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CHAPTER 3: Checkmate -- Siwon

Author: YourMCee
Pairings: (Heavily implied) EunHae, KyuSung, SiChul, HyukMin
Ratings: PG-13, perhaps NC-17 in later chapters.
Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure
Warning: THE PAIRINGS ARE NOT THE MAIN FOCUS HERE. Although they are included! Violence, torture, death, betrayal, everything dramatic and awesome that you could ever want. You've been warned!
Length: Mulit-Chaptered.
Summary: Detective AU -- Based off the Ceci Magazine Photoshoot. Loyalties and friendships are tested in the complicated world of mafia and detectives. Starring Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Leeteul as investigators, reporter Yesung, Superintendent Shindong, with hitman Siwon, the bank robber Ryeowook and underling Sungmin, and Heechul, the big papa of all mafia bosses (Full Summary included in introduction).

Intro -- Prologue -- Chapter 1 -- Chapter 2 -- Chapter 3 -- More to Come!
Tags: pairing: various, pairing: with everyone
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