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KiTeuk: Perfect Spot

Title: Perfect spot
Pairing: KiTeuk, ninja!hae, ninja!shichulhan
Genre: I honestly don’y know how to classify this.
Disclaimer: Still waiting for the day I can own them.
Words: 557
A/N: Really short as indicated in the word count. Something happened and I couldn’t end it like I planned. Words just abandoned me because of SO MUCH WORK!!! TT-TT. Still hope you like it!

"Yah! You think you can tone down that smile a bit? Everybody’s dead tired and we can’t really tolerate a happy person right now.” Heechul exploded, irked by the fact that Kibum still managed to smile after a grueling schedule.

“Hyung, lower your voice. You might wake him up.” Kibum answered with a whisper.

“Aish, you lovesick kids! Fine! Just wipe that ugly smile off your face, it’s annoying. And you do know he’s not going anywhere, right?” Heechul replied, eyeing the spot beside Kibum before making himself more comfortable between Shiwon and Hankyung.

Kibum, on the other hand, wraps his arms a little bit tighter on the sleeping figure. It really has been a tiring day, with all 13 of them shuttling back and forth studios and events and photo shoots. He was just as tired as everybody else but somehow, his spot right that instant couldn’t have been more comfortable. However, no one was more tired than any of them than the one resting on his arms. Eeteuk stirred and slowly opened his eyes, smiling when he recognized whose arms are wrapped around him.

“Hey!” Eeteuk whispered.

“Hey yourself! Go on, get back to sleep. I’m sorry Heechul-hyung’s voice woke you up.” Kibum said.

“It’s okay. I feel energized already.”


“Really, I’m okay. You should be the one sleeping, considering it’s the thing you do best.” Eeteuk kidded, finally wrapping his arms around Kibum’s waist. “As long as you’re here, I know I’ll be fine. We don’t get to be like this that often.”

Kibum suddenly remembered a time when he wasn’t there and wasn’t able to protect Eeteuk. It was the one thing he vowed would never happened again. He was too close to losing his angel and he was pretty sure he might not have survived if the other didn’t. Before it happened, he was confident that Eeteuk will always be around. A couple of times, he may have taken him for granted, but never again. He’ll try to hold on to Eeteuk for as long as he can, unless the other says otherwise.

“What are you thinking about?” the older boy interrupted his thoughts.




“I was thinking about oranges.” Eeteuk clarified.

“I meant I was thinking about you.” Kibum said, chuckling at Eeteuk’s random spaceyness.

“Oh, I thought you were asking me what I was thinking about.”

“You really shouldn’t hang around Donghae too much.”

“I heard that!” Donghae shouted from the front.

The couple just laughed at Donghae’s response.

“Why were you thinking about me when I’m right here with you?” Eeteuk asked.

“I’m planning a way to keep you with me forever.” Kibum replied, looking intensely at Eeteuk’s eyes.

“Well, rest your pretty little stubborn head because I’m not going anywhere. At least anywhere that’s not with you.” Eeteuk stated seriously as he buries his head on Kibum’s neck and hugs the younger boy as tight as he can.

Kibum’s smile broadens as he forgets about the adoring fans and the spotlights. He forgets about the chaos backstage when ones boy’s things accidentally find its ways to others. He couldn’t care less about the traffic jam, as they make their way back to the dorm. Nothing matters, as long as Eeteuk was here with him. Eyes full of love and contentment that only shine for him.

Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kibum
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