YoungSoonGi (youngsoongi) wrote in miracle______,

Two Fics

A/N: a quick explanation: though I'm a EunHae shipper, I still don't deny that they could be like... not together(?), so... that's why I wrote these.

Title: No Other
Pairing: DongHae/You
Length: one-shot
Genre: fluff; general; romance
Rating: PG 13
A/N: Written some while ago.
Summary: You always wait for him - when he's in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan or where ever his career takes him - you're always here, waiting for him to sneak in your room again, to hug you close and hold you trough the night. It's impossible for you to ask more and you don't.

!: ”Take my hands silently, hold me silently, I’m only wishing for such little comforts You don’t know this heart of mine, which always wants to do more for you”

Title: Dance With Me
Pairing: EunHyuk/You
Length: one-shot
Genre: fluff; general; romance
Rating: PG
Summary: One wrong dance move and your whole world suddenly turned around... in the best possible way.

!: the way how every fiber of his being lived for dancing and performing
Tags: pairing: donghae/other, pairing: eunhyuk/other
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