sung felt a hand grab his arm and pull him up & out of bed, Sung fell to the floor and looked up at Si, his hair fell gracefully over his flawless skin, “C’mon… up.” Sung scrambled up, when he admitted to SiWon he was in love with him, he thought it would be perfect when he felt SiWon kiss him affectionately… but no, after a while, SiWon started becoming violent if things went from or things didn’t go the way they wanted, Sung had bruises on; his arms, legs & lower back, none of the members questioned when he said, he walked into a door handle or fell over… but man, when SiWon was angry Sung felt the price and the price hurt… especially since he was distracted when him and SiWon had a ‘special’ time alone… he still loved SiWon more than anything and tired to put all his effort into making the times he and SiWon had one of those times one of the best, but now there was some one on his mind… DongHae.

DongHae and SiWon were the complete opposites Dong is, sweet, innocent and caring, Sung was pretty sure he would never DongHae was hurt him, but he couldn’t talk to DongHae about this in case SiWon found out, if SiWon found out, they’re would be hell to pay, SiWon was sexy and incredibly good looking SungMin found and was instantly attracted to him, he had such a beautiful face and his hair fell gracefully on his forehead.

SungMin wrapped the covers around his naked lower half “Sung, remember to change the sheets today” SiWon told him calmly, standing in his baggy trouser bottoms “In case Tuek is doing his mum piece and roaming around the roams cleaning and stealing pyjamas e.c.t” SiWon nodded and exited the room probley to make his breakfast, SungMin sighed, he loved the feeling of being in the others arms but its not the relationship he wanted…


SungMin looked around the almost empty apartment, SiWon & EeTuek went shopping for the normal stuff, DongHae was in the bathroom doing one of two thing bathing his dinosaurs is the more innocent options or if Dongs sex drive was currently active, SungMin didn’t want to know, he put the sheets in the washing machine and sat down at the table
Tags: pairing: sungmin/donghae, pairing: sungmin/siwon
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