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yep. this is actually a CinHae. *shock* No, I'm not abandoning HyukHae or anything, but it's that I didn't read one in a LONG time~ 

forgive me- this so inconsistent. but hey- it's me we're talking about here. Just do me a favor and read it before you crucify me for the pairing!!! XP

1.) notice
HeeChul is smarter than he seems- nothing escapes him.

2.) shudder
You get the chills whenever his cold eyes land on you- and he smirks at that.

3.) head
JungSu hyung, being the great leader of Super Junior, notices the bags under your eyes- but can't ask, because YoungOon is pulling at his arm with a devilish smile on his face.

4.) greet
The 'hello' dies on your lips when you see HeeChul waltz in through the door.

5.) cook
HanKyung makes breakfast, and you're chosen to help him make it for all 13 people.

6.) scorch
The hot oil hisses and burns your fingers- but it serves you right, thinking about him while you're making Beijing fried rice.

7.) complain
Amidst the yells of frustration and hunger from the members, you and HanKyung set down your plates; and you think you catch a wink between HeeChul and the chef himself.

8.) wash
He volunteers to wash the dishes with ShiWon, and you wince at the thought of his hands getting dirty.

9.) missing
While watching TV with JongOon and RyeoWook, you wish that you could be in HeeChul's arms as RyeoWook was in JongOon's.

10.) shatter
You notice ShiWon coming out of the room with swollen lips and noticeably tousled hair- and something inside you breaks. 

11.) shriek
You slam the door to your room shut, and the apartment that all thirteen of you share seems to be deathly still; KiBum and KyuHyun are holding their breath, but you're too busy crying to notice.

12.) pacify
HeeChul tries to smother your cries in promises- but your faith in him is too shaken, so you can't bring yourself to believe him.

13.) left
After so many attempts, he leaves you, and you curl up in bed- feeling so utterly alone.

14.) recuperate
It's many days after that 'incident' when you can get used to the sight of your ex-boyfriend in someone else's arms.

15.) green
You want to denounce this as a dream- the sight of everyone being so happy sickens you.

16.) wake
You see HyukJae sitting by himself by the window- and your breath catches at the sight of sunlight streaming down and nesting in his hair.

17.) story
You really think now that Cinderella has found his prince- and it's not the puppet that wishes to be something he can't.

18.) truth
You want to hear those three words that you KNOW will seal your fate- but for now, all you can do is wait.

19.) lance
Knocks and bangs come in through the wall- and the thought that they're doing that something needles at your heart.

20.) finale
You sneak into HyukJae's room, and curl up against him; he wraps an arm around your frame, letting let go at last.

umm... yeah.
Tags: pairing: heechul/eunhyuk
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