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Route 66 [Chapter Nine]

Title: Route 66.
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook. Heechul/Hankyung. Yesung/Victoria.
Genre:  Romance, Comedy, Fluff.
Rating: PG-13
Lenght: Chapter 9/?
Summary: Jongwoon and Ryeowook just met and are stuck in Chicago. They need to get to Los Angeles as soon as possible or Jongwoon will miss the birth of his first child. On the way, some real shit will happen.
Chapter One ~ Chapter Two ~ Chapter Three ~ Chapter Four ~ Chapter Five ~ Chapter Six ~ Chapter Seven ~ Chapter Eight

This is kind of short right? I'm sorry ><


The scene was playing over and over again in Ryeowook's mind. After confessing his love for Jongwoon, the older man just looked down and said "I'm so sorry." Ryeowook wasn't expecting this, but really, what could Jongwoon say?

Now they were driving around Las Vegas, Jongwoon trying to find a good hotel. "Damn, I don't know anything around here."

"Hyung, just ask for the bus station."

"What? No, I'm not gonna let you go back to Springfield now, it's already late. Let's find a hotel, have some fun and in the morning you go back."

"Have some fun?"

"Wook-ah, wake  up, we are in Las Vegas. The Sin City."

Ryeowook didn't like the smirk on Jongwoon's face, something could go wrong while they were there. But he was too tired to travel again, so whatever, let's have some fun.


Wrong ideia. WRONG IDEIA. Both of them were walking around the Mirage Hotel & Casino arm in arm with drinks in hand. They were pretty drunk.

"Sweet Jesus, this place is fucking huge!" Said a drunk Ryeowook looking around the place and leaning on Jongwoon's shoulder.

"No, you are just very tiny."

"Shut up. Let's play something."

"Roullet game?"

Ryeowook drank the rest of his drink and smiled. "Hell yeah."


They were standing around the table along with many other people, cheering and screaming ath the winners. The guy leading the game gave the dices to Ryeowook. "It's your turn." Before he could throw the dices, Jongwoon grabbed his wrist.

"Let's bet something."

Ryeowook smirked "Like?"

"If you get double six, we get married." Ryeowook was about to laugh but Jongwoon was very serious.

"You are already married hyung, with a woman."

Jongwoon chuckled and pulled Ryeowook closer to him. "So? We are in Las Vegas, we can do anything."

"And we are very drunk." Ryeowook said against Jongwoon's lips, throwing the dices without looking at it, just at Jongwoon. There was cheers and claps from the others around the table and when  he looked, the dices were showing six dots. "Well, looks like we are getting married."


"How do I look?" Ryeowook stepped out of the curtains, looking at the mirror. He was wearing a pink suit with a black bow tie, a white rose on his pocket. He was posing in front of the mirror, sometimes in a manly way and sometimes just checking his fine ass.

"You are a very beautiful bride." Jongwoon said standing behind Ryeowook, his hand wandering through his back making it's way down to his ass. Ryeowook slapped his hand away, turning around and pointing a finger at Jongwoon.

"Hell to the no, wait for our honeymoon."

"Then let's get married already shorty." Jongwoon took Ryeowook's hand and soon they were running through the casino looking for the chapel.


"I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." The priest say, looking bothered. Well, who whouldn't? Hundreds of couples get married in Las Vegas every week.

Jongwoon cupped Ryeowook's cheek with one hand, caressing the smooth skin. Ryeowook closed his eyes softly, leaning into his touch. "Can I?" Jongwoon asked.

"Well, I'm your - second - wife, I think you can."

Jongwoon smiled and kissed Ryeowook slowly, just enjoying the warm feeling on his skin. It was so... good. Ryeowook had soft lips just like a girl, small and fat. He lost his mind when Ryeowook shyly licked his bottom lip, asking for entrance. He opened his mouth and curled his tongue around Ryeowook's, loving the sweet taste of the smaller man. Ryeowook wrapped his arms around Jongwoon's neck and whispered against his lips. "I love you."

Jongwoon could see the truth in his eyes, the way they were sparking and full of hope. He didn't say anything, just kissed Ryeowook more and more.


The rays of sun were making Ryeowook curl himsef more underneath the blanket, his head pounding madly, the hangover taking control of him. He swore to himself "No more drinks." He was surprised when he heard a small moan coming from the other side of the bed and he saw a shirtless Jongwoon lying on his stomach.


Jongwoon woke up right away, looking around and closing his eyes to block the strong light. He looked at Ryeowook and tried to remember how they were sleeping on the same bed. Ryeowook's eyes were red and his hair was a mess of blond looks. "What happened last night shorty?"

"I have no ideia. Are you, hm, wearing clothes?" Jongwoon reached down and tapped his crotch, feeling his hot skin.




"Oh my." Ryeowook sighed and took one towel and clean clothes from his bag. "Okay, I'm going to take a shower and I'll go back to Springfield and you to Victoria-sshi. And nothing happened last night. Nothing."

Jongwoon just nodded and laid back on the bed, tossing the blanket away feeling very hot. He couldn't remember anything, just a pair of soflty lips kissing him tenderly. He was hoping that Ryeowook would take a very long shower, his naked body was too tired to get up.

One thing they missed was the words written on Jongwoon's ass. "Just married. Jongwoon & Ryeowook."


Oh my, I just love casinos.
Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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