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Bloodberry Act 02

Title: Bloodberry Act 02
Pairings: SiHae (SiwonXDonghae), SiHan (SiwonXHanGeng), HaeSica (DonghaeXJessica), special mention ShiYun (ShiyuanXYunho)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Male Slash, Alternate Universe, Action, Psychological, Angst
Warnings: Violence, Gore, Strong Language, Sexual Situations, Drug Use, Ideology Sensitive 
Disclaimer: Story is fictional...

Synopsis:  Donghae is the idealistic one, has a straight view of ethics and morality, once lived a boring, carefree, civilian life; until he signed those papers, until he was dragged in that filthy world, crumbling his soul, waking up all his demons. Siwon on the contrary, was born in darkness and cruelty, violence was the only thing he knew, deleterious childhood bringing forth emotional and psychological instability, inevitably turning him into a cold-blooded super killer.

The reality of these two men is dark, brutal, fuelled by aggression and insane lust. Steeped in pain and twisted morality, with death as their shoulder companion, these Special Forces soldiers meet along the grounds of Delta Military Base. Their intense hatred grounded by psychological torture, emotional distress, and sexual exploitation; agonizing pain turning into fucked-up lust with every physical encounter, venom spreading sporadically, lust and passion aiding to form an understanding that only two men of the same kind can share.

Trapped in a rat-infested world where right is wrong and wrong is right, compelled to a life of no freewill and blur justice, together they held their guns. It's harsh and violent, but life is cruel and they just do what they need to survive, or at the very least, keep their sanity.

Tags: pairing: donghae/jessica, pairing: donghae/siwon, pairing: hangeng/siwon, with: dbsg, with: shinee

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