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CinHae once again~

yes. because I rped this with my friend dhbada... for hallyu rpg. =D

DongHae skipped up the stairs to the roof. "Star gazing~ Star gazing~ I'm star gazing with Cinder~~~ella~" He laughed before opening the door to the roof. "Hi Hyung~ The awesomely great~" He smiled and waved at HweeChul before walking over to where he was. 

Waving back and smiling at his dongsaeng's antics, HeeChul pushed a pillow in DongHae's face. "Here ya go!!" Grinning happily, he flopped down onto his own, lying up towards the stars.

DongHae smiled and took the pillow, "Thank you, hyung~" He dropped the pillow next to HweeChul then stepped over it. I looked at at the stars once before sitting down and finally laying his head on the pillow. "It's pretty, huh hyung?" He pointed up at the stars and traced an outline, "I see the big dipper~ keke. The big dipper is my favorite one," He smiled and turned his head towards HweeChul. "Which one is your favorite, hyung?" 

Staring very deeply at the pretty lights, they cast an odd glow on his face. "I like the story of Orion. He's a cool hero!"

DongHae smiled, "He is a cool hero~ keke." He continued to look at the stars for a few more moments. "Wanna play a game, hyung?" He smiled with his teeth. 

"Sure~!" Curious to see what DongHae did, HeeChul saw a pearly flash of white as DongHae smiled.

"Let's see who can name more constallations~" He laughed and looked up at the star. "But not just name them, but find them as well~" He looked up at the stars with a concentrated face. "We both have one each right now, and we'll take turns identifying constallations. And you can't name one that the other person has named already," He looked back up at the stars with another concentrated face. "So, you found Orion so I'll find..." He scaned the sky with his finger in the air. "Cassiopeia~" He smiled and turned to HweeChul, "you're turn, hyung~" 

Nodding to show he understood the game, HeeChul hummed the melody of some unknown verse before scanning the heavens. "Oh! I found Draco!" HeeChul said softly, outlining the snakelike figure.

"Hm..." DongHae looked through the sky. "The little dipper~" He traced the outline of the small constallation while looking for the next pattern.

"Uhh.. Sagittarius!" he said brightly, pointing up at the great centaur. Propping himself up by his elbows, HeeChul stared up, trying to find another constellation.

"Gemini," DongHae announced, tracing the twins, after a few moments of silence. He stared at the sky for his next constellation. "I'm running out of constellations," He laughed. "DongHae doesn't know many constellations, huh?" He laughed again then went back to surveying the sky.

Laughing lightly, HeeChul replied back "I don't know much of them, either!" Poking DongHae's ribs playfully, he announced "Scorpio!" Humming a
line from the TRAX's song, HeeChul grinned as he started to tickle DongHae.

"Then I'm not alone in my unknowing~" DongHae smiled. "Ah!" He squirmed to the side when HweeChul poked him in the rib. "TRAX!" He announced, recognizing the tune HeeChul was humming. "WAH~ HAHAHA" DongHae squirmed around on the roof, laughing loudly as HeeChul tickled him. "Ah, ah, hahaha~ HeeChul~ haha~ Stop~" He continued to squirm around while trying to push HweeChul's arms away but being unsuccessful as his laughing made him unable to look down at where HweeChul's hands were.

"Oh." Giggling slightly, HeeChul only tickled harder at DongHae's ribs, then moved one of his hands up to start at his neck. Tickling hard at his sensitive sides, HeeChul laughed madly until he ran out of the energy to torture him.

"Ah, ah!" DongHae thrashed about more violently, rolling around to try and avoid HweeChul's hands. Tears forming at the corners of his eyes from laughing so much. "Ah~" DongHae breathed heavily and turned his head to stare at his HweeChul after the latter had ran out of energy. He stared at HweeChul for a few moments with his mouth open to bring more air and and out of his lungs. He closed his mouth and swallowed to wet his dry throat before sitting up and looking back at HweeChul with one last open mouthed breath. "HweeChul-hyung... You know what?" He smiled and without waiting for a reply, answered himself. "It's my turn, now!" He reached towards HweeChul and started tickling the older boy. DongHae knew he couldn't tickle HweeChul for long since HweeChul had taken away all his energy by making him thrash about, but he could at least a little revenge before he burned out. 

"Waah~!!!" HeeChul cried out, DongHae's sudden attack taking him completely by surprise. He flopped about like a dying fish, his energy all out- so all he could to was try to push away DongHae's fierce hands weakly, laughter erupting out of his lungs. Flapping his hands about, HeeChul pushed himself up as a last attempt, and after taking note of how close they were to the edge of the roof.. He tackled DongHae, hugging him by his side.

DongHae smiled as his hyung luaghed and flopped around. He stopped and sat back, leaning his head to the sky while he took a few deep breath. Almost instantly after he sat up and started his breathing, he was tackled and held by HweeChul's pair of strong arms. "HweeChul-ah~" He laughed and smiled before hugging HweeChul back and begining his breathing exercises once again.

"Mmm?" Lifting his head up from the comfy position he'd placed himself in, HeeChul's eyes caught the starlight briefly, illuminating them. Hearing DongHae's breathing, HeeChul lulled himself to a soft nostalgia- it was probably DongHae's fault; he felt comfy. Resting his head on DongHae's shoulder, HeeChul stared out at the stars.

"I just wanted to say your name~" He smiled as he looked at HweeChul's shining eyes. "Ah~" DongHae rested his head on HweeChul's head when HweeChul put his head on DongHae's shoulder. "I remember we used to do this a lot during trainee days~" He closed his eyes and took a big breath through his nose. "Since we came on the same day with YunHo-hyung~ And the only one I knew was YunHo-hyung becuase we came from the same town but I didn't really know, I just knew of him. And then we met you and then we all became best friends. Then after hard days of work we'd look up at the stars like this." He smiled, "Those were nice times, huh hyung?"

"Mhmm.. Junsu didn't come up with us as much- the trainers wanted to work on his voice so much!" HeeChul nodded enthusiastically, and stopped, sighing contentedlly in DongHae's embrace. "Tell me a story, DongHae!" HeeChul's voice piped up, and the nostalgia was temporarily broken by the customary cheerfulness.

DongHae nodded, "But I guess it paid off for JunSu, he has a great voice now." He smiled and nodded again. He blinked and tilted his head to the side a little, a puzzled look on his face. "A story? What kind of story do you want, HweeChul-ah? I'll think of one for you~" He laughed.

"Hmm.. A fairy tale. I like those~" HeeChul smiled, catching the puzzled look DongHae's face portrayed. "Yeah- Junsu has an awesome voice
now.." Snuggling deeper into DongHae's arms, he made himself comfortable for the anticipated story.

"A fairy tale? Okay!" DongHae took a deep breath as he thought about a story. His lips puffed out slightly as he continued to think for a few more moments. "Okay~ I have one." He smiled as he pulled his arms closer together when HweeChul moved closer to him and began to stroke HweeChul's hair. "There once was a beautiful princess with beautiful hair and a beautiful fedora and a beautiful wardrobe and beautiful face~" He said, looking at the sky and emphasizing the word "beautiful" everytime he said it. "Do you know what her name was?" He moved his head a litle on HweeChul's head.

"Hmm.. I dunno!" HeeChul replied playfully, his grin widening every time DongHae emphasized 'beautiful'. 

"Okay, I'll tell you then~" He smiled. "Her name was Cinderella... The awesome." He laughed a little. "Cinderella, the beautiful princess, always had to stay up in her chambers because the queen was afraid of something happening to her. Cinderella always thought it was because her mom was just mean and didn't want Cinderella to play with the 'filthy' commoners and it made her very sad. As much as Cinderella loved her huge castle and royal maids and the rest of the super staff, no one was her age and she didn't have anyone to play with. She didn't even have anyone to play hide and seek with her in the huge castle which was just perfect for the game hide-and-seek. The real reason for the queen's protection was because of a threat put forth by the queen's sister." He moved his head again. "Because, you see, the queen's sister was the one who was actually supposed to come to the throne. Cinderella's aunt was the one whom had an arranged marriage with the king-to-be. However, after seeing Cinderella's mother, the prince-to-be decided that he wanted to marry her instead. 

"This enraged the queen's sister and she condemned her sister's first child to fall into a deep sleep when she saw the light of the sun from outside. The only thing that could break this spell, once cast, was the kiss of true love. But... Who could love the princess whom they had never seen before becuase she was always kept inside?" He moved his head once more. 

"Seeing Cinderella's loneliness, the queen hired a craftsman named Geppetto to make something to entertain her beloved princess. So, Geppetto set to work. Within a week, Geppetto produced a carefully crafted wooden puppet with a long nose. Geppetto had tried his best to make the puppet as close to a real boy as he possibly could so that Cinderella could pretend that the puppet was a real person. Even if she knew it wasn't a real person, she could still pretend he was, right? Anyway, Cinderella got the puppet and she decided to name him... Do you what she decided to name him?" DongHae smiled and moved his head once again. 

"Hmm.. How about 'Pinocchio'?" Smiling brightly at DongHae's tale, HeeChul took hold of DongHae's arm and hugged it to himself.

DongHae smiled at HweeChul when the latter took his arm. "Okay, so the puppet's name was Pinocchio." He nodded with a toothy smile. 

"So, Cinderella named the puppet Pinocchio. She treated the puppet as her best friend. She told the puppet everything and would make him move and talk back to her. One day, she and Pinocchio planned to go outside the palace. Just once, just so they could see what it was like out there, then they would come straight back. Even if they could only make it out the door and to the gate, they would at least see what the garden that the nice royal gardener always bragged about. The managed to sneek past all the gaurds and all the maids and everyone else in the palace. How they did it? Even they didn't know! But they did.

"Now, all they had to do was turn that doorknob and step outside. However, right when Cinderella placed her hand on that doorknob, the door flung open from the other side and a scary lady with an angry face stared at her. 'Cinderella, what are you doing?' She asked in a mean tone. Cinderella just smiled innocently, 'Aunt Snow White.' She said, 'I just wanted to see the royal garden. Just once, please don't tell, okay?' Snow White, knowing about the curse since she, herself, had set it instantly changed her facial expression. 'Oh, is that what you were doing? I was just kidding about being mad, I do that a lot, remember? You can go outside. Go ahead outside and play,' Snow White covered her eyes with her hands and turned her back to Cinderella. 'I can't see you,' She smirked behind
her hands. 'Oh, thank you, Aunt Snow White! Thank you so much!' Cinderella smiled widely. 

'We're so lucky, huh, Pinocchio?' Cinderella made Pinocchio nod in response to her question. With that, they walked outside. It was a cloudy day so shadows covered the courtyard as Cinderella proceeded down the path along the garden. 'It's so pretty, huh, Pinocchio?' She was about to make Pinocchio nod in response when the shadowing clouds parted, revealing the light of the sun and causing Cinderella to fall to the ground, still holding Pinocchio in her hands." DongHae took a breath as he looked at the sky, thinking of the next part.

HeeChul's eyes widened at the mention of an evil!Snow White, and his big eyes impossibly widened even more when DongHae recounted Cinderella and Pinocchio's fate.

"Mm..." He said, in a thinking tone. "Okay, so... Cinderella had fallen with Pinocchio still in her hands. However, the royal..." He paused for a second. "Lion... Ran out from across the courtyard to it's master's side." He paused again. "Since the palace is so big, a lion can fit inside and is prefect company becuase it never becomes too small for people to play with," He explained the need for a pet lion. 

"Anyway, so the royal lion named... Simba can running to his master's side. He used his giant paw to lightly nudge the sleeping princess but there was no reaction. He tried again, still no reaction. Simba then licked the princess's face with his large tongue, as he aways did to wake the princess up. At this, the princess opened her eyes and blinked a few times. She sat up and looked around a few times before remembering where she was. Simba's 'kiss' had woken her up from her not-so-long sleep."
Since Cinderella was Simba's master, and Simba was one of the only 'outside' creatures that Cinderella got to see, the too created a lovely bond. Cinderella would even sneak food to Simba's palace room when he was being punished for tredding on the royal garden, as he often did. Just like how DongHae loves Bada and Bada loves DongHae, Cinderella loves Simba and Simba loves Cinderella.

"Thus, Simba's kiss was a kiss of true love. Cinderella returned to the house, much to the surprise of Snow White and the rest of the palace hands, as they had found out she was outside a while before. The queen was very relieved, thinking that her sister's curse was never valid in the first place and from then on, the queen allowed Cinderella and Pinocchio to roam freely in the city as much as they wanted. The end." DongHae took a deep breath and nodded. "Did you like it?" He smiled.

"Yeah. But I feel bad for Pinocchio." HeeChul frowned slightly, wrinkling the end of his nose.

"Ah, why?" DongHae turned his head to the side slightly.

"He was made for the Princess, wasn't he? I think that he needs some love, too.. Even if Bada like DongHae." HeeChul's eyes were soft, as was his voice. Angling his head to meet DongHae's gaze, HeeChul smiled.

DongHae blinked and puffed his lips out and drews his eyebrows together in thought as he gazed at HweeChul. "Hm... Well... Pinocchio did get love. He got to go around everywhere with Cinderella and Cinderella even trusted him with her deepest secrets." He smiled and nodded. "He got alot of love form Cinderella, it was just more subtle than, say, Simba's love to Cinderella and vice versa." 

"Yeah. But he was left alone in the end...." HeeChul replied.

DongHae made his thinking face once again, "Hm... Well..." His lips puffed out more and eyebrows drew closer as he thought. "It was okay for Pinocchio." He nodded. "Because even if he was left out sometimes, he knew that Cinderella loved him as much as she loved Simba." He nodded. "And, even if Pinocchio was left out at that moment, he knew that he would eventually get his moment of love again." He nodded again a few times.

Having no reply to that, HeeChul only nodded in satisfaction. Yawning slightly, he rubbed his eyes, and settled himself into DongHae once again.

DongHae smiled at HweeChul's satisfaction. He smiled again at HweeChul's tiredness. He pulled HweeChul's pillow closer and laid down on the pillows, still holding HweeChul, "Are you tired?" He began to stroke the back of HweeChul's hair again.

"Mmmm. Yeah." Nodding slowly, HeeChul's eyes began to close. Before he knew it, he was far away in Dreamland- his breath steady and his eyes completely shut.

DongHae smiled as he continued to stroke HweeChul's hair as the latter fell asleep. "See, Pinocchio has his moments as well," He smiled and whispered before eventually drifting off to his dreamland as well...
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