Call me Bi sama ♕ (sapphirehyeran) wrote in miracle______,
Call me Bi sama ♕

I am a modern causette [prologue]

Title:I am a modern Causette
Author: [info]sapphirehyeran
Rating: NC-17 for disturbing content
Genre: angst, 
Pairing: Yesung/ Kyuhyun
Summary: Kyuhyun had always been what Yesung wanted him to be until the older handed him to hell..

WARNING!! Human trafic, abuse, slavery
Well, this is quite harsh and super angsty, please don't read if you're a weak heart, my purpose is not to hurt anyone or to make people feel uncomfortable, I'm just portraying some real issues in a fictional story with characters who don't know their names are being used in this kind of story(LOL).. yep it's all fictional but some of these things often occurs in real life. Please you've been warned.

Kyuhyun let Yesung hug his waist possessively, gladly submitting and letting himself being owned
Tags: pairing: yesung/kyuhyun

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