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Title: Toyland

Pairing: YeKyuWook

Genre: Smut

Rating: NC17

Disclaimer: The boys belong to themselves.  The copyright belongs to SM. The words belong to me

Warnings: Toys…lots of them

Summary: The boys play with some toys

I’ll give you a choice Kyuhyun.  You can come over here and ride Wookie.  Or, you can suck him off while I bend you over the bed and fuck you until you can’t see straight.  You decide.”

This is part of my Our Way of Life Verse.  It's a K-Pop D/S smutverse.  The other parts can be found
Here: His Boy                   Here: The Substitute
          Here: The Tradeoff           Here: Three's Company
Here: Consequences
        Here: Enough                    Here: Sexual Healing       Here: Aftermath
Here: Confusion               Here: Repercussions          Here: Too Far                   Here: Solutions
Here: Switching Places     Here: Healing                   Here: Joining Forces        Here: Relaxation

It will make more sense if you've read the others but you could read this one on its own.

Tags: ot3: yesung/ryeowook/kyuhyun

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