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'Assisting' Perfection

Title - 'Assisting' Perfection
Pairing(s) - HaeChul, EunHae, YeWook,
Rating - 15
Chapter - 1/?
Summary -
After Donghae’s boss had paid the Earth for the legendary idol Kim Heechul to be the fresh face of his modelling agency, he would never have realised that after finally finding Heechul’s manager and securing the deal he was also accepting the role of a babysitter to the 21 year old narcissistic, irritating, childish spoilt brat that Heechul turned out to be.

However, after the numerous fights he endured over hairspray and diet pills, Donghae began to realise that there was somehow more to this ‘spoiled brat’ than he’d first thought. But how would Eunhyuk react to the one he’d got his eyes on being taken from him by the model? And is Heechul really worth so much to Donghae for him to risk his new-found happiness?

“You just called one of the hottest guys on the planet a crazy, egotistical transvestite? I sometimes wonder how you would’ve ever gotten this job at a modelling agency if it hadn’t been for your way with words and eye for beauty, Lee Donghae.”
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: heechul/donghae, pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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