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Or Maybe That's Just the Sound of My Heart Breaking

Title: Or Maybe That's Just the Sound of My Heart Breaking [epilogue]
Author: mystery
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: ... R?
Genre: Romance, mpreg
Disclaimer: If I owned them, there’s no way in hell I’d write this half-assed shit about them. I’d film them 24/7.
Warning(s): Mpreg~ 
Summary: Kyuhyun and Sungmin have been re-united and have decided on a calm, loving "happily ever after".
Author’s Note: With a cameo appearance of Japanese rock band The GazettE! Lol, I just couldn't stay away... From left to right in the picture I linked: Aoi (Yuu), Reita (Akira), Ruki (Takanori), Kai (Yutaka). Also I mentioned Alice Nine's drummer Nao in there somewhere... I'm sorry.
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A month later, Kyuhyun’s constant thinking and furious researching had paid off - there was a way for men to become pregnant. Kyuhyun wasn’t sure Sungmin would like it though, as it included a trip to Japan and a long surgery.

Since Kyuhyun was not as brave as Sungmin and didn’t dare face his husband face-to-face about the subject, he printed all the info Sungmin would need and put the small stack of papers on the elder’s pillow.

He only had to wait for a few hours before Sungmin came bouncing over to him in glee, blabbering so quickly about going to Japan and being pregnant and Kyuhyun would be an awesome dad and he’d finally get to put his Japanese to use that Kyuhyun could barely keep up, even less say something himself, so he just smiled and kissed Sungmin when he thought he’d had enough of the talking.


When they came home a month later - Sungmin had refused to leave until the doctor had confirmed his pregnancy with 100% certainty - they decided not to tell their friends anything until they thought the time was right. Unfortunately for them, Sungmin was apparently one of those who became really bitchy as his hormones went crazy.

“What is wrong with you?!” Heechul shouted during one of his and Sungmin’s fights, about a month after the couple had returned to Korea; they hadn’t fought this bad since before Sungmin and Kyuhyun moved to their own house. They had barely fought at all during the first year Sungmin was back from Siwon.

To everyone’s surprise, Sungmin burst into tears. Kyuhyun was by his side in an instant, cradling him in his arm and glaring accusingly at the baffled Heechul.

“What?” Heechul muttered, but he seemed considerably calmer now. “I didn’t do anything. He just started bitching…”

“It’s because he’s pregnant,” Kyuhyun said, deciding it was time to break the news.

Sungmin’s mother, who often came with Heechul and the others when they visited, dropped the porcelain bowl she was holding. Kyuhyun winced as it hit the floor with a deafening crash. Sungmin sobbed even harder, clinging onto Kyuhyun like there was no tomorrow.

“You’re what?” Mrs. Lee exclaimed, staring at her son in disbelief. Heechul, Hangeng, Hyukjae, Donghae and Leeteuk just stared, somewhat paler than usual.

“P-pregnant,” Sungmin sobbed into Kyuhyun’s neck.

“How is that even possible?” Leeteuk asked after a few moments in silence. Kyuhyun sighed softly and pulled Sungmin over to a chair to sit down with him in his lap since the older wouldn’t stop crying.

“The original plan was to adopt a kid, but Sungmin said he’d like to be pregnant, so I… did some research. We found a specialist surgeon in Japan,” Kyuhyun explained, stroking Sungmin’s back and petting his hair in a half-hearted attempt to make him stop crying. He knew it was near futile anyway; Sungmin needed to cry and would not stop until he’d run out of tears or simply fell asleep. It had happened before.

“So that’s why you went to Japan!” Donghae exclaimed. Kyuhyun nodded.

Silence reigned the kitchen once more as no one was sure what to say. Sungmin’s sobs eventually subsided and he sat up straight, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hands.

“Well?” he said, glaring around the kitchen. “Is no one going to congratulate us?”

Heechul exploded with laughter as everyone in the kitchen hurried to do so, but silenced when Sungmin gave him a glare that promised a demonstration of his martial arts skills if Heechul didn’t shut up right this instant.

“Have you thought up any names yet?” Leeteuk asked. Kyuhyun shrugged, Sungmin shook his head.

“Not really,” Sungmin said. “I do think Mayleen is a rather pretty girls’ name though, don’t you agree, Kyuhyunnie?”

Kyuhyun stared at Sungmin. Mayleen. If they had a daughter, would her name be Mayleen? It was indeed pretty, but would it fit her.

“I… yeah, it’s pretty,” he agreed, deciding to take the safe route rather than have his neck broken. “Boy names then? We have to think of those as well. And maybe a few more girl names, just in case it, if it is a she, doesn’t feel like Mayleen.”

Now it was Sungmin’s turn to stare at Kyuhyun as if he’d grown a second head, but then a grin slowly spread on his lips.

“I knew you’d be the best dad!” he exclaimed, breaking into laughter. Kyuhyun grinned, shaking his head slightly.


Being with a pregnant Cho Sungmin was like riding a roller coaster. He’d be crying with laughter one second, shouting in rage the next. Sungmin broke more plates and glasses in rage during one week than Kyuhyun had in his entire lifetime.

Then there were his cravings. Sometimes he’d be found in the kitchen at Ryeowook’s restaurant, happily munching on some leftover kimchi or licking chocolate off his fingers.

“I can’t help it!” he’d say when Ryeowook and Kyuhyun found him, and his deer-in-the-headlights-look was so adorable neither had the heart to scold him.

However, Sungmin was banned from any more cooking or baking as he ate half of the stuff he made and so, Kyuhyun and Sungmin quickly became the two most popular waitresses; Kyuhyun because he was handsome and mysterious and Sungmin because he was adorable and friendly. A little too friendly, if you asked his husband.

On the days when they weren’t so busy, Kyuhyun and Sungmin would work together. Kyuhyun would have his arm around Sungmin’s waist and promptly tell anyone who asked that Sungmin was his property. The teenage girls weren’t very happy about this, but they soon got used to it and switched to squealing over the cuteness of the Cho couple.

Sungmin chose to stay at home when he started showing a bit too much for it to be a healthy weight gain. He was at the end of the fifth month by then and even though Sungmin complained about being fat, Kyuhyun absolutely loved it. Chubby Sungmin was cute.

Yet what got the two of them into most trouble were Sungmin’s random bouts of incurable horniness - or, well, it wasn’t incurable. It was just that only Kyuhyun knew the cure.

Ryeowook wasn’t too happy when Sungmin one day pulled Kyuhyun to the bathroom at the back of the restaurant and had the younger fuck him, and Ryeowook had too good reasons not to be happy; above all, Sungmin was loud. Loud enough for half of the restaurant to know exactly what was going on and with whom.

Also he wasn’t very happy about the mess they made which he had to clean up himself because the cleaners that worked at the restaurant simply refused to wipe a stranger’s semen off the wall and Sungmin soon pulled Kyuhyun home, looking tired and satisfied.

That was actually a little awkward for Kyuhyun as well. Especially when one day, he was taking an order from a nice young woman who just might be a little bit too flirty, yet knew her limitations and Sungmin, who was supposed to be home, suddenly burst into the restaurant and walked straight up to Kyuhyun.

“Kyu…” he whined softly, pressing himself so close to the younger Kyuhyun thought their baby might be in danger. The woman looked a little confused. Kyuhyun smiled apologetically at her; she was a new customer and therefore couldn’t know who Sungmin was or what relationship he had with Kyuhyun.

“I’m sorry Miss, I’ll be right back,” he promised her before walking into the kitchen, Sungmin still attached to his back.

“Who was that, Kyu?” Sungmin asked and Kyuhyun could practically hear his pout. “You’re not cheating on me, are you?”

Kyuhyun turned around when Sungmin let go of him and discovered that it had been worse than he feared; Sungmin’s lower lip was quivering as he pouted, eyes wide and brimming with tears. Kyuhyun pulled him into a hug, careful not to squish their baby.

“Of course not, honey,” he assured softly. “You know you’re the only one for me.”

He gave Sungmin a kiss, as if to prove this, but pulled away when the kiss became too heated. Sungmin glared at him and quickly moved his hand to grope Kyuhyun’s crotch - but Kyuhyun was faster and caught his wrist in an iron grip.

“Let me finish taking her order,” he said, leading Sungmin to the staff only-bathrooms and shoving him into one of them.

Stay put,” he ordered, glaring sternly at Sungmin, who sighed and pouted but said nothing.

Kyuhyun bowed in apology to the woman when he came back, but she just laughed softly and shook her head.

“It’s okay… Kyuhyun-sshi,” she said as she read his nametag. “I’m just curious… who was that?”

“My husband,” Kyuhyun said, still smiling apologetically. He cheeks were starting to hurt. “He can be a little, um… clingy.”

The woman’s eyes widened and a soft blush appeared on her cheeks. Some other time, in another world, Kyuhyun would have been attracted to her. But now he was here, in this world and he had Sungmin. He hadn’t been lying when he told the other he was his one and only.

“Oh,” the woman said, laughing a little in embarrassment. “I thought… I thought he was a girl. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Kyuhyun assured, shaking his head. “It happens all the time; I bet he’s used to it.”

Just then a faint sound, suspiciously like a moan, reached Kyuhyun’s ears and he hurried to take the woman’s order. Luckily it didn’t seem like any of the customers had heard, but Ryeowook was practically fuming when Kyuhyun came back into the kitchen.

“Take care of your pregnant, horny fucker of a husband!” Ryeowook hissed, snatching the order from Kyuhyun’s hands. “And get him away from my restaurant!”

“Of course,” Kyuhyun said, hurrying to the place he’d left his spouse and finding him in the exact position he’d suspected; pants and boxers around his ankles, hand going up and down on his cock. Kyuhyun quickly stepped in and locked the door, catching Sungmin’s lips with his own as they fell open and successfully stifling the next moan.

Oh,” Sungmin breathed as he opened his eyes, and the sound only served to make Kyuhyun harder. “Kyuhyun.”

Sungmin’s eyes moved from Kyuhyun’s eyes to his lips, then flickered down to his own erection for a moment before he looked back at Kyuhyun’s lips and then his eyes. That was all information Kyuhyun needed and he grabbed Sungmin’s wrist, forcefully removing his hand from his cock so he could take it into his mouth instead.

Sungmin let out a shameless keen, hands fisting in the younger’s hair.

“Oh God, you’re so good at that,” Sungmin panted, not wasting time before starting to thrust into Kyuhyun’s mouth as soon as he felt the younger let go of his hips, which he’d been holding down to stop Sungmin from fucking his mouth.

Moan after moan, one more sinful and sexy than the other, fell from Sungmin’s lips and Kyuhyun, to his own disappointment, felt himself let out a choked groan around the member in his mouth as his hand strayed to palm himself through his pants.

That was all Sungmin needed as he came down Kyuhyun’s throat with a muffled scream as he bit down on his own hand. Kyuhyun was thankful for that, or they surely would’ve been fired.

He swallowed the liquid in his mouth and wiped any drool or excess semen from his skin with a piece of paper, grinning up at a dazed Sungmin.

“But I wanted you to fuck me!” Sungmin whined as soon as he came back to his senses. Kyuhyun laughed.

“At home, baby. Ryeowook will kill us if we fuck here,” he said, placing a peck on each of Sungmin’s cheeks and the tip of his nose, giving his lips a chaste kiss in apology.

“Again,” Sungmin added, giggling at the memory. Kyuhyun chuckled.

“Again,” he agreed before taking Sungmin’s hand and leading him out.

“Excuse me, Kyuhyun-sshi!” a voice called out when they were about to leave and Kyuhyun turned. It was the woman from before. He gave Sungmin an apologetic look and walked over to her with a smile on his lips, a now somewhat grumpy Sungmin trailing close behind. The woman smiled at the both of them.

“I just wanted to greet your husband,” she said. “You seem like an interesting pair.”

Sungmin glared at her and Kyuhyun discreetly hit him. The woman laughed.

“Interesting indeed,” she chuckled. Kyuhyun glared at Sungmin, who was still glaring at the woman.

“Stop behaving like a jealous five-year-old, Min,” he berated the older and was met with a full-on pout, puppy eyes and all.

That one hit exactly where it had been aimed; right in Kyuhyun’s heart. Kyuhyun could practically feel himself melt into a puddle of incoherent goo right there on Ryeowook’s restaurant’s floor.

“But Kyu,” Sungmin said softly. “I am jealous. You’re mine.”

“Yes,” Kyuhyun breathed, completely and utterly under Sungmin’s control. It was as though the older had cast a powerful spell on him. “I’m yours.”

Sungmin giggled at that and pinched his cheeks, effectively lifting enough of the spell to allow Kyuhyun to function normally again. Then Sungmin turned to the woman, grinning like mad, and it was Kyuhyun’s turn to be jealous.

“You guys are so cute!” the woman exclaimed, eyes sparkling. Kyuhyun didn’t like it at all. “Can I take a picture?”

Sungmin giggled while Kyuhyun’s eyes narrowed.

No,” he said just as Sungmin was about to say yes. Sungmin rolled his eyes at him.

“You wanted to say hi, right?” he said instead, reaching his hand out to the woman. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Cho Sungmin!”

“Pleasure’s all mine,” the woman smiled as she grabbed Sungmin’s offered hand. “I’m Park Bom.”

Kyuhyun was torn. On one hand, he didn’t want the woman’s, Park Bom’s, hands on his husband. On the other hand, he would’ve been just as mad at her if she didn’t accept Sungmin’s greeting, but then because she was disrespectful towards him.

He cleared his throat to gain their attention, discreetly groping Sungmin’s butt when that didn’t work. Sungmin jumped a little and looked up at Kyuhyun with wide eyes, but Kyuhyun could already see them darkening with renewed lust.

“It was nice talking to you, Park Bom-sshi, but I believe Sungmin and I have some business to attend to at home,” Kyuhyun politely excused them and quickly walked off towards home with one arm around Sungmin’s shoulders.


When Sungmin was in the eighth month of pregnancy, Kyuhyun and Sungmin decided they would move to Japan. The surgeon they had gone to had told them to return when the estimated time of birth approached so he could help them when the time came for the child to be born.
Their parents decided to come along, but decided not to room next to the couple when they saw the way Sungmin was clinging on to Kyuhyun. Ryeowook, Jongwoon, Zhou Mi, Hangeng, Heechul, Hyukjae, Donghae and Leeteuk had promised to come a little later.

Sungmin and Kyuhyun had thought out two girl names and two boy names, just in case. The girl names were Mayleen and Hwayong and the boy names were Junhong and Jinseok.

They visited the doctor, Dr. Shiroyama, once a week to make sure the baby was doing fine. Dr. Shiroyama, who always told them to just call him Yuu-san, was very friendly although he was a little different. He had a very bright, sometimes child-like personality, but not like Sungmin’s, and a ring adorned his bottom lip. He also had a piercing on his right ear, three on his lips and he told them he had one in his nose as well, but he didn’t wear it for work.

One day when they visited Yuu-san, just a few weeks before Sungmin’s due date, there was a short, grumpy man sitting in the corner. Yuu-san laughed when he noticed the way Kyuhyun glanced at him from time to time in discomfort.

“This is Takanori, my friend. You can just call him Takachan,” he introduced him. The man named Takanori glared.

“No they can’t,” he grit out. Yuu-san just laughed and Kyuhyun was a little surprised because despite Takanori’s tiny appearance, he didn’t seem like the kind of man one would like to get into a fight with.

“Yes, they can,” Yuu-san said in a sing-song voice, even sticking his tongue out at Takanori. Takanori rolled his eyes and turned to Kyuhyun and Sungmin.

“I would prefer if you did not call me Takachan, but if you feel like you need a nickname, you can call me Ruki. Nice to meet you,” he said, offering them a small bow. Kyuhyun was very thankful that he only gave Sungmin’s stomach a quick glance, but he supposed he was used to it.

“I’m Cho Kyuhyun, and this is my husband, Sungmin,” he said in his accented Japanese. Takanori raised an eyebrow, a small smile floating on his lips. Kyuhyun felt himself relax somewhat.

“You’re not Japanese,” he stated. Sungmin gave him a sunny smile.

“Nope, we’re Korean,” he answered in his a-lot-better-than-Kyuhyun’s Japanese. Takanori’s other eyebrow rose as well.

“Don’t Koreans hate Japan?” he asked and Sungmin’s jaw dropped.

“What? No! I love Japan!” he exclaimed and Kyuhyun was quick to put his hand on his shoulder, afraid Sungmin would get another of his hormone-triggered anger outbursts. Takanori put his hands up in defeat, eyebrows going back down and smile spreading on his lips.

“That’s good then, I was just asking. Anyhow, I think Aoi is a little impatient on checking you up,” he said, nodding to Yuu-san. Kyuhyun frowned a little.

“Aoi?” he asked in confusion. Takanori and Yuu-san chuckled in unison.

“It’s my nickname. And Takanori’s right, I want to check how the baby’s doing now, Sungmin-sshi, if that’s okay with you,” Yuu-san said. Sungmin nodded, smiled and happily skipped over to the bed. He pulled his shirt up over his stomach along the way, allowing Yuu-san to examine it.

“So you’re married, huh?” Takanori said as Kyuhyun sat down on the chair next to him. Kyuhyun nodded. “Isn’t that illegal in Korea?”

“We went to France,” Kyuhyun said, grinning at the memory. “Sungmin’s always had a dream of getting married in France…”

“I see,” Takanori said, tapping his lips with his finger. Kyuhyun realized he was wearing leather gloves and, when he looked closer, that he had more earrings than Yuu-san. “He taught you Japanese as well?”

“Yeah, he did. I’m not very good at it, but I get around…” Kyuhyun answered awkwardly. Takanori turned to him and grinned.

“You’re curious as to why I’m here, right?” he asked and Kyuhyun was a little surprised, but nodded nonetheless.

“My boyfriend and I had a fight,” Takanori replied, as if it was nothing. “And since we share an apartment and my parents disowned me, I only have here to go. Or, well, I suppose I could always visit Yutaka or Kouyou, but Yutaka has Nao and neither Kouyou nor Yuu would be very happy if I went to their place when only one of them was there…”

Kyuhyun could only stare. That was a lot of information at once. He understood that Kouyou and Yutaka were two of Takanori’s friends and if he had understood the implications right, Yutaka had a girlfriend or boyfriend named Nao and Kouyou and Yuu were a couple as well.

“Wait, you were disowned by your parents? Why?” was the question that first slipped from Kyuhyun’s lips. Takanori chuckled and pulled one of his gloves off to inspect his nails.

“Because I want to be a singer. Actually, Kouyou, Yutaka, Yuu, Akira and I have a band. Akira, that’s my boyfriend,” he replied. Kyuhyun noticed that his hands were really small and his fingers had a rather feminine shape to them.

“I see…” Kyuhyun mumbled, but his confusion must’ve shone through because suddenly Takanori looked up at him and chuckled.

“Kouyou and Yuu play the guitar, that’s how they met. Akira plays the bass and Yutaka play drums. Nao play drums as well, but in another band. Yutaka used to be with Miyavi, but Miyavi left him for Melody a few years ago,” Takanori said, mostly just confusing Kyuhyun further. Then he remembered something.

“Wait… Miyavi?” he asked. “As in Ishihara Takamasa?”

“Yeah, why?” Takanori asked in return, looking at Kyuhyun with a slightly interested look on his face. Kyuhyun grinned.

“My friend Heechul and Miyavi are like, best friends. Or well, they were,” he said. “I’ve actually met him once.”

“Oh, cool.” It looked like Takanori was about to say something else, but just then the door slammed open and a man about Sungmin’s height and a lot more muscular than Takanori stepped in, looking furious.

Sungmin shrieked and Kyuhyun was by his side in a split second, ready to defend him if needed, but the man just stepped over to Takanori and grabbed his hand, roughly pulling him onto his feet. Yuu-san looked at them with a frown on his face.

“I’m glad you chose to make up with Takanori again, Akira, but I’d be even happier if you did it somewhere that is not in front of my innocent customers!” he shouted as the man, Akira, evidently didn’t listen to him and pressed Takanori against himself, ravishing his lips with his own. Kyuhyun and Sungmin stared, wide-eyed and shocked.

“Yu-Yuu-san… Shock can’t hurt the baby, can it?” Sungmin asked in a small voice and Yuu-san turned him. Akira finally broke away from a now blushing Takanori and looked over towards the sound, eyes widening as he caught sight of Sungmin and Kyuhyun.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t notice you…”

Takanori and Yuu-san shared a look before they burst out laughing. Kyuhyun and Sungmin also shared a look, but while Sungmin grinned, Kyuhyun just sighed and shook his head slightly.

“It’s okay,” Sungmin assured once Takanori’s and Yuu-san’s laughter had died down enough for him to be heard. “I’m Cho Sungmin and this is my husband Kyuhyun. I take it you’re Takanori’s boyfriend?”

“Akira, right?” Kyuhyun interjected and Akira looked at him in surprise. Takanori flicked his cheek.

“I told him about you,” he muttered, and realization dawned on Akira’s features.

“Oh. Yes, I’m Suzuki Akira. Pleasure to meet you, but I need to sort a few things out with Taka-chan, so maybe I’ll see you some other time,” he said, grinning apologetically and bowing quickly before literally dragging a loudly protesting Takanori after him. Yuu-san sighed and shook his head in amusement.

When Sungmin and Kyuhyun left a while later, they were pretty sure they’d made some new friends.


When the child decided it wanted to be born, Sungmin and Kyuhyun were on their way back from their weekly check-up at Yuu-san’s. Sungmin was happily devouring an ice cream in the backseat of the taxi when he suddenly gasped and reached out to grab Kyuhyun’s forearm in an iron grip, coughing when he inhaled some of the ice cream.

“Turn around,” he gasped to the taxi-driver. He dropped the ice cream on the floor of the car as the hand that wasn’t already holding Kyuhyun’s arm went to cradle his stomach. Kyuhyun stared at his husband, eyes wide.

“Now?” he asked and Sungmin nodded. His face was drained of all color and his jaw was clenched as he resisted the urge to cry out in pain.

Kyuhyun didn’t hesitate to unbuckle his seatbelt and scoot over to Sungmin to try to calm him somewhat, even as he fumbled after his phone and punched the speed-dial number for his mom.

“Mom!” he yelled when she picked up, not giving her any time to berate him for being so loud before he continued. “The baby is on its way, we’re going back to Yuu-san’s, can you please grab the bag we prepared and come after us?”

He didn’t hear what his mother said in reply as he turned his attention back to Sungmin when the older whimpered, but heard enough to understand that she’d be there as soon as possible. Kyuhyun didn’t say anything in return and instead opted for calling Yuu-san and telling him that they were on their way back.

The half-panicked taxi driver skidded to a halt in front of the hospital and Kyuhyun felt like shouting at him for adventuring both his and Sungmin’s and their soon-to-be-born baby’s lives, but it felt like breathing was more important as he helped Sungmin out of the car and into the arms of Yuu-san and his team that were already waiting outside.

Takanori, Akira and three other men Kyuhyun didn’t know were also standing outside, watching the scene with wide eyes.

“Kyuhyun-ah!” Sungmin shouted, panic streaking through his voice as Yuu-san and his helpers tore the couple apart. “Kyuhyun!”

Kyuhyun managed to get hold of a flailing arm among the mass of sterile white coats and he glared so viciously at Yuu-san when the doctor was about to ask him to let go that he was allowed inside, holding Sungmin’s hand in a cramp-like grip all the way.

“Kyuhyun-ah, it hurts,” Sungmin sobbed, having switched back to Korean. Kyuhyun clenched the hand in his own in an even tighter grip.

“I’m here Minnie, don’t worry,” he said, although he was worrying himself. “I’m here and I promise I won’t leave you.”

However, he was only allowed to stay for a little while. Since Sungmin was a man, he’d have to give birth through a caesarean operation and Kyuhyun wasn’t allowed into the room. Instead he was reduced to pacing back and forth outside the room, biting his lip until little rivers of blood ran down his chin.

“Calm down!” Takanori shouted after a while. The five men that had been outside when Sungmin and Kyuhyun arrived had followed them inside and were now watching Kyuhyun pace back and forth in worry. Kyuhyun stopped and looked up at them, eyes widened and slightly teary in worry.

“Yuu-kun has done this operation a million times, he could do it in his sleep. I promise both your husband and your baby will be fine, unless there was already something wrong with the fetus,” Takanori continued, making sure to keep eye contact with Kyuhyun as he spoke.

After a few moments, Kyuhyun nodded. There was something in Takanori’s eyes that urged him to trust the smaller man; he seemed to be such an honest and careful human being, despite his appearance which could easily lead people to think otherwise. Takanori smiled as he saw Kyuhyun relax a little.

“Good. Now, you already know Akira and me, but I only told you about Kouyou, Yutaka and Nao, right?” he said, gesturing to the four behind him.

As they were introduced, Kyuhyun’s earlier suspicions were confirmed as Takanori told him he’d probably made some friends for life.

“How old are you though, you don’t look very old,” Yutaka asked after a while. Yutaka was probably the cutest among them and had a very upbeat and friendly personality. He had squealed when Kyuhyun told him he worked in a friend’s restaurant and told him he enjoyed cooking very much.

“I’m twenty-seven. And you?” he asked. Yutaka seemed a little taken aback. Then he grinned.

“Kouyou, Akira and I are thirty-four, Nao is thirty-five and Yuu is thirty-six,” he said. Kyuhyun’s eyes widened and his eyes passed over the men’s faces.

“Woah, really?” he said. “You all-“

He cut himself off as a door opened and he could hear Sungmin whimper. He turned around as was met by a grinning Yuu-san who had blood up to his elbows. Kyuhyun decided not to think of how it got there.

“It’s a girl,” Yuu-san declared. “Sungmin-sshi keeps insisting I call her Mayleen, but I don’t know… You’ll be able to see them in about half an hour.”

Then he closed the door again and left Kyuhyun staring at the door in shock. He didn’t even notice he was crying until Takanori wiped his cheeks. Then he blinked until he managed to focus his gaze and broke into a huge grin.

“Mayleen,” he whispered to himself. Then he turned to the rock musicians behind him. “Do you think she’s pretty?”

Takanori laughed, a surprisingly gentle sound for a man like him.

“No newborns are pretty, Kyuhyun. But with dads like that, she’ll be the prettiest girl ever,” he said, sticking his tongue out at Akira when the taller glared at him in jealousy.

“I already told you, I am not going to become pregnant, no matter what you say,” he told him and the others burst out laughing.

“You have to invite us to every birthday party, okay?” the man named Kouyou said. He was blonde and had thighs to die for - not that Kyuhyun would ever share this notion with Sungmin.

“We’ll have to ask Min for consent first too, you know. Maybe he doesn’t want his child to grow up among crazy Japanese rockers.” He paused, thinking. “On the other hand, she’ll grow up around Heechul.”

They laughed again but soon fell into comfortable small talk about children and music and crazy people. Kyuhyun soon became silent as he preferred thinking of all the possible ways his and Sungmin’s personalities and appearances could mold into one tiny human being.

Before they knew it, almost an hour had passed and Yuu-san came back out again, grinning even wider. He’d washed off the blood, Kyuhyun was thankful to notice.

“Sungmin-sshi is asleep, as is your daughter. Would you like to see them?” he said and Kyuhyun nearly laughed out loud in relief and happiness. He nodded and allowed Yuu-san to help him up and lead him into the room.

The first thing he saw was Sungmin’s face. His eyes were closed as he slept and his face was rather pale and covered in a thin sheen of sweat, but he was as beautiful as ever to Kyuhyun. Then he moved his eyes to the side of the bed and his breath hitched slightly.

A nurse from Yuu-san’s team was standing next to Sungmin’s bed, holding the Cho couple’s newborn baby, wrapped in a pink towel. Kyuhyun was by her side in a split second and she reached her over to him while giving him a bright smile.

Kyuhyun felt tears rise to his eyes as he gazed down at his daughter. Our daughter. He quickly sat down on the edge of Sungmin’s bed when he felt his knees give in; it just wouldn’t do to drop his daughter before she was even a day hold.

“Hey,” Sungmin’s hoarse voice suddenly spoke and Kyuhyun turned to him, smiling through the tears that were now streaming freely down his cheeks. Sungmin giggled tiredly.

“Is she pretty?” Sungmin asked in Korean, seemingly too tired to bother with Japanese.

“Like a princess,” Kyuhyun replied and Sungmin grinned wider. “But I think her name should be Hwayong, not Mayleen. Hwayong goes better together with our last name.”

Sungmin just laughed and nodded, reaching a shaky hand out to stroke his daughter’s cheek.

“Princess Cho Hwayong, the prettiest girl in the world.”

Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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