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My Life with a rockstar! [1/?]

Title: My Life with a Rockstar!
Author: Scandalicious13
Pairing: Yewook
Rating: R
Summary: Kim Ryeowook lived a fairly normal life - the only exception being he was BFF's with Lee Sungmin, the guitarist of Korea's hottest rockband Sapphire Blue. Ryeowook's life is thrown in disarray when he finds himself living with Yesung, the lead singer of Sapphire Blue and Ryeowook's biggest crush...
Disclaimer: I own nothing but if I did.....

"Park JaeHyun, the lead singer of popular rock band Sapphire Blue, has announced today his plans to retire from the music industry - though this is not exactly shocking news too many fans as his recent scandal involving a married women has left many demanding his immediate removal from the band. His company, SJ Entertainment, released this statement earlier today:

We are both shocked and saddened at Park JaeHyun's scandalous actions and have regretfully decided to terminate his contract with us as we feel his recent actions show the world he is not cut out for stardom.

The company and Mr. Park have both mutually agreed on this termination and for now, all Sapphire Blue promotions have been temporally put on hold as we begin our search for a replacement vocalist. The band members have expressed their sadness over the termination but have agreed it's for the best.

We'll reveal more about Sapphire Blue's future plans and whether or not they will release their fourth album at the end of the year as they originally planned. Next is the weather...."

Ryeowook could hardly believe his ears as he stared, spoon poised midway to his mouth, bowl balanced precariously in his left hand. Sapphire Blue was going on hiatus? Since when and why didn't Sungmin tell him?

Ryeowook dropped his spoon with a clatter as it bounced around on the kitchen table as he threw his bowl down also, milking spilling over the edges before diving for his phone, punching in numbers faster that humanly possible. He clicked his tongue, and tapped his foot impatiently as he listen to the dialing tone before hearing the click of it being answered

“Yoboseyo?" a cheery voice answered.

"Sungmin hyung!!! Why didn't you tell me! I thought we were friends! How could you let me find out from the news! I've been Sapphire Blue's fan since before you debuted! SUNGMING HYUNG!!"

“And good morning to you too Wookie!" Sungmin chuckled down the phone “And I was about five minutes away from phoning you to get breakfast together, I would have told you everything then!"

Ryeowook blushed slightly, thanking god that Sungmin couldn't see his pink cheeks "S-sorry hyung, I-I guess I got a little carried away"

"Aigoo~! Wookie you're so adorable, hyung will be there in 10 minutes"

Before Ryeowook could reply he was already having breakfast, Sungmin hung up.

Ryeowook sighed, why did he put up with such an impulsive hyung? Oh yeah, he was his only real friend.

Rubbing his eyes tiredly, he dragged himself to his room to change. Throwing on a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, a grey V-neck shirt, some boots and a grey cardigan, he added a few accessories before rushing down stairs to answer the door when he heard the bell ring.

Sungmin, dressed in a white skinnies, a fuchsia pink hoodie, white cap and shades stood grinning like a mad man.

"Wookie!!! Long time so see!" Sungmin squealed pulling the startled boy into a giant bear hug “God, I can't believe how long it's been since we saw each other!"

Ryeowook struggled weakly in his hyungs surprisingly strong grasp “It’s only been three weeks, hyung"

Sungmin pulled back and grinned “That's too long"

Ryeowook smiled softly “You sound like my boyfriend when you act like that" he teased. Sungmin mock gasped

"How could you say that? I am you're boyfriend-I'm a boy and you're friend so boyfriend" He laughed

Ryeowook rolled his eyes and shoved Sungmin lightly as they began walking down the street to the Cafe they'd frequently visited since their high school days.

“So Wookie, how have you been?"

The two of them were seated in the farthest booth in the cafe, sipping cups of coffee as they waited for their food.

Ryeowook shrugged “Same old, same old, school's pretty hectic, I have two assignments to hand in on Monday, both have to be at least 8000 words long"

Sungmin's eyes widened “Yikes! I'm glad I didn't go to college now!" he laughed before leaning his head in his palm, face still concealed by his sunglasses, after all he didn't want fans to recognize him, "So is Sooyoung still bothering you?"

Ryeowook took a sip of his coffee before nodding franticly “The girl can't seem to get it in her head that the reason we broke up was because I'm gay"

Sungmin snorted into his cup “Poor girl, she must really like you if she's still this hung up on you"

"She's more like a stalker than a girl in love"

Sungmin nodded before staring intently at the younger boy “I’m sorry I didn't tell you Wookie, we were all really surprised by the company's decision so it just slipped my mind"

Ryeowook pursed his lips before grinning “Its okay Sungmin hyung, I’m not really mad. Just fanboying got the best of me"

An expression of relief flashed across the older boys’ face, his cheerful smile returning once again.

"Good, I'd hate it if my little Wookie was mad at me" he teased, laughing when Ryeowook flushed and rolled his eyes.

Before Ryeowook could yell at the pink loving boy for being a bad hyung two trays of steaming hot food was placed before them.

"Here's your food sirs" a deep velvety voice interrupted them and Ryeowook automatically glanced up to thank the boy only to have the words die on his lips and he locked eyes with the dark, piercing orbs of the young waiter he'd been admiring for months.

Feeling his face heating up, he quickly murmured his thanks and dropped his eyes, focusing on his intertwined hands rather than looking at the handsome boy.

And yes the boys was handsome, Jongwoon as his name tag identified him, was 24-25 at the most, with thick, dark hair, sculpted facial features, and dark soulful eyes framed by more eyeliner then was strictly work appropriate, if the looks the ahjumma were giving him was any indication.

Sungmin, all too aware of the younger boys crush on the waiter, grinned widely and assumed a mock scandalized expression "Gosh, Ryeowook that's not very polite, thank him properly"
If looks could kill Sungmin would be a pile of ash right now from the glare Ryeowook gave him before turning to face the waiter once more " Thank you"

The boy held his gaze for a second before a slow smirked crossed his face " Your welcome, if you'll excuse me" Jongwoon bowed and retreated to behind the counter, waiting patiently for the ahjumma to approach him and lecture him yet again on the 'appropriate work image'

Ryeowook could still feel the heat on his cheeks so, with a fleeting glare to Sungmin, he picked up his chopsticks and began to eat.

“Come on Wookie, how long have you been staring like a love stick teenager at him? Too long I think, in three months I've seen you speak three maybe four words to him; you're never going to get his attention if you act like a mouse" Sungmin jabbed his chopstick at the younger boy.

Ryeowook raised a delicate eyebrow " This is coming from you, Mr-I'm-still-in-love-with-my-ex-boyfriend-who-happens-to-be-the-lead-singer-of-the-my-rival-band"

Sungmin blushed “Yah! I'm not in love with that pabo! Don't say such stupid things!" he yelled and Ryeowook shook his head in disbelief
"Hyung, you're either really stupid or just an oblivious man-child"

“Yah! You ungrateful little brat! I'm your hyung!"


"'So?' You should be more respectful to me!"

The two continued to bicker good naturedly as they eat, oblivious to the pair of dark eyes that was watching the younger boy intently, Jongwoon chuckled as he scanned Ryeowook up and down “Cute" he murmured before turning around to serve the newest customers’.

Three weeks later...

Ryeowook once again found himself froze as he watched the morning news, this time unfortunately he was chewing on a spoonful of cereal, which now decorated his TV screen, as he stared slack jawed at the screen

"And in latest news, SJ Entertainment has announced the release date of Sapphire Blue's newest album, December 21st. This can only mean one thing: Sapphire Blue has a new lead vocalist, right? Well it is true, mere moments ago, Sapphire Blue's PR liaison Kang-In revealed the bands new PV teaser"

I-it was the handsome waiter, his crush, why the hell was he on his TV, in his best friends’ band?

Ryeowook felt dizzy as he collapsed on his chair, still in a sort of trance, this couldn't be happening, he was dreaming and any minute he'd wake up....

He'd really like to wake up now!

His phone ringing startled him so much he let out a yelp and fell backwards out of his chair. Groaning he heaved himself up, one hand caressing his head where he'd hit it, the other reaching for the phone.

“Yoboseyo, Sungmin hyung?"

"Hey Wookie...guess what?"

It was safe to say Kim Ryeowook life would never be the same again.

Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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