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Fanfiction; SUJU Host Club

I wrote this today and posted it at Junior Source so some of you may see this twice ^^;;

Title: SUJU Host Club (1/?)
Author: tariku
Pairings: KiChul, ShiChul, HanChul, DongHaexHeeChul, EeteukxHeeChul, ShiHan, DongHaexEunHyuk
Rating: PG-13 for now (for strong launguage and implied sex), NC-17 later (probably ^^;;)
Summary: It's SUJU as Hosts. XD;; What more can I say? ROFL
Comments: All SUJU members will be used but the focus will be on HeeChul and KiBum's relationship. (Yeah...ShinDong is a host too ROFLMAO)

Chapter 1

Dawn rose early. Sunshine crept around the buildings and trees. It cast long shadows across the many busy streets and the small quaint park in the center of the hustle and bustle of the city. The sunshine broke through the many drapes and blinds and gently nudged the people of this city out of bed and off to wherever they needed to be.

However there was one place in the entire city where people slept and lived that the sunshine could not reach. Could never reach.

Amongst all the buildings in the city there was one peculiar building at the very heart of it. It stood a little ways from the city park and could be reached from any direction. The building was of average size. It had about four to five floors, an elevator, and some stairs in case of a fire. But unlike the other buildings surrounding it this building was built in the shape of a cube giving it a rather stout appearance. From top to bottom the entire building was black. From the outside it was impossible to tell whether the building had any windows or doors. The curious and foolish would attempt to look inside pressing their faces here and there against the reflective surface of the building in vain. They could scale the entire length of the building, go right round it, and they wouldn’t have been able to look beyond the ebony exterior.

What was inside this building was a mystery to everyone but those who knew. It wasn’t exactly a secret but the people who came and went from the building all chose to keep quiet for their own reasons; shame, guilt, jealousy, fear, greed, etc. Some made up cover stories to keep from what really went on there a mystery. Either way whatever went on inside the building was kept inside the building. It was confidential between the people of the building and the people who were allowed inside it, between the hosts and their customers.

Yes, the mysterious cube-like building in the center of the city, dark and ominous, was in fact a Host Club.

This wasn’t just any host club though; it was THE Host Club. It was the best of the best and this was an uncontested fact. SUJU Host Club was elite and they made sure that all of their customers were also. They did extensive background checks on all their customers before approving membership to make sure they’d be able to pay the heavy costs for the Host Club’s services. In truth though those services didn’t much go beyond conversation and companionship. The Host Club ran a strict policy that restricted the level of intimacy between their hosts and their customers.

Their policy for inter-host relationships was, however, nonexistent.

“Oh my God! Now it’s ALL of them in the same night? I wondered where they all went.” SungMin tsked and stumbled about in the perpetual darkness of HeeChul’s room tripping over several articles of clothing, underwear, and shoes lying scattered haphazardly across the floor.

He leaned over the couple on the leather sofa. HanKyung was draped over ShiWon; no doubt the two were kicked out of bed by HeeChul some time during the night. He shook his head in disapproval and made a face at the small pool of saliva collecting on ShiWon’s chest from where HanKyung’s head rested.

“HanKyung hyung! Wake up!” SungMin slapped HanKyung’s bare shoulder soundly.

“Ah! That hurts, damn it!” HanKyung growled and rose clumsily pressing down on ShiWon’s chest and thigh unintentionally causing the other to be jolted awake in pain. ShiWon cursed and pushed HanKyung unceremoniously to the floor.

SungMin sighed. “You two get dressed and go downstairs. Jungsu hyung is waiting. …Didn’t he tell you guys not to overdo it?”

ShiWon waved SungMin off and attempted to massage his headache away before getting up unsteadily and leaving with HanKyung in tow.

With that taken care of SungMin prepared himself for the next mission. He knew that getting KiBum and DongHae out of bed wouldn’t be too much of a problem but HeeChul was another story. He could scratch a person’s eyes out if he wanted and SungMin was too fond of his eyes to lose them yet.

He carefully uncovered the trio still sleeping soundly on HeeChul’s spacious bed. HeeChul was lying on his side with KiBum spooned against him and DongHae curled up facing towards HeeChul on the other side. SungMin sighed in relief. At least they were wise enough to keep the marking to less obvious places.

“DongHae-ya, you’re a good boy right? Come on, wakey-wakey~” SungMin poked DongHae a few times in the rib until the other boy whined and whacked his hand away.

KiBum got up on his own after that and sluggishly began to search for his boxers while SungMin tired to coax DongHae out of bed.

When it looked like KiBum was about to leave SungMin called out for him. “KiBum-ah, could you wake HeeChul hyung for me?”

KiBum groaned tiredly but came back to help anyway. He climbed on top of the bed and shook HeeChul by the shoulder gently. “Hyung… It’s time to get up.”

HeeChul growled and felt around for his sheets. KiBum grabbed his hand and tugged so that HeeChul lied flat on his back. HeeChul raised his other arm to slap him but KiBum caught it before it hit.

“Hyung! Get up already!”

“Damn Jungsu. Damn fucking Host Club. Damn the damn morning! LET ME GO DAMN IT!” HeeChul shrieked and thrashed his legs about wildly while trying to get out of KiBum’s grasp.

They struggled for a bit before KiBum was eventually thrown off.

‘It’s too early for this,’ KiBum thought. “Hyung! Come on get up already!”

“Damn it who the hell are you going to listen to? Jungsu or me?” HeeChul whined.

“I think I’ll listen to the person who pays me, now come on Hyung stop being so difficult!”

HeeChul angrily pushed KiBum aside and grabbed his wallet from the dresser and threw it at KiBum. “There whore now leave me the fuck alone!”

DongHae snickered from beside HeeChul and huddled closer to his hyung wrapping his arms tightly around HeeChul’s middle.

KiBum clenched his fists in anger and stormed out of the room holding back the tears that threatened to spill over.

SungMin was shocked and furious at HeeChul’s behavior. He pulled DongHae away from HeeChul and off the bed in one quick motion before DongHae could fight back. He dragged an opposing DongHae by the ear and threw him out of the room cleanly and shut the door so he could talk with HeeChul alone.

With the door closed SungMin could barely see his hand in front of his face. He felt around for the light switch and flipped it on abruptly flooding the room with artificial light.

HeeChul hissed and buried his head under his many throw pillows.

SungMin loomed over him his arms crossed. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“I know…” HeeChul’s voice was muffled beneath the pillows. “But he shouldn’t have tried to wake me up!”

SungMin sighed and sat tentatively beside HeeChul making sure that he didn’t land on any wet or sticky places. “He was just doing what I asked him to. And you have to get up, seriously, or Jungsu is going to dock your pay like last time.”

HeeChul groaned but finally did as he was told. He kissed SungMin on the cheek lightly, his usual greeting, and hobbled towards the bathroom.

“Be sure to apologize to KiBum! You’re important to him and you know that he’s more serious about you than the others.”

HeeChul shut the door without so much as a nod and SungMin left without confirming an answer.

Author's Note: ROFL. the SUJU part was only half the fic!! XDD Please don't hate me too much!! hahaha~

Tags: pairing: heechul/kibum
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