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Title: Straight-Forward
pairing: KangChul (hint of ShiKang?)
rating: PG-13/R? iono.
warning: very very straight-forward!Heechul. kind of cracky. short.
a/n: a fic I owe hoyah. Um, if you don't like it, dear, I won't be offended at all if you ask for a do-over .-.

“I want to suck your dick.”

Kang-In lifted his head slightly with a taken aback look plastered across his face. He blinked a couple times and, positive that he had heard right, turned his head and looked at the boy in the chair next to his and asked just to double check, “…what?”

Heechul didn’t look up from the book his was reading for more than a nanosecond before nonchalantly repeating, “I want to suck your dick.”

It was silent for a moment, and the third party, HanKyung, nervously shuffled out of the room.


Tired of Kang-In’s stuttering, Heechul rolled his eyes, closed his book, placed it on his lap and told Kang-In matter-of-factly, “Well, it’s either a yes or no; will you let me or not?”


“The offer’s not up for all eternity.”

“Um…” Kang-In said with an uncertain air, “No.”


Kang-In gulped and pulled at his shirt collar. “Well, I guess…if you can convince me…?”

“So there’s an ‘if’?”

Kang-In nodded.

“That means that there’s at least a little part of you that wants it, and hopefully that little part is your dick, because most men listen to their dick before their brain, but hopefully your dick really isn’t little, and from what I’ve heard from ShiWon, it’s not, and...I’m off topic.” Even when he’s rambling, Heechul can keep his suave and charming nature, it's a skill he had from birth.

Kang-In stared at the other man dumbfoundedly again.

“What I meant was that, if there’s even a little part of you that wants it, that completely negates and surpasses the ‘no’ which, in turn, makes it a ‘yes’ just because your ‘no’ wasn’t fully supported or true. So, in other words, you want it and you want it bad.”

Kang-In continued to stare at him. Heechul stared right back with a smirk. This went on for maybe ten seconds.

Suddenly, the ever-increasingly fidgeting Kang-In jumped from his seat and landed on top of Heechul, taking no time in pressing their lips tightly together.

It wasn’t exactly what Heechul had expected or planned, but he’d certainly accept it eagerly.

a/n#2: good morning. =0=;;

Tags: pairing: heechul/kangin
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