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Super Junior Sex Camp Part IV

Title: Super Junior Sex Camp Part IV
Pairing: OT15, Donghae-centric
Featured Pairings: WonHae, YeKyuHyukHae, HanHaeWook
Raiting: NC-17
Genre: Friendship, Smut, Orgy
Word Count: 8741
Summary: Donghae gaped at the most beautiful manhood he had seen in his entire life. Siwon’s mancock wasn’t only large and long, even larger than the “Big Three”, but it also looked fairly healthy and fit. It has this long curve shaft, a nerve running through the head where the glistening purple-reddish head that was bobbing vigorously. The large manprick was standing so proudly and strong pointing in front of him. Tempting him, and also scaring him.


Part I - http://wonhaeluv.livejournal.com/1762.html#cutid1
Part II - http://wonhaeluv.livejournal.com/1812.html#cutid1
Part III - http://wonhaeluv.livejournal.com/2462.html#cutid1
Tags: ot3: hangeng/donghae/ryeowook, pairing: 4+, pairing: donghae/siwon

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