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In A Heartbeat /1

My LJ has been dead and I've totally forgotten about this fanfic i wrote a long long time ago. 
So i decide to post it (if i can remember how to use this thing!) 

Titile : In A Heartbeat/1
Pairings: Yesung/Luna,  Yesung/Yuri, Lee Teuk/ Taeyeon, Siwon/Yoona
Ratings: PG
Notes: A/U
Summary: Her heart is no longer her own but someone else's. Can she find new love with this heart or would she live under the shadow of the other?

Chapter 1 – In a Heartbeat
This was the last time she would feel her heart beating in her. In a few hours time, it would be someone else’s in place. In a few hours time, she would be all fixed up. Or that’s what the doctors said.
As she looked down from the top of the stairs, she wondered how it must feel to not feel tired just climbing up and down the stairs. It was a beautiful and grand staircase, curving down, not like some old normal straight stairs. It was made of maple oak, so it always smelled like the woods and it was huge and spacey. Her mother suddenly appeared in her vision, frowning at her.
“What are you waiting for dear? We must hurry to the hospital!”
She nodded and took one step down the stairs. She braced herself for the usual tiredness, the panting and the giddiness. Her mother’s eyes widened in shock as she saw what her sick daughter was about to do.
“Why are you walking down the stairs? You should take the electric chair, we don’t have time!”
She looked to the right at the electric chair installed there since her heart had given her problems. It was mounted onto the side of the wall and would descend down when she pushed the button on the handle. To her parents, it was a remedy for their daughter. But to her, she felt like it was the electric chair, the one that sentenced her to death when she sat upon it.
As she hurried up the stairs to help her daughter, her daughter looked up and shook her head vigorously.
“No mom, I need to do this myself.”
Her Father was now also at the landing looking at his daughter. As they shared a glance, understanding passed. He knew. He knew that his daughter must do this last final thing before she could take the operation. She, knowing that she got her Father’s approval, took a deep breath and continued down the steps.
No, this could not be it…. The doctor must have got it wrong or it was all a joke. She was gone?
She left him? Just before their wedding?
Yesung slid down the wall as tears cascade down his face. It wasn’t possible. It just wasn’t. He covered his face with his hands, unable to process the information the doctor just told him. In the long silent corridor, Yesung’s sobbing sounded unnaturally loud, echoing, and bouncing off the white dreary walls. The doctor just stared helplessly at Yesung, again witnessing the grief and sadness with every passing person and their loved ones.
“Your fiancé indicated that she wanted to be a donor on her driving license. I am really sorry to ask you about this issue now but the situation is very urgent. You fiancé’s heart is compatible to a patient that needs her heart to live. Even though she clearly stated that she was to be a donor after she passed on, we would like to ask for your agreement,” the person behind the desk talked to Yesung.
But he couldn’t hear anything. Except for the painful whirring that seemed to be just beside his ears. He was aware of his to-be but now ex-mother and father in-law by his side. His ex-mother-in-law is sobbing into her husband, the cries wrecking through her body.
“My Luna, my poor poor Luna…”
Above all the noise, Yesung heard her name. And he knew what to do.
“Yes, I agree.”
This was a different experience. One she could bet she would never go through again. She was floating, hovering above her body, or her shell. She could see everything: the doctors, the nurse, the operating table.
She was looking at the process of her operation.
“Hey,” the nurse said gently, “count to 3 dear. I promise it would be fine.” The nurse smiled gently while strapping the mask over her mouth and nose. As she inhaled deeply and counted to 3, she felt herself drifting off. Her eyelids got heavier and her vision got blurrier. And suddenly, she was plummeting down, plummeting down to darkness….
“Scalpel,” the doctor said mono-tonelessly. The nurse handed him the instrument as he began working on the cut on her right side of the chest, making it bigger. There was no blood at all. It didn’t squirt out like she thought it would. Nor did it seeped from the wound like a river as she expected. It was just an opening and she could see her heart through it.
It wasn’t beating anymore.
She held her breath (if she could) as the doctor gingerly took out the heart, the blood slick on his white latex glove, and placed it on a metal tray which the nurse whisked out of the operating room instantly. Then the doctor reached out to get the other heart and slowly, carefully, placed it in the hole where her heart was supposed to be at.
She thought she would feel pain, an ache or anything to signify the changing of hearts, the disappearing of her own heart. But there was nothing, nothing at all.
Then the doctor mend the new heart, connecting the important arteries and vessels and finally, stitched the wound back. And suddenly, she felt a tugging and everything became a blur.
It went dark again.

Hope You Like It!
i am just having fun, this story and my grammar is horrible :P
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/taeyeon, pairing: siwon/yoona, pairing: yesung/yuri
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