luminous being (taylormercury) wrote in miracle______,
luminous being

Fic Search Post

I'm looking for...

This is the new Fic Search post! As our tags are still in the process of being sorted out (a lot has been back tagged now though, so you can use them!) this is the post to go to for all your fic searching needs.

Remember a fic you read but you just can't seem to remember who wrote it, or where you read it? This is the place to ask, and if you're lucky another member may remember this fic too and tell you where to find it! Just comment to this post about the fic you're looking for and if other members browse it they'll hopefully answer for you!

This is instead of making posts to the community itself, and while are re-tagging is still in the process! And for those curious, this is a fresh new post for all requests and all comments should go here, but for those curious you can still browse through the previous (now locked) request post here!

Happy fic searching!
Tags: *fic search

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