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[super junior] Coliseum (2/8)

super junior // kyuhyun/zhou mi // nc-17 // 50,000+ words (total)
[Mafia/Godfather AU] The year is 2095, and New Seoul is a city muddled with corrupted government, corporation shadows, organized crime empires, and a Resistance Movement. Cho Kyuhyun could be the heir of the Cho Family, one of the big Five Families of New Seoul’s organized crime world, but he isn’t. Zhou Mi is the Cho Family’s Counselor, because looking after Kyuhyun is a full-time job.

It had been a good week for the family. That was until a loud gunshot rang out and he saw bright red blood splatter the sidewalk.

1 - 2
Tags: pairing: zhoumi/kyuhyun

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