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of silver and gold and crystalline and platinum

Title: of silver and gold and crystalline and platinum
Pairing(s): sort-of!Hanchul, sort-of!Eunhae
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13, for Heechul's mouth
Summary: “They both step back in perfect synchronization and Heechul’s heartbeat jumps around in a completely impossible rhythm because he can almost imagine this is three years ago and Super Junior and the members within had not yet shattered.”
A/N: The prompt of “Heechul bitching at Hankyung for going off to get married” (or something close to that) explains why everything is sort-of. Also, this is a sort-of continuation of flarglnomnom's 'Burning Oneself Out'. Sort of. In the most sort of way possible.

'I thought you would attack me or something,' he says
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: heechul/hangeng

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