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The Bet [KyuChul] [2/2] + Dissociation [SiChul] [1/?]

Title: The Bet
Prompt: #050.Lost
Pairing: KyuChul
Rating: Nc-17
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: HeeChul made a bet with HongKi: to top their bandmates. Of course, HeeChul tries everything to win.
AN: Sorry for the wait. I hope you like this :)

Soon, HeeChul found himself knocking on KyuHyun's room. He needed to tell him. Not only because it was the truth, and he was 100% sure now, but also because of the bet.

Title: Dissociation
Pairings/Characters: SiChul, DongHae (more to come)
Rating: overall R
Warning: Violence, use of drugs, rape, character death,...
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: One wrong decision can take you to hell. This is what many students have already experienced. All of them have disappeared. No one knows anything about them anymore. But someday, someone is going to find out, right? If it's still possible...
AN: This is just the beggining. As you can see, I put the date with each chapter, so you can see when it happened, how much times passed and so on. And this happened before the prologue, just so you know :)

HeeChul was already late and as soon as he had gone inside, the big gate was closed. He was locked up now.

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