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Sunsets in the dark 2

Title: Sunsets in the dark
Rating : G
Pairing : Wonkyu,
Genre : Dark Romance, Angst
Words : 855
Waring: Minor Character Death
Summary :Kyuhyuns been lonely all his life, Just following the days as it moves by in a blur , He was never the same after all the ones he cared about died for, Him until he meets Sion and he can never control himself what happens when he's force to choose between Siwon and His kinds? And face death as his punishment?
Author's Note : Part Two On Manly Won's B'day , Un Beta'd.. Comments are loved ! And a really short Chap !!!! Kinda disappointed with this Chappie..........

Red hair tousled form a passionate night in bed

Posted Late To Miracle !!!!!!! Happy  Belated Birthday Siwonnnie !!!!!!!!
Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun

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