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27 November 2011 @ 06:11 pm
The Sea and Sky (Chapter 7)  
Title: The Sea and Sky (Chapter 7)
Pairings: EunHae, Kyumin, KangTeuk, Yewook
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Humour, Friendship
Summary: EunHae don't realize that they're meant for each other. Even if the other went far away, their surroundings makes them together again without noticing. They can't be separated. (sorry for the bad summary)

If you want to read the past chapters, below are the links. :D
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[After 15 minutes]

"Hannie...this is..." Heechul was left speechless.
"Yes. I know darling. The park. The place where everything had started." He sighed and continued while looking at his surroundings. "I missed this place."

Hankyung spotted a bench and went towards it to sit. At the moment he sat, he bowed his head and buried his face to his hands and started crying. Heechul then walked slowly to his direction and sat beside him to give him comfort. Many had happened in the past. Now that they're back in Korea, it's time for them to settle everything right.


[Now on Chapter 7]

*HanChul's residence*
Hae was at her mom looking and holding a necklace that has a half part of a sea shell connected to it. She was looking at it so dearly. It made her reminisce the past. She then looked outside her window and started whispering to no one. 
"Hyukkie, when will I see you again? It has been what? 15  years? You don't know how desperate I am to find you. I even asked for my cousin's help. I hope we'll see each other soon." She let out a big sigh after.
The moment she stopped talking, she heard someone's footsteps getting near her room. She glanced at her door waiting for someone to knock. As she expected, someone did.
"Baby...it's mama. May I come in?"
"Yes mama. You may."
Heechul thene entered her room and softly closed the door behind her. "The maids said that you were waiting for us for dinner? You should have eaten first. We just arrived and it's already late. We are sorry baby."
"It's okay mama. I'm not that hungry."
"Even though. Still, you should have called us..."
"I don't want to disturb you and dad."
Heechul just sighed because of her daughter's answer. "Let's just forget about it. Come on. Let's have dinner now. Your dad is already waiting for us in the dinning room."

[In the middle of eating their dinner]

Hankyung looked at his daughter. "Hae.."
Donghae looked up from her food. "Yes, Dad?"
"Do you happened to have a job at this moment?"
"No, Dad. I was planning to help in our business instead. Although I also have some other things on planning to do."
"Well then, that's great! I was thinking that you can help in managing our business. Am I right Mama? I mean... you don't have to be at the office everyday. I know you also have plans for yourself. You can work at home. However, you need to go to the office on the first day for the orientation."
"Oh! Really? It's okay dad. I'll accept your offer. So... when will I start?"
"As really as tomorrow will be good... Is it alright? But it still depends on your decision.."
"Tomorrow's fine dad."
"Thank you so much baby. It will be a big help."
"No problem." Hae smiled to her parents as she continued on finishing her food.
[The next day - morning]
*KangTeuk's residence*

"Oppa!!!" Sungmin was standing at the end of their staircase and started calling her brother to come down.
"Oppa! OPPA!"
"I'm coming! I'm coming! Sheesh! What a nice way to greet me in the morning!" Eunhyuk was dashing down the stairs while fixing the sleeves of his office polo. "What's the rush?!"
"I'm going to be late~" Minnie whined and pouted to her brother.
"Aish! It's still 6:30 in the morning! And as far as I know, your class starts at 8 in the freaking morning!"
"I have my reasons." She looked away and folded both of her arms infront of her.
"I hope your reasons are acceptable. It's really early you know. There's still a lot of- wait."
"What?" Minnie looked at her brother confusedly as she saw him smirking.
"I think I know what's the reason. Is it because of that guy I saw at your school? Hmm?"
"Don't lie to me..it's written all over your face."
"I'm not lying!"
"As you say so. Come on. You'll be LATE for your date, I mean school.."

*Hanchul's residence*

The three were eating their breakfast together, then Heechul talked to her daughter, "Do you like your pancakes, Hae?"
"Thank mama. I love it. Just like my exam days in school. You never failed to cook me pancakes."
"No problem baby! Oh, and don't forget to drink your milk so you'll also have the same skin as mine. Right Hannie?"
"Ne.." Hankyung glanced at the wall clock to check the time. "Omo! Come on Hae! We'll be late!"
He grabbed his daughter's hand and dashed towards the door.
Heechul followed them and stood at the door, "Take care my darlings! Good luck baby hae!"
[Sungmin's school]

Hyukkie and their driver dropped Minnie to her school gate. She walked straight to her classroom. When she was getting close, she slowed her pace and stopped infront of their door. She opened the door slightly and took a peek inside. But there was no one so she just entered and placed her things on her desk. She was about to take a nap when suddenly she heard a scratching sound. She looked outside the windows and saw a kitten with a cream colored fur and a black spot in the middle of its face. She opened the window and took the kitten inside the room. She sat on the nearest chair and placed the kitten on the table and started playing with it.

"Hello little fella. What brought you here? hmm..?"

The kitten meowed in response as if it understood her. While Sungmin was so busy playing with the kitten, she didn't noticed Kyuhyun entering the room. 
He placed his things on his desk and slowly went to the side of Sungmin. He bend closer to Sungmin's ear and started to whisper, "I see you met my friend already."
With that, Sungmin jumped from her seat in surprise.

"Wah! Kyuhyun! You scared me~"
"Sorry about that.."

He then looked at the cat and carried it in his arms. "As I was saying, I can see that you already met Hyaku."

"Is it your pet?"
"Well..not actually. I just saw him hanging around the campus. I really want to take him home but I'm not allowed to have pets."
"Oh. Is that so? Ah.. I better start reading. It's nice meeting you Hyaku!"
When Minnie started reading her notes, Kyuhyun went outside their classroom and can't help but stare at her and quietly said to the kitten, "Isn't she pretty Hyaku? She's the one that I've been telling you about."
But behind him, he didn't know that Seohyun heard what he said. It broke her heart into pieces knowing that Kyuhyun loves her best friend. She started to run away to find a place to cry her heart out.
[Han's company]

Donghae's first day of work started with an orientation with her father's secretary. She spent her whole morning touring their company's office building. There were a lot of floors, department and employees to remember. Luckily the building has its own elevator, or else she will be dead by just climbing up the stairs. Right now, she is spending her lunch with her father in his office.

"So how was the tour?"
"It was so exhausting! Luckily, I didn't wear any high heeled shoes today. But over-all, it was fun meeting new people."
"Well I'm glad that you had fun. Can you already remember the different departments? You know that it's important to remember those sweetie."
"Yes.. I know that Appa. But give me more time to remember. It's just my first day."
"It's okay. I understand. Oh.. and I'll be remembering you that we will talk the whole afternoon about the rules and regulations, our system, and other things you needed to know."
Hae sank in her sit and replied. "Ne appa."
[Hyukjae's office]

On this day, the yewook couple decided to visit Hyukjae. But Hyukkie is already used to it, for it became their routine to visit him every lunch. The yewook couple were busy cuddling with each other on the couch when Hyukjae suddenly spoke up.

"Guys, is it me or is there something special today?"
"What do you mean Hyukkie?" Ryeowook asked him curiously.
"I don't know either. But ever since this morning, I can't make myself relax and my heart is beating so fast right now."
"Maybe you just drank too much coffee today." Yesung muttered.
"That's not it. In fact, I only had one cup of coffee, and it's not even strong."
"Maybe you're just  stressed up."
"Maybe. I hope you're right guys. I hope you're right."
[Sungmin's school]--*dismissal time*

Minnie was at the school grounds waiting for her brother to pick her up. While waiting, she busied herself in drawing. Suddenly, someone sat beside her. She already know who it is because of the person's scent. Minnie though..Vanilla? Hmm..It's defintely Seohyun. She looked up and saw her best friend smiling at her.

"Hi! Waiting for your oppa?"
"Yeah..and that jerk is definitely late." She replied jokingly.

Seohyun chucled. She then looked at Minnie's drawing. "Who's that? Hey, is that a boy? But why does it have a hair that is same as a poodle?"
"Y-yeah.." Min replied shyly.
"Hmm..do you like this person?"
Min only nodded as a response.
"Yah!" Seohyun shouted. With that, Min almost had as heart attack.
"W-wae?" Min asked innocently.
"What do you mean why? Min! How could you! You're not sharing to me that you like someone~ I'm your best friend." Seohyun whined.
"I-It's not that! It's..It's just that I-I.." Seohyun stared at her expectantly. Oh no! What should i do? I don't want to let her know that I also like Kyuhyun~ She might freak out and get mad at me.
Min tried to answer but there were no words coming out. What will I say?
When she was about to answer, her phone suddenly rang. She looked at it and saw that her brother was calling her.

"YAH! Why do you keep on shouting at me?!"
"Well it's your fault!"
"How come it was my fault?!"
"Aish..nothing. Where are you anyway? I've been waiting for you for so long."
"I'm still at the office. The reason why I called is because I won't be able to pick you up. I have to finish so many things that will make me go home late at night."
"Oh...so I will be going home on my own then?"
"Sad to say, but yes."
"Okay. I'll just ride a bus then. Take care oppa! Hope you'll be able to finish everything soon!"
"Thanks Minnie! Take care on your way home. Bye!"

Minnie then looked at Seohyun.
"Looks like we will be going home together."
"That's good! Then we will have more time with each other."
"Come on! Let's go."

They went straight to the bus stop. As they arrived, the bus was about to leave so they run as fast as they could to reach the bus. Luckily, they just arrived on time hopping in before it leaves. They finally took their seats and laughed together.

"That was fun!" Seohyun exclaimed.
"Yeah, haven't been running that fast for a long time." Sungmin replied happily.

Both of them rested for awhile before Seohyun decided to break the silence.

"Minnie, may I ask you something? But promise me you WON'T freak out."
Minnie looked at her with a confused face, "Okay? I won't."
"Do you uhh..like Kyuhyun-ssi?"
Minnie's eyes widened with her mouth hanged open.
"I told you not to freak out..*sigh* just answer my question."

Minnie was not sure if she will admit it or not. It's Seohyun for goodness sake, her best friend, the one who has a crush towards Cho Kyuhyun. She couldn't decide what to answer. She won't ruin their friendship so she decided to deny it.

"Seohyun-ah, of course I don't/"
"Don't you dare lie to me Minnie. I've known you ever since our preschool years."

Sungmin went silent because of Seohyun's statement.

"Don't worry. I won't get mad. And I won't kill or chop you into pieces okay. I'm your best friend. You can share it to me. I'm asking you this because I wanted to help you. I appreciate that you're sacrificing your ow feelings for me. But Kyuhyun-ah is just a crush, okay? Did I ever told you that I'm in love with him? No right? So it's okay to show your feelings for him because it doesn't matter to me."

Then Seohyun suddenly pressed the button for the bus to stop as she noticed that they're about to pass through Minnie's stop. She pulled a confused Sungmin to get up and said, "Come on. I'll be sleeping in your house tonight."

A/N: I know my last update was last june and it's almost december. My laptop was broken and the outline for this fic was there and I wasn't been able to retrieve it.  I've also been busy with my subjects and clinical duties, and it's my 3rd year in college already. This second sem, i don't know if i'll be able to update but i'll make sure this christmas break. To all those who commented from the past chapters, i'm giving you a spot. :) I hope that you're still reading. :)  I also wanted to share that I have so many ELF friends already personally. I have 3 classmates who're also ELFs. :) It's exciting to go to school when you know that you'll still be spazzing about SJ. :D Sorry for this chapter if it doesn't satisfy you but i'll try my best! Comments and suggestions are freely accepted. I miss posting fanfics! :) oh and sorry for the wrong grammars and typo errors. :)
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