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I Love You The Way I Know How (4a/4) - Angst Ending

title: i love you the way i know how
pairing: Wonkyu
rating: PG (Angst)
summary: Kyuhyun loves Siwon the only way he knows how but is it good enough for Siwon?

A/N: Not all Wonkyu fic is fluff. One day I decided I want some serious angst so I started this story, labored over it for many days and now I don't know how to end it. Was intended as a one-shot but it has expanded into a couple of chapters *sigh*

A/N #2: Today is a really bad day for me so I decided that this is the ending I want. Believe you me, I was actually labouring over a happy ending but after a few hours I realised I was writing nonsense...so I switched to this. Maybe one day I will post the happy ending......maybe after SS4 *grin*

He will come and rescue me…soon…
Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun

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