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Route 66 [Chapter Thirteen]

Title: Route 66.
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook. Heechul/Hankyung. Yesung/Victoria.
Genre:  Romance, Comedy, Fluff.
Rating: PG-13
Lenght: Chapter 13/?
Summary: Jongwoon and Ryeowook just met and are stuck in Chicago. They need to get to Los Angeles as soon as possible or Jongwoon will miss the birth of his first child. On the way, some real shit will happen.
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haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai, I'm back with another fluffy chapter!


"Would you like a bigger place to teach all the kids?" The voice surprised Ryeowook making him shiver. Jongwoon was standing behind him while a little nine year old boy was trying to play by himself a short song. "Sorry. I mean, you have at least five kids every single day and all the books and sheet music, there is not enough space on your room. We could rent a little studio. What do you think?"

"It's okay. They like it here, they can make a snack after the classes." Ryeowook smiled, with the months the children were getting better and better. Of course some of them had a little hard time learning, but he was proud of every single one of them. Jongwoon just nodded, not that he didn't like it the kids there, but he was worried that Ryeowook would have too much work and not enough space or time. "Hyung." Jongwoon turned to the smaller man, who was looking at him with big hopeful eyes. "You are going to take a summer break from work next week right?"

"Yes, for about three weeks. Why?"

"We are going to make a trip. We leave early next thursday okay?"


Ryeowook just smiled and winked at him. "It's a surprise."


Ryeowook spent the following week organizing everything for the mysterious trip, making phone calls, letting his students know that he won't be around for a few days. Jongwoon was almost eating his insides of curiosity, the petite man would just smile and tell him to wait everytime he tried to have some information.

Thursday Ryeowook walked inside his room at 5AM yelling and pulling away the covers from Jongwoon's body. "Waaaaaaah, what a beautiful day to make a trip right hyung?" His voice sounded so happy for someone who was up at 5AM. "Let's wake up, go take a shower, put some comfortable clothes!"

Jongwoon just turned his back to the window, trying to avoid the sun light now that Ryeowook opened the curtains. "For the love of God Ryeowook, let me sleep."

"No, hyung!" He whined, shaking Jongwoon. "You can sleep more at the airplain, come on, we will be late."

"Okay, okay." The older man rubbed his sleepy eyes and got up from the bed, picking a towel and clean clothes.

"Don't take too long, our flight leaves at 9:30AM."


Jongwoon was tapping the black fabric blocking his vision, relaxing his body on the airplane chair. He took off one of the earphones and turned to his right, where he thought Ryeowook was sitting. "Hey shorty, what's the thing with the blindfold and the earphones?"

"You can't know where we are going. Told you already hyung, it is a surprise! Now go to sleep or something, it will be a long trip. Just call me if you need anything. And don't take the earphones off." Jongwoon sighed and did what the smaller man said, now a little bit scared.


Jongwoon wasn't sure, but he knew that the trip took long hours and maybe they were at somewhere very far from US. After taking a quick shower and changing into clean clothes at the hotel, Ryeowook was again leading him to the final destination. Never taking off his blindfold.

"We are here hyung! Ah, you are gonna love this! Oh, careful, stairs." Ryeowook lead him through a path that he thought it was quiet familiar, but of course, he couldn't be sure. "Are you ready to see your surprise?"

"Just take this off shorty, I'm going crazy here."

"Oh, just stand here, okay, like this." Jongwoon felt him untying the knot behind his head and he had to shut his eyes tight for a moment before adjusting to the light. When everything was clear, he was standing in front of a big shelf full of pictures from a family. He saw himself there, smiling with his mother hugging his waist, him and his brother celebrating his graduation from high school. His parents and his brother with him at some singing contest when he was young. The shelf itself was familiar, the wall behind it colored with a baby blue, his mother favorite color. Jongwoon turned to Ryeowook who was smiling big at him. "What is this shorty?"

"Welcome back Jongwoon."

The voice. No, it couldn't be. He missed that voice so much for the past few years, he longed to hear that voice again, saying sweet words to him, comforting him again like the little kid he still is inside. His eyes started to fill with tears when he saw the short woman looking at him with lovely eyes, her hair showing a few streaks of grey and he noticed that she wasn't anymore the young bright woman she was when he was still living there. Behind her was a tall man with black framed glasses smiling tired at him, his arms holding his wife waist. And then his other half, as he liked to call the young man. His little brother now looking like a grown up man with shirt and jeans and the sharp bone of his jaw making him look very manly.

Jongwoon turned his face to the woman again, she was walking towards him, one hand caressing his cheek. "Jongwoon."

"Mom." The tears now finally making their way down his face, his heart screaming with happiness after so long.

"Oh my baby, come here." She took her son into her arms, letting him hide his face on her shoulder, soaking the fabric of her dress with salty tears. He cried for all the years he wasn't able to see his family or talk to them, for being so stupid and leaving them behind. There was arms wrapping around his waist from behing and a head resting against his back, the warm feeling making Jongwoon finally feel he was at home. "I missed you, hyung." Jongwoon knew his father wasn't the very affectional type, but he was happy to look up and see him rubbing his back and caressing his hair. His mom kissed his face and said "I'm so happy to see you again Jongwoon, you turned into such a handsome man."

"How did this happen? I mean, you guys knew I was coming here?" He asked drying his tears with his sleeve.

"Well," his mother started, taking his hand between hers. "A few weeks ago, this beautiful adorable man called me saying his name was Kim Ryeowook and he was your new roommate and explained what happened between you, Victoria and Nichkhun. We were very sad to know what she did, but still, she's a very sweet girl. Anyway, the adorable man said you were happy again but he was still worried about you and he told me how sad you were when you explained to him why you left Korea. He said this 'Please, let him come back, I'll do anything to see Jongwoonie hyung happy again.' Where did you find such an amazing friend like him my son?"

Jongwoon stared at Ryeowook who was picking at his nails and looking at anywhere but him, his adorable cheeks tinted with a bright pink color. He walked towards the blond man, lifting his head with a finger underneath his chin. "You did this for me? The long trip, all the surprise and mystery? For me?" Ryeowook nodded, the pink on his cheeks now stronger with Jongwoon smiling at him. "Why Ryeowook?"

"You know why hyung." He was scared to say the three words he was dying to say since he started to live with Jongwoon because he knew the man would never return the feelings. There was a hint of sadness in his voice and Jongwoon's heart broke right there. He still wasn't sure if he loved the young man as much as the other loved him, but the tone of his voice was so sad and heartbreaking, maybe Ryeowook was losing his hopes. So Jongwoon just hugged him, whispering every now and then "Thank you."


The house was filled with a sweet melody as Ryeowook and Jongwoon's father played together the brand white piano, fingers moving quickly against the white and black bars and Ryeowook's voice echoing around the room, sweet like honey.

"His voice is very beautiful." SooHwa, Jongwoon's mother, said to him with a low voice.

Jongwoon smiled at her, "Yeah, he is an amazing artist."

"You are luck to have him around son, he cares a lot about you."

"He acts like my wife sometimes." His mother looked at him raising her eyebrow, a tiny smirk on her lips. Luck for her, Jongwoon didn't notice. "He wakes me up every day afraid I'll be late for work, he cooks for me, he calls me to know what I want for dinner and if he needs to go to the grocery store. When I'm tired he prepares a warm bath and then I fall asleep with his singing voice." By the time he was done, he realized he sounded like a teenager boy in love. Jongwoon looked at his mother, her eyes forming two thin lines beacause her smile was too big. "Would you be mad at me mom? For loving another man?"

"Of course not dear, your heart must choose someone and it shouldn't care about gender. Why?" Well, she knows why, she just wants to hear from her son.

Jongwoon turned his head towards Ryeowook and he was laughing and smiling while playing a happy song on the piano, his father singing along. "I think I'm in love with Ryeowook, mom."

Again, she smiled and wrapped an arm around his waist, the other hand brushing the black bangs away from Jongwoon's face.
"Then don't let him go."



Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: yesung/ryeowook, pairing: yesung/victoria, with: f(x)

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