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Sleeping with Blind Ghosts | Falling Skies

Sleeping With Blind Ghosts
QMi, SiChul
Zhou Mi faced down the protesters from behind his riot shield. His elbows locked with Siwon's on one side, Youngwoon's on the other, bracing against the surge of students that rushed them in waves, wanting their voices to be heard. Zhou Mi was not conditioned or built for conflict like the two either side of him were. He was a reserve officer, and little more, called up from paper work duty.

Written for the awesome exchange qmidayeveryday and my recipent leprixx (hope you liked it!!! ♥)

Hush, it's okay...

Falling Skies
QMi, Sungmin/Luna, Ryeowook (Super Junior/F(x)
Zhou Mi stirs, looking out of habit at the stopped clock on the wall. Twenty five to nine on the wall clock. AM, PM, doesn't really matter but it's a constant reminder of when the power went out. Where were you when they came? People once whispered. Though not any more.

It's barely sunrise.
Tags: pairing: sungmin/other, pairing: zhoumi/kyuhyun, with: f(x)

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