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I Still Smell the Lies on Your Breath

Title: I Still Smell the Lies on Your Breath
Pairing: YeWook (Yesung/Ryeowook)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance
Warnings: rimming, toys, blindfolds, light bondage, lots of sex, underage!Ryeowook
Word Count: 35,365
Summary: Orphaned and miserable, Ryeowook finally abandons the life on the streets and starts working in a cathouse, trading his body for a place to stay at. There, his boss shows him how the pain of love doesn't really differ from all other sorts of pain Ryeowook has experienced before.

A/N: Despite what may seem, it's pretty much PWP/ bricked. Originally meant as a birthday gift for [info]thundersquall, but look bb, it's the end of February /burns in shame. I'm sorry for taking ages to finish it but I sincerely hope you like it! ♥ Also, special thanks to [info]dreaminginside who helped me a great deal and [info]kajor for putting up with my constant whining. ILU guys ♥♥

The title taken from the  lyrics to Gas Dance by The Last Shadow Puppets.

PART 1/4 | PART 2/4 | PART 3/4 | PART 4/4

Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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