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KiBum and the Chocolate Factory~

The words were met by an impenetrable gaze. KiBum was dying to know what he meant.

"The factory workers are Mr.HanKyung's greatest secret- they are the ones who make the chocolates that he dreams up. Nobody has a name for them but Mr.HanKyung himself. They're little people- most of them don't come past our knees! But on snowy nights, you can see their sillhouettes on frosted panes..." Grandpa JongOon spoke softly, ensnaring KiBum in the web of the mysterious Mr.HanKyung.

The town square's clock struck eleven- and that was thirty minutes past KiBum's bedtime. Standing up, DongHae softly said "KiBum- it's bedtime." Opening his mouth to protest, Grandma RyeoWook cut in, agreeing that it was past ten thirty...

"I'll continue it tomorrow~" Granpa JongOon cheerily replied, with an uncharacteristic wink that nobody but KiBum caught.

School was frustrating - KiBum kept fancying that he saw small shadows of people while he went through his paper route, and his walk to school. The teacher had called him up, only to be humiliated by his nonexsistent knowledge on logarithms. Sitting down during the snickers of his classmates, he only began to dream once more about the factory.. which was in sight of the school's windows.

Going home was such a relief to KiBum- after six grueling hours of mind-breaking work, flopping down on the mattress was pretty good.

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