once i get the feeling i can't shut down (drawingintheair) wrote in miracle______,
once i get the feeling i can't shut down

a kingdom of our own

title: a kingdom of our own
pairing: donghae/eunhyuk
rating: r
word count: 7,012 words
summary: Donghae is content to live life like a tourist. Hyukjae knows the trip has to end somewhere.
notes post sj au. Birthday fic for hanisnh! This fic takes place in the same verse as this and it sort of got a bit out of hand otl. You don't have to read that to understand this but basically, after suju eunhae decide to travel the world.

Donghae’s smile reminds Hyukjae of days floating in the canals of Venice.
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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