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Halloween Meal (2/2)

Title: Halloween Meal
Pairing: SiHan and some ninja!pairings
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU, Fantasy, Smut
Summary: This is Halloween, the time for Siwon who still hadn’t get himself a blood mate, to feed on; his servants had found the suitable victim for him, the new and innocence foreign man. What Siwon needed to do just fuck the man before suck his ‘oh so tasty blood’. Just another victim, why he felt hesitant clinging in his heart ?
A/N: This is a collaboration story between my lovely darling,keytimes , and me. The first part was written by her. And this part is my turn. keytimes baby, I don't know if this is enough for your liking. I hope I don't disappoint you...*hides*

Will be f-locked in about 72 hours.

"Please..." Hangeng whispered, "Do it gently...This is my first..."

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Tags: pairing: hangeng/siwon
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