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So Baby don't cry

Titel: So Baby don't cry
Pairing: Eunhyuk & Donghae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Sadness
A/N: English is not my native, so please do not be rude & unbeta-ed

"Nice show Hyukjae-ah!", a young woman tapped him on the shoulder and smiled brightly at him even if he doesn't look up from his computer screen.

"Yeah... thanks...", Hyukjae muttered in a trembling voice, rested his chin at his hand and tried to blink away his tears. It was over... the day... and Sukira too. Normally Eeteuk and he were happy, when they could put down the headphones and turn off their microphones, but not today... Today Hyukjae sat in his chair and tears gathered in his eye corners and as much as he tried to blink them away, they always came back.

"Hyukie? You okay?", Eeteuk asked with a sore and trembling voice, put a hand on the others shoulder. A nod from his dongsaeng was all he got, so Eeteuk squeezed his shoulder lightly and walked towards the studio and hugged one of the stuff noonas and thanked her for the good work together. Hyukjae could hear that their leader started to cry again.

At this point Hyukjae couldn't handle it anymore. Tears quietly ran down his cheeks and dropped to his hands. It took a moment for him to realise that he was crying and he tried to wipe them away with his sleeve.
But as much as he tried the tears didn't want to stop and after a choking sob, Hyukjae rolled back with his chair, rested his arms at the edge of the table and rested his forehead at his arms.
He bit on his lips to prevent his sobs from slipping out of his mouth, while the tears ran down his cheeks like waterfalls.

This was his last Sukira-show for a long while so that he could better handle his time with being on stage with the Super Show 4 (it was announced as a world tour so they would travel very much after they had finished the asian countrys) and his 'FAME'-Musical.

But Hyukjae loved it, being a DJ on Sukira every evening, but now, after five years, his job was done. It was a little bit hard to accept for him.

He sat there, motionsless, fists clenched and head resting on his arms and tears flowing down his cheeks, feels here and there a pat on his shoulder, when some one of the stuff walked past him. He heard Eeteuk who tried to cheer him up a little bit, stroking his arm and ruffled through his hair, but Hyukjae still ignored him.
Eeteuk sighed with a sad smile and let him alone again.

Hyukjae couldn't say how long he sat there, but suddenly he felt a tenderly stroke on his arm and some one who crouched down next to him and a familiar scent filled his senses.

"Hey Baby...", Donghae's voice was low but full of love. Hyukjae's heart made a skip as he felt the lovely stroke on his arm and heared the love in his boyfriend's voice. But as much as he wanted, he couldn't look up. It was to embarrassing and he didn't want that Donghae saw him cry.

"Come on baby... look at me..." Donghae said with a lovely smile. "I know you're crying."

"No...", Hyukjae sobbed, voice weak and hoarse. "Let me..."

Donghae signed but smiled softly as he stood up and walked away, looking for their leader and spoke quietly with him. Eeteuk nodded, sighing.

"Take him home... he really need some rest." he smiled at the motionless Hyukjae who was still a crying mess. "And Donghae... please do not let him alone. Right now he needs you more than ever." "I know Teukie-hyung! I know!", Donghae nodded and went back to Hyukjae, ruffled through the blond hair of his boyfriend.

Donghae crouched down next to Hyukjae again and stroke his back; smiled again, when he heared some quiet sobs. He sighed. "Ya... Come on Hyukie...", he moved closer to him. "I am here to drive you home. Get up..." But Hyukjae only sobbed harder and clenched his fists tighter, as he suddenly felt a warm breath and soft lips on his hand back. "Donghae...?", he whispered and finally looked up red swollen puppy eyes, saw that Donghae kissed the back of his hand and smiled for him this smile-a smile full of love.

"Hae ...", Hyukjae sat up and his trembling voice broke down and as a dam in him was broken, he cried and sobbed harder than before; was happy that the microphones had been switched off. It was embarrassing enough that half of the world saw him cry, so they doesn't need to hear him.

"I am here, baby! I am here!" Donghae replied and gently grabbed Hyukjae's hand, undid his fist and intertwined their fingers, locking their hands together and smiled fondly at the crying and sobbing mess which was his boyfriend.

Hyukjae rubbed his eyes and tried to stop his tears but he failed miserably and hiccuped between his sobs, looked blindly up to Donghae and searched for his gaze.

Donghae took both of Hyukjae's hands and intertwined them, turned his boyfriend to the side and crouched down in front of him, smiled up to him. "Come on Hyukie. I'll bring you home."

Finally Hyukjae nodded, reached one of his hands up and rubbed his eyes again, stood up with wobbly legs. Donghae chuckled, grabbed Hyuks things and wrapped an arm around Hyukjae's waist, so that he could lean against him.
Donghae could hear the fans, which were at the studio too, but still stood behind the window and watched the whole scene. He waved a friendly smile at them, but turned back immediately, as he heared Hyukjae sob.
Some of the Cordi-Noonas were come to him and congratulated him for all his good shows and wished him good luck for his Musical Performances.

"Thanks...", Hyukjae answered with a cracked voice und hugged them one after one, before he leaned back against Donghae, tears are still running down his cheeks.

"I want to go home...", he whispered and wrapped his arms around Donghae's neck, hide his face in the crook of his neck. Donghae smiled fondly and nodded. "Okay, let's drive home!" he said and led him out of the studio.

When they entered the lobby and Hyukjae heared all their fans, shouted his name and tried to cheer him up, he got off of Donghaes hold and bowed with a teary smile to them.

When they entered the elevator, who brought them down to the parking lot, they didn't spoke a word. Hyukjae was still crying and clung to Donghae's hand.

"Thank you...", Hyukjae suddenly muttered and rested his head on Donghae's shoulder. "You're welcome.", Donghae smiled back and wiped away some new tears with his thumb.

The way back home was quiet. Normally Hyukjae would talk about their radio program and their guest, but today he snuggled up into the leather seats and just stared out the window.


When Eeteuk came home an hour later, he was tired and exhaused and had red swollen eyes, as he plopped down on the couch in the living room. The others knew that he had talked with Kangin on his way home, but Eeteuk was glad that Yesung, Ryeowook and Siwon gave him some company until he fall asleep.

"Let's bring him to bed.", Ryeowook whispered and put an arm from Eeteuk over his shoulder, waited for Siwon, who did the same so that they could bring Eeteuk to his room.

At the same time, Donghae and Hyukjae were still awake in Hyukjae's room. They were on Hyukjaes bed and while Donghae sat straight and leaned against the wall, Hyukjae rested his head on Donghae's lap.
After a while Hyukjae searched for Hae's hand and intertwined their fingers, squeezed his hand tightly and was glad that Donghae holds his hand back, rubbed with his thumb over the back of his hand.

"Thank you...", Hyukjae suddenly whisperd again, as he closed his eyes and sighed deeply. Donghae smiled fondly, bent forward and placed little sweet kisses at Hyukjae's temple.
"There is nothing you have to thank for! I am always there for you and you know that!"

Hyukjae sighed again and a small smile crept up his lips.

They fall into silence again and while Hyukjae was laying with his head on Donghae's lap, Donghae stroked through his hair furthermore.

Later Hyukjae couldn't say how long exactly they were sitting (and lying) in this way, but suddenly he felt Donghae's lips on his forehead. "We should sleep.", the latter whispered and helped Hyukjae to get up into a sitting position on his lap.
"What time is it?", Hyukjae yawned and rubbed his eyes, dropped against Donghae's chest and inhaled the oh so familiar scent from his boyfriend.

Donghae chuckled and wrapped his arms around Hyukjae's shoulders, gave him a light kiss on the lips. "Nearly one in the morning."
"What was that for?", Hyukjae asked and surpressed a yawn, snuggled up in Donghae's embrance. "Just so.", Donghae giggled and rubbed Hyukjae's back, as the latters hair tickled his neck. "Come on. Let us change into pyjamas."

"Carry me!", Hyukjae mumbled into Haes neck and clung to him. Donghae sighed smiling and slided off of the bed, wrapped his arms around Hyukjae's waist to keep him in place and take the few steps to the cabinet, searched for a pair of sweatpants and singlets.
He settled Hyukjae down on his feets and they quickly changed into their pyjamas.

Donghae drew back the blankets, when he felt a pull at the hem of his wife beater. "Uhm... Hae?", Hyukie asked softly and looked down to his feets. "You- you are sleeping here tonight?"

"Of course!", Donghae nodded with a smile und settled himself down on the matrass and opend his arms for a welcoming hug. Hyukjae showed his gummy smile and threw himself into Donghae's arms, smiled happily as he snuggled up into the warm body of his lover.

They lay down and Hyukjae cuddled up to Donghae, rested his head on Hae's chest and could hear the heartbeat of his boyfriend; a sound that calmed Hyukjae down and made him sleepy.

Donghae wrapped his arms around Hyukjae and stroked his back here and there. Hyukjae smiled fondly and closed his eyes. "Donghae..?"

"Mmh..." Donghae mumbled and sighed tired.

"Thank you... for everything... I love you!", Hyukjae said quietly and snuggled more in Donghae's arms.

Donghae chuckled. "I love you too."
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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