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18 November 2011 @ 10:22 pm
Saltwater (1/?)  
title: saltwater (1/?)
pairing: eventual eunhae.
rating: PG13.
summary: we kindle and char, inflame and ignite .

"The ocean is so vast. So endless it seems. How could one not be entranced? Be enamoured. There is so much the world does not know still. Who wouldn't want to explore the cool, salty waters? Every move is like a mother rocking a child in a crib. I could not be happier." He sealed the letter with one swipe of the tongue. A pale hand scratched the address onto the letter. The thin paper was placed in a box labeled "To Home".

Hyukjae turned the boat off. The vessel rocked as he moved. The sweet sounds of the waves crashing filled his ears. Upon deck, the warm sunlight caressed his skin. Slowly tanning with each new day on the water. If he guessed, he would soon near Indonesia. A wonderful place to mark off his bucket list.

But for now, the orange sun casting its goodbye off of the sea was good enough. He rubbed his face feeling the salt scratch his skin. All was good.

The ship rocked the child to sleep. Far away from home Lee Hyukjae was. With parents still believing he was ridiculous and childish. Why not marry, find a wife, and retire? But only the ocean had been his true love.

In a childish show of emotion, he fled. Down to Mokpo, buying a simple houseboat. The first letter he wrote home simply stated "I am gone".

He was happy knowing that he couldn't see his mother's pleas to return. The cries for her child would seep into each letter staining the paper with a sadness his heart could not stand to hold. His father's letter inked with anger, regret. "How did you become this way?" he would write. Blaming himself. The paternal pain of failure that would crack Hyukjae's soul into pieces that did not dull with time. He would die feeling like a bad son.

So this is why. A burden released with the sway of the ship. A soul pieced back together with the salt of the sea. He smiled in his sleep.

Hyukjae woke to the pounding of the waves. Violent, angry, not something he had expected so soon. And where was he?

The ship cracked as the waves beat with an angry yell. Water poured into his bedroom cabin. He attempted to clog the hole. Fruitless. No help. The ship sunk, pulling him down as he clung to the handrail. A captain always goes down with his ship.

The boat hit the sand roughly, the power of it sending Hyukjae up. He hit the ceiling and water began to fill his lungs. His eyes fluttered shut on a caramel colour and a warm touch.

a/n: "yo ho, yo ho! a pirates' life for me" is where the summary comes from. + i have no idea when the next part to this will appear. i've been working on it for weeks since i posted it during the beginning of october on devart. and this is written because i love the concept that will later appear, and inspiration off a few tales i have read. thank you~.
deveda7jdeveda7j on November 30th, 2011 01:51 pm (UTC)
Согласен, эта отличная мысль придется как раз кстати