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[one-shot; hanhae; lemon]

Title: The Inaccurate Aim of Love
Author: Mica
Pairing: Hankyung/Donghae
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex, complete lack of plot
Notes: I know I only posted yesterday, sssh >.> A teeny bit belatedly, this is for oulan for her birthday the other day. She gave me three prompts, and I managed to fit all of them in here. There's no plot whatsoever, but there is porn! And we all love porn, don't we? Yes 8D I hope this pleases, Liz!

“Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much, Hae?”

“Well, Hyukjae said something like that the other day, but I thought he was only joking.”

Hankyung gave Donghae a look, mouth curling up ever so slightly into an amused smile. “I don’t think he was joking.”

“Oh.” Donghae looked up into Hankyung’s face. “Is that a bad thing?”

Hankyung had to fight not to let his smile widen further. He wasn’t sure Donghae would appreciate just how amused he was. “Only when I’m trying to get you naked, here. You’re distracting me.” And Hankyung really, really didn’t want to be distracted from what he was trying to do right now.

Donghae’s cheeks coloured ever so slightly, “oh, sorry.” He grinned a little then. “Maybe I should help you if you’re having so much trouble.”

“As long as ‘helping’ involves no more conversations. There’s a time for talking, but right now, all I want to hear from you are the noises you’re going to make for me.”

“What noises-?” Donghae’s words were cut off suddenly by the soft, breathy gasp that slipped past his lips instead of the rest of his sentence. During their talking, Hankyung had managed to rid Donghae of his shirt and had been oh-so-patiently trying to get his jeans off too.

Donghae made another one of those little breathy gasps, a little louder this time though, when Hankyung’s hand lightly cupped the growing pleasure between Donghae’s legs.

“Those kind of noises,” Hankyung told him in an almost whisper, now full out grinning down at Donghae. He continued to tease Donghae with his fingers, until Donghae was gasping and whimpering breathlessly, almost writhing on the bed underneath him. Just how Hankyung wanted it.

Donghae reached a hand out to Hankyung, fingers digging a little into the skin of his forearm. “Don’t tease me,” he murmured, although it wasn’t a plea, the look in Donghae’s eyes almost made it a demand.

Hankyung moved his hand away from Donghae, quite happy to oblige. After all, teasing Donghae like that would take time he could be otherwise using to remove his own clothes, and getting naked with Donghae was really what he wanted right now.

It was strange, sometimes, how some things come about. Hankyung had thought it was Shiwon he liked, Shiwon he wanted, Shiwon he would be naked in bed with. He’d thought there must have been some kind of mistake, that cupid’s aim was inaccurate and his bow went amiss. It must have, to have hit Donghae by mistake.

Because something certainly seemed to have hit Donghae. He ended up practically following Hankyung around like a puppy; just about everywhere he went, there was Donghae, ready with a smile. It had been a little annoying at first, and not the most welcome of distractions for Hankyung, who still rather wanted to get Shiwon’s attention.

But Donghae hadn’t been discouraged; in fact he’d seemingly been inspired to win over Hankyung’s affections.

And just when Hankyung was starting to feel he’d never get rid of Donghae and have to break his heart and tell him it was pointless, he’d realised that, really, it wasn’t so annoying anymore. That he’d started looking forward to being in Donghae’s company, to seeing that smile and hearing that laugh. Apparently, Donghae, ever sweetly persistent, had won Hankyung’s affections after all.

All it had taken was a kiss, from a rather impatient Donghae, for Hankyung to forget that he might have liked Shiwon. When Donghae kissed him that first time, after so casually asking if it was okay, and sighing when Hankyung blinked at him in surprise, he realised that there was no going back, not now. And he hadn’t really wanted to, anyway.

It was difficult now to imagine not having Donghae, so deliciously naked and wonderfully willing, writhing underneath him. It was almost painful to try to imagine not being able to hear the little whimpers and soft moans Donghae would make as Hankyung’s fingers explored the depths of Donghae’s body. And it was positively nightmarish to even consider never feeling the incredible sensations of Donghae’s body, so warm and tight, pressing against his own.

Hankyung couldn’t even imagine not ever being able to see the look that spread across Donghae’s face right now, eyes half closed, lips parted to emit all the noises he made – Donghae was never the quietest of lovers – face flushed and dark, sweaty strands of hair falling across his forehead. It was this kind of look on Donghae’s face, those kind of deep, pleasured moans, that warm skin and tight body, that made things tighten deep within Hankyung, made his skin tremble and breath hitch.

No this, this he wouldn’t want to swap for anything. He hadn’t asked for Donghae, hadn’t expected him, hadn’t even wanted him at first, but now he was here, and Hankyung was most certainly going to indulge in this unasked for gift.

And oh, did Hankyung enjoy this indulgence.

“Han – ohh! – Han, more!” Donghae was practically panting, breathlessly urging Hankyung on. His hands crawled across Hankyung’s back, fingers clutching and clinging to smooth, sweat-beaded skin. His hips rose up to meet Hankyung’s, perfect timing, like a well choreographed dance move, making Hankyung let out a low, shaky groan. One of his hands was tangled in Donghae’s hair, and he tugged at it, just a little, as his body trembled in reaction to Donghae’s rocking hips.

Hankyung, always eager to pull more of those skin-tingling noises from Donghae, gave the other man exactly what he so breathlessly demanded for. He shifted his body a little, until he was pushing himself harder inside Donghae, penetrating him deeper. And Donghae did not disappoint, he moaned and whimpered and gasped and mumbled Hankyung’s name, making all the noises Hankyung liked to hear him make.

It was probably somewhat safe to say that, in the weeks since they’d started being physical like this together; Hankyung had become almost addicted to Donghae, to the feel of his body, the sound of his voice, addicted to this. But he didn’t mind. As his name fell repeatedly from Donghae’s gasping lips, Hankyung found he didn’t mind this at all.

He could feel Donghae’s fingers clutching at his back, could feel short nails biting ever so slightly into his skin. “Almost, God … Han, almost.” Donghae just couldn’t keep quiet, even in the midst of passion, but Hankyung didn’t mind that, either. He wasn’t exactly a silent lover himself. He’d moan and groan and murmur Donghae’s name nearly as much.

When Donghae gasped out another “almost!” Hankyung unwound his fingers from Donghae’s sweaty hair and let it slide down the other man’s body, slipping it between them both, until his hand was between Donghae’s legs and he could hold all of that hard, throbbing heat in his hand.

Donghae’s noises became even louder then, as Hankyung worked long fingers over him, dancing them down hot skin in almost the same rhythm as his pounding hips.

Hankyung could feel Donghae starting to tremble beneath him, feel his body tightening, and the thrusts of his hips became even harder, fingers moving quicker over Donghae.

Donghae opened his mouth, as if to say something, but all that came out was another moan, before he was crying out Hankyung’s name, back arching up as he trembled and writhed and came in Hankyung’s hand.

It took only a few more thrusts and the tightening of Donghae’s body around him and Hankyung was gasping breathlessly as his own body quivered and his head swam a little. Donghae always seemed to have that effect on him whenever they had sex, making Hankyung almost giddy and light-headed. They weren’t feelings Hankyung minded, though.

As they fell together, both panting and relearning how to breathe, arms winding around each other’s sweaty bodies, and Donghae’s softly whispered words of enjoyment and affection, Hankyung wondered to himself why this, why Donghae, hadn’t originally been the one he wanted. How could he have missed out on something like this?

It wasn’t just the sex that made him wonder, although the sex was most definitely, and always, fucking amazing, but it was also the way Donghae would look at him after, the look he’d see in those brown eyes, just for him; the way Donghae would say his name, or gently stroke his fingers down Hankyung’s back, which always stung just a little from the marks Donghae’s nails left in his skin.

It was the way Donghae would, even when he was breathless and still panting for air, whisper with such emotion those three special words, that would make Hankyung wonder why it hadn’t been Donghae he’d wanted in the first place.

It was when he whispered those three little words back, and held Donghae close to him, breathing in the other man’s scent, that Hankyung thought that it hadn’t been Cupid who had been inaccurate, it had been him.

- end -

I hate coming up with titles. And I hate coming up with endings, too. I fail at both, but ... there was porn? 8D
Tags: pairing: hangeng/donghae
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