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DongHae opened his eyes as the light of the blinding sun when to his eyes through his eyelids. He stretched and when he was putting his hands back down, he accidently hit HweeChul on the head. He looked at HweeChul, "Oh yea, we fell asleep after the fairy tale." He laughed then sat up before stretching again. "HweeChul-ah~" He placed his hand on HweeChul's shoulder and shook him lightly. "HweeChul-ah, wake up~" He continued his shaking.

"Mmmph..." HeeChul cracked one of his eyes open to see DongHae shaking him by the shoulder. "What?" his voice croaked- inwardly, HeeChul winced. 

"Time to wake up," He smiled at the older boy. He lifted his hand and peered at his watch. "HanGeng should have breakfast done by now, maybe it's waffles~ We better go eat it before YehSung-hyung takes them all~" He laughed and stood up then held his hand out to help HweeChul up.

HeeChul bolted up at the mention of 'HanGeng' 'waffles' and 'YehSung'. "WAFFLES!" HeeChul shrieked. Taking DongHae by his outstretched hand, he flew across the roof, and ran down the stairs- with DongHae still in tow.

DongHae laughed as HweeChul's frantically made his way to the kitchen where, indeed, there were HanGeng-made waffles with a watery mouthed YehSung staring at the to full plates and empty place settings. "Good morning~" DongHae announced to the rest of Super Junior before taking one of the empty seats and taking a bite of the waffles. "They're yummy~ Huh, HweeChul?" He smiled at HweeChul with a puffed cheek inhabited by a piece of waffle.

HeeChul couldn't answer- he was too busy stuffing his face with his waffle. By the time DongHae asked him the question, half his waffle was gone. "Yes!" should've been his reply- if Heechul's mouth was filled with waffle.

DongHae looked at HweeChul's half eaten waffles and laughed, covering his mouth so that his waffle pieces wouldn't come out. "I guess that's a yes, huh?" DongHae finished off his waffles then walked to the sink and put his dishes in the sink. "I'll wash dishes when everyone is done~" He announced with a smile. In response, almost everyone finished off the last of their waffles before leaving their plates with a "Thanks" to donghae. DongHae nodded and walked to the table to gather the plates. "Can you help me, HweeChul?" He smiled at the boy as he stacked the plates on top of each other.

Nodding, HeeChul grabbed the disposable forks and the soiled napkins. Throwing those away, he turned on the water to the sink and took a sponge and dishwashing liquid.

"Thank you," He smiled. DongHae brought the stack of plates and set them into the sink. He grabbed the other sponge and held it under the water for a few moments then held it out to HweeChul for some soap.

Squirting out a generous amount on DongHae's, HeeChul did the same for his own. Starting on one of the plates, foam rose up as HeeChul washed the dishes vigorously.

DongHae squished the sponge together and cleaned some of the dishes before getting and idea. He smiled slightly while washing the next plate. After causing foam to cover the sponge, the plate, and his hand, he turned to HweeChul with a smile and tapped him on the nose, leaving a little bubble of foam. "It matches well," He nodded and laughed. "See?" He held out a spoon for HweeChul to observe his reflection in.

"Aaaiish~" HeeChul joked. Fussing with his hair in the spoon, HeeChul took a look at DongHae's smile and dabbed some foam on his nose. "See? We match now!"

DongHae laughed as HweeChul fussed with his hair. He blinked when he felt the foam on his nose then looked into the other side of the spoon. "We do~" He laughed. He reached his hand into the sink and took some more foam and drew three little lines on HweeChul's cheekbone, like cat whiskers. He showed a toothy smile before setting the spoon aside and pulling out his camera phone and pointing it at HweeChul, "Now do a cat pose," He laughed and demonstrated by making a paw with his free fist and flicking his wrist to make his paw move up and down through the air.

Imitating DongHae and mewling, HeeChul grinned happily. Taking some more foam, he piled it on DongHae's smooth chin. "See? You're a harabuji~" [A/N: Grandpa, for all those who don't know Korean~]

DongHae laughed and snapped a picture of the mewling kitten. DongHae tried to look down at his chin but couldn't see it, resulting in him moving his mouth around trying to move his chin to a place where he could see it, still failing. He shut his eyes slightly and shakily pointed at the HweeChul, "Here kitty, kitty. This harabuji has to get a better look at you." He returned his eyes to normal and laughed before standing next to HweeChul. He put his arm around the older boy then held the camera phone infront of the both of them and took a picture of them. "There," He smiled and looked at the picture on his phone, "Now we'll remember this harabuji and kitty forever." He smiled.

Hugging DongHae, HeeChul smiled at his antics. Nodding at his statement, HeeChul started to toss clumps of foam at the innocent grandpa..

DongHae opened his mouth in surprise at HweeChul. "Now this grandpa is all soapy and slippery~ He might slip and fall now, let's hope that doens't happen. But he also thinks that the kitten needs a bath now too~" He laughed and tossed clumps of foam back at HweeChul.

Laughing, HeeChul kept pelting DongHae with blobs of foam- and slipped on a patch of particularly foam-infested flooring.

DongHae laughed as they continued their foam war. "Hyung!" He reached his hand out to grab HweeChul before he the older one fell to the ground he slipped on some foam in the processes as well and instead fell on HweeChul's stomach. He blinked a few times then laughed, "Sorry, hyung." He said before getting off HweeChul's stomach and sitting on his knees next to HweeChul, "Are you alright?" He smiled.

"Oh.. Yeah. Clumsy me~" HeeChul said shakily, but trying to get up resulted in his falling down again. 

"Are you sure you're alright?" DongHae looked worriedly at HweeChul. He stood up and held out his hand to help HweeChul up, "Here, you can hold onto me if you need help." He smiled warmly at HweeChul.

"Ah. Thanks, DongHae.." HeeCul smiled. He brightened up, and said "Oh. Let's go up to my room! I'll tie ribbons in your hair~"

DongHae laughed, "Okay~" He turned off the water and used his foot to wipe up the floor with the towel that was always kept under the sink. He grabbed a small wet towel from the sink and used it to wipe some soap off himself before wiping HweeChul with it as well. "Okay, let's go," He smiled and waited a moment to see if HweeChul needed any support or not.

Getting up, HeeChul nimbly scampered to the stairs and flung open the door to his room. Calling out to DongHae "Come on~!" he took out a box of colorful ribbons and flopped down on the bed.

DongHae laughed as he followed HweeChul up the stairs, "I'm coming~" He announced before flopping onto HweeChul's bed on his stomach and make a few swimming-like motion before sitting up and bouncing up and down a few times before settling down. "Okay, I'm ready now," He smiled.

"See? My bed is bouncable. Now, c'mere! Ribbon-time!!" HeeChul cheered, pulling out several colorful strips of cloth.

"It is very bouncable~" He laughed before wiggling over to HweeChul and sliding off the bed, landing on the floor on his bum with a slight 'thud.' He then wiggled over a little more so that he was sitting directly infront of HweeChul. 

"Hahah. Little wormy." 

DongHae laughed, "I'm really worm-like, huh hyung?" He looked up at HweeChul with a smile. "How are you going to put the ribbons in with my hair so short?" He pouted his lower lip out. 

"Hmm.. I'll figure out something.." Laughing, HeeChul tied one across DongHae's forehead. "Indian~"

DongHae laughed and straightened up so that he could try to see into HweeChul's mirror on the other side of the room. "Does it look cool, hyung?" He turned to HweeChul and laughed before straightening to try and look into the mirror again.

"Hahah. Yeah- it does!" HeeChul pulled out a mirror from his bedside cabinet and held it out to DongHae. "See?"

DongHae took the mirror and moved it around a little so that he could see the ribbon from all angles. He laughed, "HweeChul is so creative!" He smiled at HweeChul before looking back into the mirror a few more times. "Where does the next ribbon go?"

"Hmm.." Contemplating the sea greenyness of the ribbon, HeeChul placed it experimentally on the top of DongHae's head.

DongHae moved the mirror around to see what HweeChul was doing. "That looks nice~" He laughed and tied the ribbon under his chin before laughing again. "How's it look?" He toothily smiled.

"Adorkable!" HeeChul grinned. Taking a magenta one from the box, he took a mass of hair from the back of his head and tied a messy ponytail.

DongHae laughed as he turned his head to the side and looked into the mirror at his ponytail. "I didn't know I even had enough hair to put in a ponytail." He laughed and turned to HweeChul. "Hyung the awesome never ceases to amaze." He smiled.

"Neither did I.." laughed HeeChul. "I know I'm awesome!" he grinned widely, and tied a wide yellow ribbon around DongHae's wrist.

DongHae laughed, "You are awesome!" He watched as HweeChul tied the ribbon around his wrist. "Wow," He stared at the yellow ribbon then through the mirror at the other ribbons. "You have lots and lots of colors, hyung~" He laughed and he looked at the different colors.

"Hahah. I know~. It took me a while to get some of them." Sorting through the box, HeeChul took out a wide, big, polka-dotted ribbon. Tugging DongHae's arm as an indication to stand up, he tied it around his slim waist.

DongHae nodded, "It would take a while." He held onto the bed and stood up when HweeChul tugged at his arm. His eyes widened as HweeChul tied a ribbong around his waist, "Dang, hyung! You even have these HUGE ribbons. They even fit around this big thing," He patted his stomach and laughed before fingering the loops of the bow created by the ribbon.

"Hah. It's not big.. Mine is bigger, see?" HeeChul took out yet another ribbon- this one had multicolored striped, every single one of them bright and neon; which he tied around his own waist.

DongHae stared at HweeChul's ribbon around his waist. "Hyung! Where did you get so many BIG ribbons?" He looked down and patted his stomach once again before lookat HweeChul and patting his stomach. "Nuh uh, hyung~ My stomach is still bigger~" He laughed. 

"Nah ah. Mine is~" HeeChul jokingly argued. "See?" He poked at his own belly, then tied a narrower ribbon on DongHae's other wrist- it was softer,a butter-like yellow.

DongHae laughed and shook his head, "Mine is~" He stared at his stomach then at HweeChul's. He stopped when he got another ribbon tied to his wrist. He held his wrists together to compare the two ribbons. "They're both pretty~" He laughed then smiled. 

"I know.." Smiling at DongHae's antics, he tied a pastel aquamarine ribbon around his neck. "Aww.. You're pretty."

DongHae lifted his head up and looked up at the ceiling so that it was easier for HweeChul to tie the ribbon. After HweeChul was done, DongHae bent down and took the mirror off the ground and looked at the aquamarine ribbon around his neck. He smiled and looked at HweeChul, "Am I really pretty, hyung?" He smiled with his teeth. 

"Of course!!" HeeChul grinned back at DongHae. Taking out a soft pink one, he tied it on his own neck. "See? We're both pretty!!"

DongHae laughed, "Yay! We can be pretty together~" He laughed. Then sat on his knees and wiggled up the bed and shuffled through the box of ribbons. "Hm..." He put on a thoughtful face while shuffling through the ribbons. "This one!" He pulled out a narrow, light green ribbon and stood up with it. He walked up to close to HweeChul and gathered some of his hyung's hair and tried to tie the ribbon to it only to have the ribbon fall out and onto the ground. He pouted and bent down the pick it up and tried to tie it again only to have it fall out again. He picked it up and stared at it in his hand, as if staring at it long enough would scare it into staying properly. "I guess I can't tie properly," He laughed then stared at the ribbon some more.

Giggling, HeeChul turned around so that he was facing DongHae, and his hair to the mirror. Tilting his head a bit, he managed to tie his hair into a neat bow. Crossing the room, HeeChul yanked open the closet to feel for some hidden niche. Pulling it open effectively resulted in another smaller closet... revealing several gowns of different colors. 

Smilling shyly, HeeChul said "These were sent to me by fans.. but I never tried them on. Wear them with me!"

"Hyung is better at tying than me~" He laughed when HweeChul successful made the ribbon stay in place. He stared at HweeChul as he rummaged around the closet. His eyes widened when he saw all the gowns in his hyung's cloest. "SO MANY COLORS!" He said and scampered over next to HweeChul. "Okay~ I'll wear them with you, hyung~" He laughed and looked at the colorful gowns once again. "There really are so many colors," He thought aloud.

"The fans take their time doing this- most of them are handmade!" HeeChul announced proudly. Untying most of the ribbons on DongHae, he set them aside- only to select a white gown with sky blue beads. "Here ya go!"

"The fans are so cute~ keke. E.L.F. FOREVER~" He announced 'E.L.F. FOREVER' in English. DongHae pouted as he watched the ribbons leave but his smile returned as he looked at the gown. "It's so pretty~ The fans really make and choose pretty stuff~" He smiled and took the gown and danced around in circles to the door to close it. After closing the door, he started to unbutton his shirt so that it would be easier to get the gown on. He discarded his shirt on the floor near him before pulling on the gown over his head then spinning in circles again. "It's so soft too~" He laughed as he continued to spin around until he got dizzy and fell on his bum then onto his back and looked up at the ceiling, eyes spinning around.

"I like that one, too." Only it came out muffled through the door. When HeeChul came out, he was wearing a salmon-pink dress with matching ribbons in his hair and on his neck.

"Ah." Seeing DongHae on the floor with dazed eyes, he put out his white-gloved hand and giggled.

DongHae blinked a few times, his sight coming back into alignment. "Thank you~" He said after seeing HweeChul's hand and pulling himself up with it. "Your gown is pretty too~" He smiled and walked around HweeChul, looking at his outfit. "Pink suits you," He smiled and nodded. 

"I like to think so, yeah." Twirling around for the other's benefit, HeeChul smiled and gracefully sat down on the bed, sorting through the ribbon box once again.

DongHae smiled and nodded as HweeChul twirled around. "What are you doing with the ribbons now?" He tilted his head and walked to where HweeChul was and sat on his knees on the floor infront of the older boy once more. 

"I'm putting them away- and I'll get out my 'jewlery box" HeeChul smiled. "Hey. Do you wanna go down to lunch like this?"

"Jewelry box?" DongHae watched HweeChul with curiousity. DongHae laughed at HweeChul's suggestion, "Why not?" He paused a moment, "Unless we have company or something, which I don't think we do. It's only the others anyway." He smiled and nodded while continuing to watch HweeChul.

"Yep. 'Jewelry box. It's a box of bracelets and stuff that came with the gowns. And there are some other stuff that I still have from when I was little." Laughing, HeeChul nodded. "It's true.. It's just the others. So what are we having today?"

DongHae nodded, "Wow, the fans really go all out when getting clothes, huh?" He smiled. "Hm..." He looked at the ceiling with a puzzled look then shrugged, "I dunno, I guess we're just having whatever HanGeng decides to make~" He laughed. "Probably fried rice, HanGeng likes to make that." He smiled and nodded.

"Weeeelll~~ I like to eat fried rice. SO it's okay." Nodding at DongHae's previous comment, HeeChul elaborated. "I've gotten shoes that go with it.. and purses.. bags.. hairpins..It's kinda scary."

DongHae stared at HweeChul with his enlarged eyes that he had gotten used to this morning, "wow, they really DO go ALL out." He laughed. Then spread his arms out and fell back to a laying position on his back. He folded his arms up so that his hands were behind his head as he looked up at the ceiling and waited for HweeChul to finish his organizing. He traced random little patterns on the ceiling with his eyes as he waited.

HeeChul had finished a long time ago- now, he rummaged around underneath his bed for the elusive box. He gave an "Aha!" of surprise when he'd found it, and took it out. Taking off the cover of the rather large box, HeeChul sorted through the box to find several strands of artificial pearls and beads, and placed one of them on DongHae' neck.

DongHae turned his head to look at HweeChul when HweeChul gave an announcement of surprise. He sat up and watched as HweeChul rummaged through the box before setting a necklace around his neck. He grabbed the necklace and held it up so that he could see it without having to look in a mirror. "It's pretty~" He smiled. "Which one are you wearing?" He looked at the strands in HweeChul's hands.

"I dunno. Pick one out for me!" HeeChul said playfully, handing over the heavy box.

DongHae laughed and took the box and set it infront of him. He rummaged through the box, occasionally holding up a necklace, comparing it to Hweechul, making a face, and either shaking his head and setting it in one pile or making a semi-satisfied face and setting it in another pile. He picked up more necklace and held it up, "this one!" He laughed before standing up and setting the necklace lined with pink-dyed sea shells around his hyung's neck. "perfect," He nodded with a smile.

"Ooh. This one my Grandma got me in GwangJu as a joke. But I still like it~" HeeChul explained, toying with the strand of shells. Picking up the ribbon box once again, he carefully took out a wide blue ribbon and tied it around DongHae's unadorned empire waist.

"It's pretty~" DongHae smiled. "You're Grandma picks pretty stuff~" He laughed and nodded. DongHae looked at the big blue ribbon around his waist. He fingered the loops of the ribbon before looking at HweeChul again, "How many huge ribbons like this do you have, hyung?" He laughed again. 

"I don't know.. I've never counted!" HeeChul laughed. "C'mon.. It's nearly time for lunch. I'll curl your hair and stuff~"

DongHae laughed, "You must have alot if you need to count them to know~" DongHae touched his hair then looked at HweeChul, "Is my hair curlable?" His mouth opened as he walked over to HweeChul. 

"I dunno. We'll have to see~" HeeChul said playfully. Taking out a small-barrelled curler, he started on the ends of DongHae's hair. 

DongHae laughed, "Hyung is amazing~" He made a little heart with his fingers before laughing again. He sat down still in front of HweeChul while his hyung did his hair. 

"I know~" HeeChul replied. After several solid minutes of curling and spraying, DongHae's hair was curled- and very prettily, too. HeeChul let him look at the mirror.

DongHae looked into the mirror and touched his hair. He turned HweeChul and winked with a thumbs up before looking in the mirror again. "Well, hyung, if SuperJunior and CinHae doens't work out, we all know you could make one great coordi~" He laughed.

Laughing, HeeChul took the compliment gracefully. "Thanks~" Shooting a beaming smile at DongHae, he started to work on his own hair. 

DongHae nodded, "You're welcome~" He laughed and watched as HweeChul did his own hair. 

Humming 'U', HeeChul expertly began to curl his own hair- this time, with a bigger barrel. In several minutes, his hair was done- and he'd even added bangs.

DongHae hummed 'U' along with HweeChul and even started to dance around while waiting for his hyung. After HweeChul was done doing his hair, DongHae looked at him with a smile and a thumbs up, "It's beautiful, hyung." He smiled. 

Smiling, HeeChul nodded. "C'mon.. It's lunchtime!" Upon hearing JungSu scream on top of his lungs, HeeChul's gloved hand found DongHae's, and dragged himself downstairs one again.

DongHae allowed himself to dragged downstairs to the kitchen. "Yay for food~" He laughed once they entered the kitchen. KiBum stared at the two for a moment, "What are you guys wearing?" DongHae smiled and twirled around, "Isn't it pretty?" DongHae laughed and sat down at his place with a smile.

Aww.. Cheer up, Snow White! I'll let you wear one of my dresses too!" HeeChul smiled when YehSung, RyeoWook and JungSu came in, and flinched at RyeoWook's scream.

"Um... No thanks..." KiBum covered his ears at RyeoWook's scream.

"RyeoWook-ah~" DongHae walked to RyeoWook and and gave him a hug. "Shh shh," He held a finger up to his lips. "We don't want the neighbors getting mad," He smiled then spun around. "Isn't it pretty, Wookie?" He laughed. 

RyeoWook could only stare, horrified at his hyungs' transformations. He visibly twitched when HeeChul wrapped his arms around the poor traumatized boy; and dislodged himself by muttering something about helping HanGeng with lunch today.

"What'd I do?" HeeChul asked, bewildered.

"RyeoWookie~" DongHae laughed, "Don't worry~ It's just this once, okay?" he called after the boy who ran away. He turned back to HweeChul, "I think RyeoWook-ah was just surprised." He nodded. "He'll be fine~"

"If you say so." HeeChul shrugged, and regally waltzed in the kitchen with a plate in his hands. Needless to say, RyeoWook covered his eyes, and more than enough people screamed when HeeChul glided into the room.

DongHae gritted his teeth and covered his ears, closing one eye as well, when he heard the great amount of screams from the other room. "Shh shh~" He held a finger up to his lips at the other members of their family. "You guys~ You'll upset the neighbors if you keep screaming~ Don't worry... It's only this once, okay?" DongHae scratched his head slightly. "Our outfits aren't being as nicely received as we hoped, huh?" He turned to HweeChul.

"Ahh. It's okay. Cuz to me, you're VERY pretty!!" HeeChul said brightly. "But I think that ShiWonnie's enjoying this~"

"Yay! I'm pretty~" DongHae spun around a few more times before stopping so he didn't get too dizzy. He looked over at the giggling ShiWon when HweeChul pointed the boy out. "Isn't it pretty, ShiWon? Isn't it?" He said, maybe a little too much, energetically before spinning a few more times. "Aish~" He laughed. "Too much spinning, I'm hungry now~ Let's all just eat, okay?" DongHae smiled and sat down at his place and began to eat, ignoring all the stares from the rest of their family. 

Laughing at his dongsaeng's cuteness, HeeChul got a plate of food and delicately sat down, even unfolding his napkin and placing it down on his lap. Picking up his chopsticks gently, he demurely began to eat, much to the amusement of the rest of the SuJu family.

DongHae finished his food and set the plate and chopsticks away from his slightly. He smiled and looked around the table, stopping at the magnae who had probably been staring at them the whole time. "Okay, RyeoWook~ I'll change~" He laughed. "I'm going to go change, okay HweeChul-ah?" He smiled before holding onto the back of his chair while it moved out as he stood up.

"Sure.. Just make sure to hang them up carefully.." HeeChul called, intent on finishing his meal like this.

"Okay~" DongHae called back as he entered HeeChul's room and removed the gown. Having some difficulty along the way as he had forgotten to take the bow off first so he go tangled in the bow. After taking the bow off the scrunched up dress, he tried again to remove the dress only to have it caught on the necklace. He continued to get stuck in random places, causing him to hop around until it was off. 

"Note to self, make sure you take off all accessories before you try to remove a gown," He thought aloud with a nod. He picked up his discared shirt from earlier and buttoned it back on himself before picking up the items on the floor. He set the ribbon neatly in the ribbon box, the necklace in the jewelry box, and hung the gown on an empty clothes hanger. He straightened it before hanging it up and then making his way back to the kitchen. 

Downstairs, HeeChul was conversing with RyeoWook on why they came downstairs like this..

"You guys were probably doing something DIRTY, hmm?" KangIn interrupted.

DongHae almost choked on a laugh when the first thing he heard upon returning was KangIn's accusation of him and HweeChul doing something 'dirty.' "KangIn-hyung~" DongHae laughed as he sat back down at his place and scooped some more food from the middle of the table to his bowl. "KangIn-hyung has a DIRTY mind~" He said in a singsong voice before starting on his second bowl of food. "How about we just leave it to your imagination?" He stuck his tongue at KangIn playfully. 

"Do you really want me to?" he grinned evilly. Mouthing in HeeChul's direction the words "Miracle" and "lemon", HeeChul twitched visibly.

DongHae laughed at KangIn. "It's only becuase you have a dirty mind, KangIn-hyung~" He poked in the air at KangIn's direction before laughing again then continuing to eat his food. "This food is yummy~ Like always from HanGeng-ah~" Donghae announced, changing the subject.

HanGeng blushed in pleasure- but he should've been accustomed to the compliments of the members by now. HeeChul was still sitting primly at the table, dabbing at the corners of his mouth with a napkin- and miraculously didn't even soil the tips of his gloves.

DongHae smiled at KangIn then looked at HweeChul. "HweeChul-ah is pretty~" He said randomly with a big, toothy smile.

Replying back with a wide grin of his own, HeeChul said "HeeChul is glad DongHae says so!"

DongHae laughed and nodded before finishing his food. He stretched then looked around the table again. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came to mind to say so he closed it and looked the wall opposite him with a puzzled look, instead.

HeeChul didn't notice the look on DongHae's face- KangIn's mouthing was bugging him again. Protesting at the boy's insinuations, JungSu turned red at some of them, muttering about 'experience being the best teacher'.

DongHae opened his mouth again but nothing came again so he started pointing his finger in the air without thinking. 

"Hyung, what are you doing?" RyeoWook asked. Donghae blinked, snapped out of his trance, and looked at RyeoWook.

"Hm? I'm trying to think of something to say but nothing is coming so I"m doing weird stuff to make the thoughts come." He nodded then realized how foolish that sounded and laughed. "What have you been doing all day, KangIn?" He stuck his tongue out KangIn again, "Did you go to JungSu's room again?" He smiled innocently. That should stop KangIn's mouth for a little, right? He smiled to himself at that thought. 

JungSu choked on his food, and had to go to the kitchen for a glass of water. KangIn turned red up to his neck, and settled down to eating ravenously. HeeChul's gloved hand found DongHae's and gave his a squeeze- and he whispered "Thanks" while KiBum and YehSung went over the schedule tomorrow.

DongHae laughed, "Sorry JungSu-hyung~" He called to the choking JungSu. "I just had to~ Don't hate me, okay?" He smiled and turned to HweeChul, squeezing the older boy's hand in return with a nod that told "no problem." 

Smiling at JungSu's 'problem', HeeChul nodded to show that he'd gotten the message. 

Just as lunch was finished, the doorbell rang. HyukJae ran to get it, and opened it to find five people- one of them being his best friend....

[A/N: Yeah. I brought in the DongBang boys for some more unrealistic dress up. XP]
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