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In A Heartbeat - Chapter 2

itile : In A Heartbeat/1
Pairings: Yesung/Luna,  Yesung/Yuri, Lee Teuk/ Taeyeon, Siwon/Yoona
Ratings: PG
Notes: A/U
Summary: Her heart is no longer her own but someone else's. Can she find new love with this heart or would she live under the shadow of the other?

Chapter 2
She first heard the sound of the machines connected to her -the strong loud, constant beeping. It was different from the weak, irregular beepings of those previous machines she was hooked up to.

“Honey, are you there?” her mother’s gentle soft voice sliced through the heavy haze that crowded her head and consciousness. She gave a moan and felt her mother’s dry hand on her forehead.

“It’s okay Yuri, everything’s fine now.”

But she felt so tired. So she succumbed to the strong and peaceful arms of the deep slumber.

There was no body for her funeral, no Luna in the coffin. It was a small affair with Luna’s relatives and their closest friends.

He kept away from the coffin, unwilling to look or acknowledge the lack of body in it. He was decked in a black suit, the collar of his white shirt loosened. He did not wear any tie. All of them were bought by Luna.

“Hey, you alright?” Lee Teuk joined Yesung at the window facing the beautiful green meadow. Yesung responded with a melancholic chuckle.

Lee teuk said nothing but stared across the distance to the meadow too. After some time, he said, his voice barely a whisper, “You know she would want you to be happy. She was always happy.” Then he turned around and joined Taeyeon who was looking concernly at her Oppa.

Yesung looked at his shoes. He knew what Lee Teuk Hyung had said was true. But he can’t bring himself to be happy. Not yet.

It wasn’t raining or drizzling like how all those movies always showed. It was sunny and bright and white clouds dotted the sky like cotton candy balls. They had driven to the cemetery and the coffin was ready to be lowered into the ground, for Luna to be finally at rest. But her body wasn’t even in the coffin to be put to rest. It was in some medical university, all cut up and emptied.

“We come here today not to mourn this wonderful girl, Luna’s, passing. We came here to….”

Whatever the pastor was saying just became a dull droning beside Yesung’s ears. He looked at the grass, trees, sky, and other graves but not at Luna’s grave or the pastor. He wanted to remember this moment as serene, peaceful and everything that was Luna, not some boring old pastor’s speech.

Finally, the coffin was lowered and dirt was piled on it. Yesung could hear Luna’s mother sobbing and the others tearful words. Taeyeon was just crying on Lee teuk’s shoulders. But strangely, Yesung just felt this distant connection to everyone and everything that was happening. He knew very well Luna was gone but not in this way because her body would never be here.

There was no end yet.

Everyone started trickling forward to put their white flowers on the ground. Yesung waited and pulled back. He wanted the moment to be private and his only.

After everyone said their condolences to Luna’s parents and him (though he just mumbled thanks to them), he went up to where Luna’s grave was supposed to be. Yesung knelt down and touched the ground and the dirt on top of the coffin.

“I know it isn’t the end yet. I don’t know when it would be but I would wait,” he whispered into the wind. Then he placed a purple lollipop on the ground just above where ‘Luna’s’ grave was.

It was her favourite.

Her eyelids fluttered and the ceiling of the hospital came into vision.

Is she….alive?

Yuri blinked a couple of times and let her gaze settled on her mother’s sleeping self on her bedside. She smiled and opened her mouth to greet her mother but all that came out was a croak.

Her mother stirred and lifted her heavy head. However once she saw Yuri’s smiling face, he face brightened up and it was as if a heavy grey cloud was lifted.

“You are awake honey! How are you feeling?”

“…Water…” Yuri croaked. Her mother immediately poured her a cup of water and propped her up so she could take a sip.

“Better?” her mother asked, face still lined with concern. Yuri nodded and relief flooded her face. “You were out for 3 days! Your father and I were so worried, but the doctor said everything went successfully and you just needed to rest for your body…”

Yuri interrupted her Mother’s relieved babblings, “My heart. It’s someone else’s right?”

Her mother gave Yuri a kind smile and nodded, but no more words were said. Yuri waited to see if her Mother would respond. However all she got was a searching gaze behind the kind smile.

“Who is the person?”

Her Mother sighed as if she had known Yuri would ask.

“Now, I don’t want you to go all crazy and start searching and acknowledging the person’s family or feel remorseful and guilty…”

But before her Mother could continue, Yuri injected, “No Mother, I just want to know who gave her/his heart to me so I could live again.”

There was a pause as her Mother looked at her steadily.

“It is a her. Her name is Luna.”
Another chapter, hope you like it?! 
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/taeyeon, pairing: siwon/yoona, pairing: yesung/yuri
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