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Rise Apocalypse: Chapter 09

Title: IPSUREN, Book One: Rise Apocalypse Chapter: 09
Pairing: EunHae, minor HaeHyukMin, SiHanChul, YeWook
Rating: NC-17,Chapter Rating: R
Summary: Donghae is a young boy living in the Gutter of a futuristic city where humans have been overthrown by a superior race of beings called Ipsuren. Having been Incepted into this new race through a grueling, dangerous, two-week long process called kani, he is now in control of his own fate. Or so he is made to believe.
General Fic Warnings:depictions of sex and violence, character bastardization, character death, drug use, complicated terms (with aid of an organized glossary), major AU, angst, large word counts. Pretty much everything  except rape. Maybe a little bit of psychological rape, too.

To The LJ // CH 01 // CH 02 // CH 03 // CH 04 // CH 05 // CH 06 // CH 07 // CH 08 // CH 09
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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