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[fic] Kangwon - "IMperfect"

Title: IMperfect
Author: gado
Pairing: KANGWON (Shihae, Shihan, Shi..everyone)
Rating: R, i think. a.k.a tasteful smut.. or something :)
Genre: PWP, a bit crackish (as always XD)
A/N: ok, writing from a bottom p.o.v was tricky haha. and i'm totally whoring this otp, dammit 8DDD ah well.. this is the war of the attention whores. enjoy~

I hadn’t really planned it (or wished for it or even thought about it at all) but yes, I, Choi Shiwon, was currently being pressed up against a wall by none other than Kangin – the man who had been annoying me on a daily basis ever since I first met him.

Ok, so maybe I didn’t hate Kangin that much. I didn’t hate him at all, actually, but he annoyed me. Why? Because every now and then when I thought I might get lucky, he’d come and spoil it all. It wasn’t as if he stole the piece of ass I would so rightfully claim, but he always stole the attention. Whether he walked around in his stupid fucking cow-suit, dressed up as a girl or decided to beat people up, he always got the attention – the attention that I deserved.

It happened too often and slowly I found myself getting more and more annoyed and still, now, when we were the only two in the apartment (except for Ryeowook who was in his room, reading) it only took a few minutes before our bodies were attached to each other.

It was weird, really, because I didn’t really like him at all. Hell, he wasn’t even hot. But yet, here we were, and I kissed him like he was the hottest shit I’ve ever seen walking on the face of the earth. His lips moved against mine and it wasn’t playful, like with Donghae, and it wasn’t like dancing, like it was with Hankyung. No, kissing Kangin was like war. It was hot, rough and hard. It was full artillery – tongue, teeth, nails scraping against his neck.

Because, you see, the others let me play them my way. You could say the others were a band and I could make them play whatever I wanted. Kangin wasn’t music at all, to begin with. He simply came crashing in, burned my whole orchestra and I couldn’t help but loving it.

Our bodies didn’t move smoothly towards the bedroom. No, also this was a struggle which consisted in tugging at each other’s clothes while trying to decide whether we wanted this or not. There was a kiss and then we broke apart only to kiss again. Eventually, however, we ended up on his bed; panting heavily against each other’s lips.

If Kangin was some kind of teddy-bear in a cow suit to the public eye, he was a fucking dragon when behind closed doors. Spitting fire into my mouth; fumbling claws doing everything so wrong it was nothing but right. His sharps scales were cutting through my body into my very core and I couldn’t help but give in; couldn’t help but take of my suit of humanity and just give into some kind of weird fantasy he provided me with.

People might’ve considered me to be somewhat promiscuous. They were right, every single on of them. See, I like to make sure people know who they belong to. You can never take anyone for granted unless you’ve had their body. I like taking people for granted. I also like having people’s bodies. But here he was, about to have mine, and not for one second did I even think about objecting to that.

Even though I’ve claimed to be one to top everyone, I wasn’t a virgin when it came to this area either. Somewhere along the road in my not very long life I had let someone press his body inside mine, simply because I was curious of what it might feel like. I remember that it didn’t hurt much, unlike what I had heard. It just felt odd; odd and out of place. I mean… it’s not that often you get something big shoved up your ass… or actually, not that big. But yes, it was uncomfortable and just when I started thinking that maybe it was starting to feel somewhat kind of good, it was over. Overall, it sucked, and I decided to let others have whatever fun that could be while I stayed to fucking people into the mattress because that, I was very good at.

I can’t recall how we got undressed, or rather, how he got us undressed, but it didn’t matter.

His hands were all over my body; both inside and outside, causing me to make sounds I only thought people who were really bad at faking did. But I did it. I guess it was a bit embarrassing but I forgot that pretty quickly as Kangin’s breath was burning my neck and he bit down hungrily, about to devour my whole body.

It felt odd this time as well, as something entered my body. I cringed a little but he didn’t seem to care. He simply began to move inside me and soon I found the friction between him and my inner walls to send sparks of electricity through my whole body and I couldn’t help but beg for more; beg for him to go faster, harder. Hell, I couldn’t help but shouting it at him so that he’d understand me clearly and somewhere in the back of my mind I really hoped that Ryeowook had the volume of his MP3 turned up to the max because my voice was most likely heard through the walls as I growled at Kangin to speed the hell up. He obliged to my every wish, fucking me thoroughly, if you’d wish to use that language.

I can’t remember how many times we switched positions. One second he was hovering above me; pounding into me like he wanted to break me. The other I was riding in top of him; his hands holding my narrow hips as he guided me down on him roughly. Later, he was behind me; licking the sweat of my back. Every spot his tongue touched burned as I felt him deeper and deeper inside of me and it was when he was once again above me and I was lying down on my back, legs wrapped around his waist, that I felt my body temperature rising and my vision getting blurry. I think even a ballet dancer like Hankyung would be amazed by how gracefully my back arched off the bed as I came. He followed pretty quickly. At least I think so. My sense of time wasn’t on top at the moment.

Kangin stayed inside me for a couple of minutes, moving slowly as his tongue darted out to catch some beads of perspiration from my jaw line. I couldn’t help but hating it; hating the fact that I’d let him have me instead of the other way around. I couldn’t help but hating the fact that I was him at all, to begin with. This might have been the first time I’d let him have me but somehow I knew it wouldn’t be the last. His body felt a little too wrong against mine. His breath felt just a little too hot against my neck. His fingers were just a little too rough against my skin.

As I smiled to myself, my hands moved to his hair, which wasn’t at all as soft as it looked like. But I liked it that way – rough and unpolished, just like him.
Tags: pairing: kangin/siwon
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