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The many names of Shisus (online fic)

Title: The many names of Shisus (online fic)

Rating:  PG-13

Warning: mentions of siwon watching porn…

Pairings: Wonkyu

Disclaimer: I do not own Suju, but I do own this story

Summary: When Siwon doesn’t know how to change his username… but Kyuhyun can change it for him right?

A/N:  Un-betaed and this is a collab fic with Stonaaay,[info]emo_what97 and a line from the hybrid [info]nattieloveqyu to keep the ball rolling.
This fic is dedicated to [info]nattieloveqyu

*Shisus has changed his username to I-WATCH-PORN*
Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun

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