Soju_drip (soju_drip) wrote in miracle______,

Pride and a Boys Prejudice - HaeWook

Author: soju_drip
Title: Pride and a Boys Prejudice
Word Count: 2,400

Pairing: HaeWook [Donghae/Ryeowook] ninja cutie!Sungmin
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG

Summary: Written as a homage to one of my favorite authors, Jane Austin! Titles making a little more sense now huh? Well, I have no way near her skill, so this is just a mock-up of 'that sort of writing thing'. Is only short and a bit of fun.
A young, head strong boy, wont marry for anything but love, life has a very interesting turn for him.

Note: Set in a universe where men can marry as normally as men and women!

To be married to a good man, of good fortune and constitution, that must surely be every young boy’s desire.

Tags: pairing: donghae/ryeowook
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