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Route 66 [Chapter Twelve]

Title: Route 66.
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook. Heechul/Hankyung. Yesung/Victoria.
Genre:  Romance, Comedy, Fluff.
Rating: PG-13
Lenght: Chapter 12/?
Summary: Jongwoon and Ryeowook just met and are stuck in Chicago. They need to get to Los Angeles as soon as possible or Jongwoon will miss the birth of his first child. On the way, some real shit will happen.
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this is kind of short, but I'm running out of ideias D:


A lot of thoughts were running through Ryeowook's head while he was making some food to Jongwoon who was actually, lying on his couch on his living room, his apartament. Sure, he was happy to see Jongwoon again but now all the feelings he has been ignoring for the past few months are coming back and he just wants to cry because Jongwon is happy and married and his son or daughter is probably a year old by now.

Brushing the thoughts away, he carefully organized the tray and headed to the living room. Jongwoon was lying with his eyes closed on the couch and a bag of ice on his hand. With the tray placed on the coffee table, he kneeled in front of Jongwoon. "Hey hyung, I got some food."

Jongwoon opened his eyes and sat beside Ryeowook on the floor, looking at the food. There was kimbap, rice, meat and tteokbokki. "I'm sorry, it's not much, but things are kind of difficult right now." Ryeowook said with his head down, the long streaks of hair hiding his face. Jongwoon felt the urge to take Ryeowook away with him, make him leave the horrible life of prostitution and make the young man happy. Instead he took the chopsticks with his left hand, the good one, and placed them on Ryeowook's hand. "I bet it is delicious. Since I can't use my hand, care to feed me?" Ryeowook blushed madly but nodded.

He would alternate between the four different dishes, carefully leaving his left hand under the chopsticks so it wouldn't fall on the ground and every now and then wipping Jongwoon's mouth. Jongwoon blocked his mouth with his hand, not letting Ryeowook feed him with a spoon full of rice. The blond one looked confused at him, "Open up" Jongwoon said and he pushed slowly the spoon into Ryeowook's mouth, smiling when he started to chew. "You need to eat more, you are so thin Ryeowook-ah."

"I told you, it's difficult right now."

"What do you mean difficult?" Ryeowook backed away slowly, tucking his knees under his chin. Then he noticed how the hem of his shirt and the knees on his pants were kind of dirty, dark bags under his eyes, cheekbones popping out and he didn't even need to smile. Around him the living room was almost empty, just the couch, the coffee table and a TV. "What-are you, are you out of money?"

Ryeowook nodded looking down. There was a moment of silence and Ryeowook was thinking that maybe Jongwoon was disgusted by him enough by now. First, he had to sell himself in Oklahoma to make money, Jongwoon saw him being gropped by another man and now he was learning how his life was. It was so embarrassing.

"Why, why don't you call Heechul? Ask for help?" Ryeowook looked up, seeing no trace of disgust or desapproval in Jongwoon's eyes.

"No, I can't bother him with something like this."

Ryeowook was too proud to ask for help even in the most hard situation believing he could fix everything by himself. Well, sometimes you need a little hand, nobody can do everything alone. And certainly, Jongwoon won't let him go through one more minute of this life. "Come live with me."

Ryeowook's flushed cheeks made Jongwoon happy because even though he was so thin, he was still a little healthy. "W-what?"

Jongwoon moved closer and took Ryeowook's hand in his, the good one. "Come live with me, you'll find another job and you'll make good money and forget this horrible life."

"But, Victoria-sshi won't approve hyung, she doesn't like me." Jongwoon's face fell, he wasn't over Victoria and Nichkhun yet and he forgot that it has been a year since he last saw Ryeowook. "We are not married anymore, me and Victoria."

Ryeowook stood out of his little ball and leaned closer to Jongwoon, his face showing a shocked expression. "What? Why?! And the baby?" When Jongwoon didn't answear, Ryeowook's face went from shocked to sad in a second. "Oh my God hyung, I can't believe it. She was lying this whole time?" Jongwoon just nodded, afraid that if he speak the tears would fall down. And he cried because of Victoria too much already. Since it was hard to really hug each other while sitting down and Ryeowook was afraid of hurting Jongwoon's hand more, he shifted around and went sat behind the man, his thighs against each side of Jongwoon's hips. He pressed his chest flush against the strong back and wrapped his arms around Jongwoon's waist. "Last time you comforted me like this too." The older man said, turning his head to the side to see Ryeowook looking up at him with big sad eyes. "I'm sorry hyung, you don't like it?"

"Oh no, it's fine." Jongwoon relaxed and leaned more into Ryeowook's embrace, missing the warm feeling of another human being. Victoria never hugged him like that, she liked to be the center, getting all the attention. She liked to be the sun. But Ryeowook treats him like the sun and the feeling is new, is good. He feels like he's worth something. "So, will you live with me?"

Ryeowook hesitated a little. He was so used to be alone and deal with life by himself, but honestly, he was kind of tired. He needed some change. "Yes hyung, I'll live with you." He said against Jongwoon's shoulder. Jongwoon turned around, now taking Ryeowook in his arms, wrapping himself around the tiny body like a blanket. "We are going to have so much fun together shorty."


Ryeowook was living with Jongwoon for a month already. He would stay at home, clean the place, sing, write songs and watch television. Jongwoon would always come back from work to a clean apartament with a table full of food for dinner and lunch and Ryeowook runnning around the kitchen, giving the meal final touches. Ryeowook cooked very well, from fancy meals to delicious sweet cakes. Jongwoon was sure they were a few pounds heavier and they looked like a married couple. Oh, only if they knew about Las Vegas.

"I need a job." Ryeowook said once during dinner. "I need to share the coasts with you hyung."

"Do you have an ideia?"

"No, nothing." Ryeowook pouted, frustrated with himself because he wasn't really good at anything, except being a prostitute. Ryeowook sighed and got up, taking his plate to the sink. "I can't do anything."

"Oh no, don't say this." Jongwoon walked towards the small man and took him in his arms, "Can't you play the piano?" Ryeowook snuggled closer, resting his head on Jongwoon's shoulder. "Yeah, but I don't have a piano."

"Don't worry about that, there is one at my old house. We can put here and you can teach little kids. I mean, if you know enough to teach."

Ryeowook slapped him on the head. "Ya! You think I'm not good enough to teach? With 18 years I was a professional already!"
"Okay okay, I'm sorry." The smaller man pouted again. "I said I'm sorry, I'll call somebody to bring the piano over tomorrow okay?"

Ryeowook just nodded and pushed Jongwoon slightly out of the kitchen.

"Now go take a shower, I'll wash the dishes." Jongwoon chuckled, "Okay wife." Although Ryeowook was fast, his plastic cup didn't hit Jongwoon's back, who just laughed more.

"Stupid hyung."







Hearing the loud bang of the bathroom door, Ryeowook laughed.


Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: yesung/ryeowook, pairing: yesung/victoria, with: f(x)

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