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27 November 2011 @ 03:03 am
Life after school  
Title: Life after school [2]
Pairing: Haehyuk
Genre: Romance, fluff(?),
Rating: R
Summary: Hyukjae is just a normal student, but what make him different from other students was that he already married. He already married to someone that named Donghae, a famous idol. People said that marriage life is a happy life, but Hyukjae's marriage life was different. Not just because Donghae treat him badly but because he was being forced into that married life in which that they both don't agreed with it and also because their marriage was a secret. And after love start to developed in his heart, suddenly because of one incident, Hyukjae then start to stay away.
Warning: Age-switched!Donghae was older than Hyukjae.. F-lock after 3-days...

“Just... because I want someone to trust, to believe. I want someone that will always support and be with me. Right now I trust you and I only have you.”

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