Pretentious McBoobies (lightly) wrote in miracle______,
Pretentious McBoobies

Advertisement Master Post

(New) Advertisement Master

Please post your advertisements here!

Remember to include any community info you want posted. If you're posting a graphic, please make sure it isn't so big that it breaks layouts. You don't have to include the html for your ad but it's the best way to ensure everything looks the way you want it to, also it's easer on us and that is always awesome.

Ads that are deemed irrelevant to the interests of this community, profane, or otherwise unacceptable will be deleted.

Advertisements will be posted on the 1st (by sujulovenl) and 15th (by lightly) of every month. If you have a time sensitive fic challenge then permission may be given for you to post the ad when you need to, as long as you ok it with the mods first. (note that in the case of time sensitive challenges, they do need to be either predominately Suju related or multifandom.)
Tags: *mod post, advertisements

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